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  1. HBO ROME Best show ever, too bad season 3 got canceled....
  2. Blut aus Nord - Our Blessed Frozen Cells Burzum - Dunkelheit Paganblut - Wir Sind Das Deutsche Afrikakorps (Rommel Marsch) Vlad Tepes - From The Celtic Moonfrost Satanic Warmaster - Cursed Emperor Satanic Warmaster - Black Metal Kommando Nargaroth - Amarok III Nargaroth - Black Metal Ist Krieg Nargaroth - The Day Burzum Killed Mayhem
  3. My blackmetal playlist on my Zune: Immortal - Tyrants Nargaroth - When Burzum Killed Mayhem Typhus - Anal Rape of the Virgin Mary Belphegor - Bluhtsturm Erotika
  4. LOL. Yup I understand what it means. I tested the CPU in a friend's PC, works great, thanks for the awesome deal! :angel: BTW: Already got a new GF, lol......
  5. Why would you want to? In STALKER, the sidequests are USELESS. The rewards are usually some artifact that you can just find all by yourself, but in the course of said sidemission you waste ammo and medkits. I'm not lying when I'm saying I beat STALKER without EVER doing a sidequest.lol.What I'm really trying to get across here, is how IGN is a bunch of hypocrites. They classy lady at FEAR fro being linear, yet in COD4 its okay ?? WTF.
  6. Hmm....strange. I played some CoD1 online and now it works again. The mysteries of the internal workings of SONY computers.......
  7. Yea, those two big-butt round stickers on the HS probably don't help airflow. LOL.
  8. See, I like those games (Doom 3, FEAR, Quake 4). When I play an FPS, I usually don't want to think just shoot.lol. I like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. a lot too, but it really is linear, except for those 7 or so different endings. But those are triggered by things you respond to, not if you refuse to do certain missions. And all the sidequests in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. are pretty useless, all they do is waste your ammo and the rewards are usually a disappointment.
  9. Weird, I was just browsing along going to google.com when I realized it won;t load up anymore. Neither does tankguys, amazon, etc. If I use anonymouse.org it works for those sites...WTF? :mad: All firewalls disabled. Anyone know what the hell just happened? :confused:
  10. WTF. Everywhere I go, from Amazon reviews to IGN to Gamespot, I see all this stupid FPS-Genre bashing. Examples: "OMg there's nothing new", "It's too linear", "These graphics aren't COD4/Crysis this sucks" What the hell is going on here? What is it with people wanting FPS games to be different. Sure, everyone has an opinion, but some of this xxxxing bashing/complaining is just over the top. I enjoy games like Doom 3, Quake 4, FEAR, Jericho because there's virtually no stupid puzzles to be solved. They are linear and fun. I love how people complain about linear FPSs, yet they fail to completely grasp that *OMG* :eek: Crysis and COD4 are just about as linear as linear can get. Granted, in Crysis they create the illusion of a sort of "open" world, but it's just not there. But, if that is so, then why does IGN rate other FPSs based on how linear they are? Timeshift, FEAR, Doom 3, etc. WTF!!??!! Whats wrong with these people!!!! I don't get it. I sure hope game designers don't listen to these douchebags because what would happen to the FPS genre then? imagine an Oblivion/FEAR mix....ughhh. Or that abysmally bad Armed Assault. LOL. Look at what happens when an FPS gets too open ended. Even STALKER is linear. So, whats the point of this schoolslave? Idk, just ranting about how I think FPSs should stay FPSs and not FPSRPGNONLINEARPILEOFCRAPxxxxYOUIGN. lol. :angel:
  11. OCZ GamexStream 600w/700w Corsair HX620/520 Are all superb PSUs.
  12. Exactly what I mean. End hijack of thread, sorry Dan////
  13. I'm sorry that you think that way, but all RAM is not the same no matter what. Promos chips won't overclock as high as Microns, same goes for all the RAM chips. Why am I saying this? Because if you can buy 2x 1Gb of guaranteed D9GMH that will at least do 500Mhz for $42, then that is better than a Corsair set for the same money where you have NO idea which chips are used. And nobody is paying a premium for it. And why does me being in high school have anything to do with it? I have to save up my money just like everyone else. Yea, sure, my parents would buy me all my stuff if I really wanted them to, but do I do that? No. I worked on a potato farm over the summer. 4 weeks for 8 hours a day in the blazing heat, so don't tell me anything about hard work. I don't want to argue with you, because quite frankly without this forum I wouldn't know much about this stuff. XS and EOCF aren't a great help because all you get is answers like "xxxx you noob I am el roxxor elite". But if I search their forums and come up with various threads/posts that prove some RAM being superior to others, then it's not being a little sheep if I believe it. Most of XS posts are crap though, running RAM with 2.5+ volts and stuff. DIY-Street is more real, but please don;t bash me if I'm trying to inform you that your belief isn't the only truth. By no means am I trying to offend you
  14. Just goes to show the crappy quality of Microsoft keyboards. My HP keyboard is 8 yrs old and I've spilled stuff over it LOTS of times. It still works perfectly, except for the 'A', 'S', and 'W' keys, their not visible anymore.lol.
  15. Probably RAM related. It needs 5-5-5-15 for PC6400? Up the voltage (no higher than 2.2-2.3v) on it and put a fan over it.
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