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  1. ok, justin timberlake getting nutted on a mailbox was pretty funny...
  2. lol, you all say damn kids, I bet it was an old man that sux though Angry... sorry 'bout the bad day!
  3. Aren't superbowl commercials supposed to be good? they're not... so far anyway... big carrier pidgeons and dancing geckos... zzzzzzzzzzz
  4. I've been running the IS version for a while now... not had a single problem with it... a little painful in the settings category, but once you get it set the way you want, it's great... imo anyway
  5. lol, seems like I saw a mod like that somewhere... I'll have to see if I can find it...
  6. It was fine after they fixed a few things... I meant installing it the day it came out wasn't a good Idea... maybe it was even service pack 1 I'm remembering... one of them screwed me all up...
  7. As if I don't see enough of this pattern all day every day as it is ^^
  8. if I remember right, I had trouble playing DVDs on this laptop when I first installed wmp11. I installed k-lite and it worked after... now I don't have wmp11, so I can't test... don't want it, don't use wmp10...
  9. go get the k-lite codec pack from free-codecs.com and you'll be all set. you could also try this one but I prefer to get all the codecs I'll need all at once. never had a problem with k-lite.
  10. have you checked the option in the BIOS for enabling USB keyboards? may have missed it while I was reading but I didn't notice any mention of that.
  11. you could get something to play WOW on for like $200
  12. Video encoding software suggestion: SUPER This is great, a lot of formats supported
  13. try screwing the fan screws in ith the fan outside the case to get the threads a place to start, it'll give you more room to work... I would leave the fans blowing into the case.
  14. Well, I already quit smoking, don't drink anymore, got married and joined the military... so what am I supposed to do now? lol I'm gonna learn Japanese
  15. There was a guy in basic training with me that didn't speak English when he got there... after 6 weeks he speaks it just fine I'm about to go see if there's a Japanese rosetta stone...
  16. you could be unlucky and have a CPU with a poorly seated IHS... if all else fails, RMA it...
  17. What heatsink are you using? if it was the stock heatsink from your old CPU it may be inadequate for your new dual core...
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