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  1. I think I have an extra drive bezel somewhere, but my crap's silver... check out performance-pcs.com like the ski said, the rock, ordered from them >10 times now, always happy with their turnaround and products. edit: best product on performance-pcs... and a damn good way to BLOW your tax rebate... and a good portion of your refund too...
  2. pat pat for contributing my 0.235% of that but I did double my 24 hour average today without completing any work... how'd that happen? I have a 2605 about to finish any second though... wow... why does my clock in VMWare say 12:12 am but [email protected] says 18:15:44? lol they were both right when I started that unit, and now only the VMWare Ubuntu clock is right... the [email protected] one is all outta wack...
  3. I'm just finishing ths work unit in the windows client, then that'll be turned off... I thought hitting Ctrl-C botched the current work unit... anyway, even if you wait, but I guess not. I'll give it a try. Thanks EllisD @wevsspot: The VMware thing was VERY easy... not a single hiccup... it's actually kinda cool, I'm gonna play around with several linux distros in VMWare and se what I like before I switch to one semi-permanently.
  4. Mine grabbed the a1 core and was working on 2653 for a couple hours before it crashed... when I brought it back up, it grabbed a 2605 and has been chuggin along since... ~24.5 minutes per 1%, with the other instance running in windows... maybe that'll go up a bit when it gets ~20% of the CPU back, lol dumb question... how do I pause it while I game? will pausing the whole VMWare session screw it up?
  5. I got mine up now too... man that didn't come out right.... I got my SMP/VMWare up... I noticed beta 6 has some extra config options... here's what I used: User name [Anonymous]? AnUnknownSource Team Number [0]? 45454 Passkey []? 29acca0687671fe598111cee7c5d977a <--- feel free to fold under my name :-) Ask before fetching/sending work (no/yes) [no]? no Use proxy (yes/no) [no]? no Acceptable size of work assignment and work result packets (bigger units may have large memory demands) -- 'small' is <5MB, 'normal' is <10MB, and 'big' is >10MB (small/normal/big) [normal]? big Change advanced options (yes/no) [no]? yes Core Priority (idle/low) [idle]? low Disable highly optimized assembly code (no/yes) [no]? no Interval, in minutes, between checkpoints (3-30) [15]? 3 Memory, in MB, to indicate (1003 available) [1003]? Set -advmethods flag always, requesting new advanced scientific cores and/or work units if available (no/yes) [no]? yes Ignore any deadline information (mainly useful if system clock frequently has errors) (no/yes) [no]? yes Machine ID (1-16) [1]? 16 edit: I now have my wifes laptop single coring... my Windows install single coring just to finish this half a WU it had going) and Linux/VMWare SMP... is anyone else using beta 6.02? does it get any extra points these days?
  6. I have my Virtual machine updating right now, and I'll be folding shortly. Thanks for the guides!
  7. I want an HDTV... but I refuse to pay AAFES extortionate prices... they really know they have you by the balls... large TVs are expensive here on the economy, so AAFES jacks their price up because they know noone ships packages that large or heavy to APO... Anyone have a solution? I'm looking for a 37"-42" 1080P preferably with a DVI connector...
  8. Hell yeah, I got my data... but one of these drives sounds like it's shot to .... Or all of them... I'm still claiming them... backing up data and replacing, not taking any chances!
  9. lol, the films supposed to come out later this year... not if they don't find some rich SOB that'll lend them his Aston they won't! lol
  10. um.... I'm getting it just fine... loaded in like 2 seconds...
  11. There's no oxidation on the connectors at all... don't know what you're seeing? ust lighting in the photo I guess... It looked more like the crate sat in the pouring rain for weeks... all the stuff in plastic bins came back fine, and they're not sealed much at all... if it were submerged, it all would have been toast... I'll find out tomorrow, got everything back together finally. I would have found out tonight, but guess what I forgot to get... frackin water ^^
  12. My Favorite part: Need help with a famine ? Wrestling with an epidemic? Call France I'm in Oki too by the way... great assignment!
  13. When I get my rig up and running I'll pop in and say hi
  14. If you google, You'll come up with a list of 4 or 5 USB floppy drives that will work... others are hit or miss as others said. It's not worth the $50 you'll spend getting one of those, just slipstream a disc... a little prep work will go a long way :-)
  15. lucky folks... all except the employee that typed in .35c he probably got fired... that's gotta be at least a couple $Gs worth of mistake... poor guy/girl
  16. They actually cleaned up pretty nice... as soon as I get the rest of my rig up and going, I'll find out. I didn't have any mold on the PCB part of the drives, so fingers crossed...
  17. Be careful though, there were several laptops floating around that used sound cards without available XP drivers. I haven't heard anything about it for a while, so maybe the issue's resolved, but wanted to throw that out there anyway...
  18. GOOD IDEA! Although your stuff isn't travelling over a major body of water... lol just make sure they seal your crate up completely. They HAVE to seal up any crate you have stuff in in front of you, and give you the serial numbers fromt he seals. Check them when they deliver at your destination, and if the numbers are different, raise hell!
  19. as several people at engadget pointed out, there have been IBM servers with modular PSUs in them for years as well... I remember seing a few myself.
  20. you can get an adapter to kickstart a second PSU without voiding your warranty. My Lian-Li case came with one. look at performance-pcs.com
  21. lol and the patent isn't even for modular PSUs... it's for putting modular PSUs in consumer machines... so when I put my corsair in my machine myself, I broke patent laws... come sue me ultra!
  22. lol it got me too you know that rules post is in some serious need of attention... it still says dfi-street.com on the images, and has that ugly white and orange theme
  23. wow, as much attention as this thread is getting, I might have to come check this game out... not really my type of game, but I'll give it a go...
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