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  1. Heatware: schoolslave

    Ebay: werewolfdestodes (can send ebay message to verify)

    Payment accepted: Paypal (non-CC preferred)

    Shipping: Item cost includes priority flat-rate shipping; will ship within 2-3 days of receiving cleared payment




    EK Supreme HF *custom* CPU Waterblock


    Description: I created a custom top for this block by sanding and polishing down the regular EK acetal top.

    The base is chrome plated (quality). I have used this block in one loop for about 3 months with only distilled

    water + killcoil; the rest of the loop consisted of a MCP655, BP Res, and an Alphacool UT60 (all Cu).

    The chrome plating on the inside and outside is in immaculate condition, I can provide pictures if desired.


    Includes: The block will be shipped with all mounting hardware for Intel/AMD. Also, I am including an additional RED

    acrylic top along with black screws to mount it. Everything included with the block is also in the picture.



    Price: $65 shipped.





    MIPS ASUS Gene-Z or Gene-V Waterblocks


    Description: I have one nickel plated and one copper set of the MIPS waterblock kit for either the Gene-Z or the Gene-V

    motherboards. These kits WILL work on either the Gene-Z or the Gene-V. I have only had the nickel plated kit

    installed; however neither one has actually been in contact with any water.


    Includes: Nickel plated kit: mounting hardware etc.

    Copper kit: mounting hardware etc.


    Price: $55 shipped for Copper kit.

    $65 shipped for Nickel plated kit.





    Phobya 200MM Radiator + Bitfenix Fan


    Description: Never used Phobya 200MM radiator along with a Bitfenix fan.


    Includes: Phobya Radiator: all mounting hardware etc.

    Bitfenix fan: mounting hardware etc.


    Price: $45 shipped.





    Monsoon Compression Fittings - Chrome 3/8" X 1/2


    Description: Three complete sets of Monsoon Chrome Compression fittings. All were installed but never in contact with any

    water. Very good condition, some may have slight chipping at the top of the barb; however this is NOT visible

    when tubing is installed.


    Includes: Fittings, tool, extra set of o-rings (for each set).


    Price: $25 shipped for each.

    $65 shipped for all three sets.





    Heatkiller GTX 680 Waterblock - nickel plated + backplate


    Description: Heatkiller GTX 680 waterblock, special nickel plated "hole" edition. Installed once but never in contact with

    water. Also included is the polished SS backplate.


    Includes: Waterblock, mounting hardware, backplate, etc.


    Price: $75 shipped.





    Please PM me if you have any questions :)

  2. LMAO at anyone saying the SLI GTX 460's are a dead end. How far down the road are we talking? There will probably not be a game out in the next 12-18 months that will challenge a SLI GTX 460 setup, so how is that a dead end? Too many people don't realize that there are only a few DX11 games out there, and even those aren't really utilizing the full DX11 technology! I remember when DX9 gpu's came out, then a couple of years later most games were DX9, technology has changed, but those same trends have not!


    Krieg, I have seen you jump in on few threads, and hijack them with your own personal fights. Jeez bro, a statement was made about the low OCability on the 570, which was true, no matter which review you want to post! then another member comes on and talks about how nicely the GTX 460 OCs and all of the sudden you want to wage your own personal attack on valid points with arguments that haven't even been brought up? WHY? Really, what was your point? Because, it was obvious why Capi "pulled it out" Do you still not get it? I can't type any slower, so I will just try repeating it 1 more time - It was originally brought up to show how much OC headroom the 460 had compared to the fact the 570 wasn't even close. I hope now you understand. BUT, hey if not, just keep trying to put another OCC member's points down to make yourself feel better about.....whatever it may be, cause this is what I'm still trying to figure out!


    Also you seemed scared to duel Capi with his i7 and your 955? No problem I have a 955 setup I can throw 2 of my GTX 460's in SLI and I can show you how well my $300 SLI gpu setup performs compared to whatever you have! You know my $300 "Dead End" setup ;) Just say the word!


