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  1. all the other ones are orange. i think ive just never noticed the red one, guess im a bit nervous cuz its my first overclock lol. but everything is 8 hrs PRIM95 stable.
  2. whenever i turn my oc on, i get a RED LED in the lower left corner of my mobo. as sson as window boots its gone tho, wat does this mean??? and i mean itsl ike bright red
  3. ok, thx for all the replies i really appreciaed the help, and im gonna get the ones from newegg.
  4. ok, ill get the ones u gave me the link for. one more qestion. will they even work in my ULtra-D nf4 because it says it only supports PC3200. lol, im a noob with this stuff.
  5. which memory would u recommend if i plan to overclock and play video games???? http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/ca...&Sort=3&Recs=10 its the OCZ platinum or Gold series PC4000, or should i get PC3200??
  6. problem RESOLVED. it was my HD, i tested it myself, and just to make sure, had it tested by an official. im gonna proley return it and get a SATA drive.
  7. i think it mite be my HD cuz ivehad probs with it before, im at skool rite now. en im home ill try my other Hd and see if it works
  8. i dont have any SATAs just a 'normal' HD
  9. i did it again and still the disk error thing, could it be my HD???? cuz i disconnected the CD and DVD drives. heres a screenie :
  10. Now it says disk read error, PRESS CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart even tho the disk drives are empty (????????????)
  11. nope. ill do the load optimized results thing tho. apart from that, could it be that my BIOS is corrupted or somethin???
  12. i tried the memory, i took one out, trie the other in every slot, and did the same thing for the 2nd one.
  13. i had built this rig about a month ago. everything was working fine. i had it overclocked to 2.4 GHz stable in prim95. then some1 on another forum told me, i could get better results by putting in a RAM divider. After doing that, my Pc wouldnt start, cleared CMOS for 30 minuits, took out battery for 30 minuits, and restarted. Now it says ERROR WITH OPERATING SYSTEM. i cleared the entire HD, and reinstalled WINDOWS XP PRO SP2. it didnt work, cleared HD again, reinstalled, didnt work again. This rig had been working for the last 2-3 weeks or so. any suggestions as to what might be wrong??? (and NO, i wont buy a new OS!!!)
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