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  1. I posted it, not nearly as great as your case.
  2. Well, everyone is showing off their cases so I decided to join the club. This mod was completed a while back, I sprayed the inside black, outside black, and cut holes for radiator on top. Front LED switch was wired by me too. Specs are in my sig. I took a few pics today with the UV lights on and yeah, one of them is crooked, that needs to be fixed. Also, the cable management (or lack of) will also be fixed whenever I feel like it. Full setup UV Off UV On Random Pics
  3. I will tomorrow probably.......expect lots of UV Green.
  4. Best acrylic case I've ever seen, once again, AWESOME JOB Rado!
  5. Maybe I should get off my lazy and post pics of my setup.....hahaha
  6. Seven Tears Are Flowing to The River --- Nargaroth Pretty sad song.......
  7. The Goat's in a better place now. Be happy that it isn't suffering anymore. :thumbs-up:
  8. Except they might not approve of the Spamming Germans lol.
  9. RMA to eVGA, you will probably get a better card (7950GT and up).
  10. Try to enhance case airflow by putting one or two 120mm fans in the front as intakes, and one or two 120mm exhausts on the back.
  11. Try the program ORTHOS at Priority 8. As for the high FSB, if its stable and theres no overheating then you're good to go.
  12. If you put it on a divider it should work, or overclock the CPU.
  13. The 8800GTS 512Mb is a fantastic card. Close to GTX performance.
  14. Hi Rad+jaz Im also here from DIY.
  15. I will be able to donate soon, well as soon as I get a job. Then I probably will donate $10-20 every 2 weeks. EDIT: A good idea would also be to integrate the DFI Mobos back into the main forum.....
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