    On to the topic at hand though the performance of the 570 is quite nice, Nvidia is really starting to compete when it comes to temps and power, and this is a great sign of things to come. Just like the OCC review, however the OC headroom is something that would make me think twice about the card! I love being able to tweak my cards and get monster OCs out of them, as I'm sure most of us here on OCC do, probably even you krieg ;) So if spent that much money on a card, although I would love the performance, I would be lying if I said I would not be disappointed in the OC potential if my card was similar to those reviewed!


    To the OP - Capi's 1st response to you was spot on! Of course the 580 will have better performance, but the 570 would handle everything you are wanting. The 570 would also do it with lower temps, less power, and keep more $$$ in your pocket!



    Single card > dual cards anytime except when gaming at extreme resolutions (multi-monitor).

  3. Do not aircool the obsidian!



    I illustrated it here.

    The top 3x 120mm fans can be either inputs or outputs, but either way: too much input not sufficient output or the opposite.

    Also, the case is HUGE, the air will SIT.

    People who actually own this case can attest to that.



  4. I wouldn't buy refurbished. Ever.

    Also, watch out with cheap monitors, I told you already, but I'll say it again....you get what you pay for.

    Honestly, I wouldn't cheap out on a monitor, the risk of getting stuck pixels is just too high with these generic brands when ordering online.

    I would go to best buy/ walmart and just check the monitor out in person :thumbs-up:

  5. Hey guys,


    I'm currently taking Meteorology at school and I have been assigned a basic project.

    I need to have at least 15 people fill out this survey, so I can talk about 1 minute about whether weather (great word game *pats on back*) affects people's moods or not.

    It's REALLY simple, all you have to do is type the numbers 1-8, and then type your answer letter, like follows:


    1) A

    2) B

    3) A

    4) A

    5) A

    6) B

    7) B

    8) B


    First off,

    This is what you should base your answers on:


    Good mood: you are highly productive, socially fit, physically fit, happy, etc.

    Bad mood: you are lazy, angry, easily angered by others, miserable, gloomy, etc.


    Good weather: a few fluffy clouds/blue sky, sunny, etc.

    Bad weather: rain, gray sky, heavy snow, sun obstructed by clouds, etc.



    1) Does Good weather put you in a Good mood?


    A - Yes

    B - No


    2) Does Good weather put you in a Bad mood?


    A - Yes

    B - No


    3) Does Bad weather put you in a Good mood?


    A - Yes

    B - No


    4) Does Bad weather put you in a Bad mood?


    A - Yes

    B - No


    5) If you are in a Bad mood already, does Bad weather worsen your mood?


    A - Yes

    B - No


    6) If you are in a Bad mood already, does Bad weather lighten your mood?


    A - Yes

    B - No


    7) If you are in a Good mood already, does Good weather lighten your mood?


    A - Yes

    B - No


    8) If you are in a Good mood already, does Good weather worsen your mood?


    A - Yes

    B - No




    Probably the easiest thing you've ever done. Thanks guys!

  6. My heatware is under schoolslave

    I accept PAYPAL ONLY.

    I also have ebay ratings under werewolfdestodes.

    I ship with USPS insured mail.

    D-Tek Fuzion v1 CPU waterblock + nozzle kit

    + bolt-thru kit (LGA775)

    Swiftech MCP655 Pump (speed controller version)

    Swiftech MCW30 Nothrbridge waterblock

    Swiftech Reservoir

    Primochill Green UV, flexible Tubing

    HW Labs Black Ice GTX360 Radiator w/ A.C. Ryan UV green acrylic grill



    ALL items for $185 shipped.




    Pictures soon to come.



    Price too high? Make me an offer and I might just accept.









    Fans, Tubing, Team Xtreem RAM


    DFI P35 Dk


    Swiftech MCP655


    2x 74Gbyte Raptors




    Corsair 620W PSU


    DFi nF4 SLi-Dr Expert


    eVGA 7900GT KO + Thermaltake ND1


    DFi nf4 SLi-d





    All of these items are from a smoke-free, pet-free environment.

    Shipping only to the Continental USA.

    Accepting Paypal ONLY.

    Phone number available upon request.

    All items sold AS-IS.


    Thanks for looking.

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