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  1. lol that's awesome, I never saw it before... thought I'd read all the stickies here...
  2. cool workup wev! be careful though... next they'll be telling us that playing a copyrighted song as your ringtone in public is copyright infringement and they'll fine you $20,000 (I'm feeling a bit bitter todoy, don't mind me...)
  3. They're not talking about radio broadcasts, it's a language thing. They're talking about the employees playing their MP3/CD players at work. It's still ridiculous... that's like saying it's copyright infringement to play a CD in your car when your friends are riding with you. So every time I played a CD on the radio at work, I, and according to the article, the restaurant I worked for were breaking copyright law? It would be different if it were in a store front where any customer can come in, but in a garage? Common sense better kick in some time in court over there... so far they refused to throw the case out... I wish I wasn't going to boot camp so I could keep up with this. I'd like to see where it goes!
  4. the dr's right, you could get one of those strips that's designed to go around the baseboards of a room, with the pull off front cover, and paint it with your ultra flat black... stick it right next to the MB and cut the proper holes for cables to come out the side. should be able to get a long one to cut to size at any 'home depot' type store...
  5. Why would you suspect the board to be at fault if the PSU cuts out when you shake it? Dead-Giveaway there... I'd look at a better brand of PSU... go for an OCZ gamexstream 6/700W or Corsair HX620W or if you have the cash, a PC Power & Cooling unit.
  6. just outta curiosity, what version of the NVidia drivers are you using? Definitely follow wevs suggestion about the PSU, as now it seems you're having intermittent/random problems (which usually points a tech straight to the PSU) I know you replaced it already, but check anyway. You've established that one stick of RAM is bad. Keep going with the RMA there. It's remotely possible that your friend has a similar RAM problem, or that a timing is off and you're getting a similar error. At this point I'd suspect a driver issue though, since you're both getting the same error in completely diff rigs presumably with the same drivers. just another 0.02 to put in there
  7. Afaik you won't be able to. Why not RAID them on the other controller? Or put the burner there. edit: nvm, I see you're talking about a cfx not the one in your sig... no experience with that board...
  8. You guys should read this... http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=77741 They're right, most games these days offload most of the work onto the GPU, you shouldn't factor in your CPU clock... contrary to popular belief... Praz, you are right about not seeing the performance gain though... I think CharmedLover84 or someone had a couple benchmarked not long ago and the performance gain with 2 in SLI over a single card was... coughpatheticcoughcough althogh at the time I know drivers were kinda crappy.
  9. I'm still here... borged a rig at my mom's house, one here at my dads, one at work, and my main rig... only problem is my rig is the only one that really get's a lot of hours actually powered on :/ edit: I don't run SMP cause I run boinc too... that gets half and FAH gets half
  10. if you look at the high scores for medium difficulty, click on the name, you can see that they used the 2 path method... that's why I tried it, but I couldn't get it to work out for me, lol... so I took the approach I took from the beginning and nearly doubled my score... gonna go have another try now :-)
  11. I was looking at the mirror finish P182 Branjo... drooling over it actually... on the P182 did they fix some of the little quirks people had with the P180? Like the front panel audio connector, drab wiring for the front panel connectors, etc?
  12. Ghosting is the nickname it was given because back in the day, Norton Ghost was the software most frequently used... It's likely your machine was a common build at that store, so it was quicker and easier for them to have an image of a working install that they could 'deploy' the question is, how many machines did they buy licences for, and how many did they install on
  13. that's exactly what I was gonna do with my Lian-Li... I love the way the flat black looks! I was going for flat black all over the inside, and the regular stock silver of my PC-G70S on the outside. even bought the spray paint (which is gonna go to waste since I can't ship it with my household goods :/ I can't wait to see more updates before I leave for basic on Wednesday!
  14. Hey Reel, I linked over in the 0.0.7 Bug reporting section to your validation... wasn't sure if you had a forum account over there. http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=41809 if you do, go over an elaborate on the bug edit: seems another 6600 is having the same issue. actually, a few of his stats are doubled.
  15. A few questions about the USB problem: Is XP updated to SP2? Did the problem occur recently, or have the ports never worked at USB 2.0 speeds? And as for the PSU... not the most stable power supply in the world, and of course, if you motherboard wants a PSU with a 24 pin connector, get one. The extra pins supply more 12v current where it is needed. It's possible that your PSU isn't able to supply enough. While it's not a requirement, it would be helpful if you would create a 'signature' using the User CP at the top left of the page. In the signature, create a list of your hardware, including as much information as possible, even OC settings. Remember it can't be longer than 300px ( mine is ~250px from top to bottom )
  16. Ok, sounds like you've already covered some of the basics. I have a few questions, What symptoms occur with the x-fi completely removed from the system? Did you uninstall the nvidia chipset drivers and re-install them? Can you look to see if any thermal compound was spilled when you replaced the chipset fan? what TIM did you use?
  17. damn, I had a few in mind but seriously, yeah, a networking section would be an excellent idea, and the idea has popped up several times over the last few months... The work logs section would be great too, just needs a forum added to the Modding part. Sure, there's a cases modding area, but that strikes me as a forum for individual mods, not a whole worklog.
  18. Weird Al - White n Nerdy Weird Al - Canadian Idiot... just heard that for the first time... just awesome, lol
  19. Gratz GBS, glad you got the issue somewhat resolved! post how things are when you have a fresh install up and running, letting us knw how 3D mark runs. Don't forget to install the chipset drivers first, followed by graphics, windows update and so on..
  20. yeah, hardwired is the best theme there anyway
  21. have you enabled coolbits with the registry 'hack'? google sedona.reg and coolbits.reg and and 'install' both of them...
  22. you need upgraded towers, and you need them to take as long as possible on the screen... try making them two routes, then as they get almost to the end, block it with a $5 tower so they have to turn around and go the other way...then when they're over half way, sell that one you blocked with and do the same when they get near the other end
  23. I concur with wev... at this point, a re-install would be a good idea! With that bad stick of RAM in, there's no telling what errors are present in the files that make up windows. Your 3Dmark errors are likely due to one or more such errors...
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