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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this... Smallparts.com has been VERY useful for me getting parts that are outrageously priced elsewhere. I was able to find nylon thumbscrews that can be cut to the length needed, and they sell metal ones, all kinds of tubing, CLAMPS etc. The quick release clamps that Performance-Pcs.com sell for $0.99 each are about $0.56 each on smallparts.com. The user interface for their online store is a little rough, but it's usable, not the worst I've seen, but they also have a downloadable catalog and a price quote option for all you bulk buyers :-) They ship almost anywhere, including international, and they are based in the USA.
  2. Oh, if you've never read BOFH, go here: http://bofh.ntk.net/Bastard1.html
  3. LMAO 96 OHSH 17 12 FRAG My Fave: BOFH 66
  4. Trading open again as of 9-MAY-2008. I'm working on updated photos of all this gear. Heatware ID: AnUnknownSource 17-0-0 (100% Postive) Ebay ID: moneybag2 (62, 100% Positive) Selling: *****ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED***** *****I SHIP TO THE USA VIA USPS AT NORMAL USPS RATES, DON'T BE SCARED BY MY LOCATION!!***** Motherboards, CPUs and Memory: all items sold Networking D-Link DSL G664T Wireless DSL Router - I have two, don't need one, it has a german power cord, but any 12V power adapter will work (cheap at radioshack or walmart) - $45 shipped Add-in Cards (PCI etc): all items sold Peripherals: Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000, used but in great condition. I'm only selling this because I upgraded to a Logitech G5 mouse and corded keyboard for gaming. $35 Fans, Fan Grills, HSFs and Accessories: 2x Panaflo Ultra High Speed .65A 120mm Fans (FBA12G12U) - $15 each 2x Blue LED 120mm Revoltec brand fans. Pretty quiet, good color, BARELY used $8 each 80mm Atomic Fan Grills, used, but in great condition. I have 10 left - $2 for first, $1.50 for each additional Fan Screens, Fan Grills all 80mm, $1 each UV Fan CCFL plus inverter (not shown) UV Light, $4 I can provide a UV red or blue fan for $4 additional Watercooling: Swiftech MCW-6002 CPU block - $30 120mm Radiator with fan shroud. Heatercore type. It looks like a DTek, but I'm not sure. I re-sat the barbs with some teflon tape, but haven't leak tested it, it should be fine just make sure first ;-) $15 HDD and other storage: 256MB Hama Multimedia Card $10 64MB RS MMC card for Phone (without adapter in pic) $5 Misc. Cables and Hardware: Belkin PS/2 Extension Cables... I have 5 left - $4 for the first, add $2 for each additional cable. Firewire Cable, for Playstation 2 to Playstation 2 hookup, $4 Sun Microsystems Microphone from old Sparcstation LX... vintage gear? lol $4 Various ATA133 IDE cables, Free + Shipping USB header cable, $4 SOLD Items: Fellowes CD Organizer - shadowmansm MCP650 and MCP355 Pumps - runeofearth Fillport and Yate Loon Fans to ghostfacekilla CPU, MB, RAM combo to OC Nooby Radeon X300SE to HitandRun Fand Duct, Theta fan Controller and 3-4 pin Adapters to Technohydra Hose Clamps to Jachyra007 DD Maze4 GPU to a referral from t_ski Buying: (pm me) X-Box 360, Halo 3 and X-Box 360 gear Bought Items: Radiator and Grill from FrostyAMD Lian-Li PC-G70-S Case from ooeric Koosah Waterblock from shadowmansm Watercooling bundle from snowpro Cyberpower Gaming Laptop from Kryptik Neoprene from Likewhoa Random Assortment from nikehz D5 Pump and 120 Rad from haven Lanbag from Doctor Carta Audigy2ZS Gamer from Pkilway ($30 donated to the street! Buy from this guy!) OCZ Gold GX (XTC) PC4000 2x1GB (3-4-3-8) from Angry_Games Asus EN6600 from Splave SFF Rig from Smoove910 Dual TV Tuner from General Septem Compro Laptop TV Tuner from radodrill *Pending* Quake Wars and usb-serial adapter from HITandRUN *Pending* OBDII Code reader from shadowmansm Traded: Panaflo and Yate loon fans to t_ski for speaker grills, stereo accessories, DVD-Rom drive Thanks for looking! PM me if you want to make an offer, have a suggestion or think a price is unfair. I will consider everyones input, thanks! I ship Via USPS Priority for all orders going to the states or to another APO address. I will use tracking, insurance if you want on any item over $25 but you pay the difference. International is possible, I will discuss an updated price based on your location. I am fairly new to DIY-Street and forum trading, but not to Ebay. I registered on ebay back in 1999, and I have 100% feedback for buying and selling. I am willing to provide a verifiable phone number and address via PM.
  5. He wants to know if he leaves out the firewall will he see CPU offloading... The torrent clients were his reasoning for leaving the firewall out...
  6. I went ahead and bought Mediamonkey, great program, handles 48,000+ media files no problem (not mine of course ;-) and will work with your Ipod or other media player.
  7. Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, except the finish wearing off where my thumb goes, it's been great... can't say the same for the Keyboard that accompany's it... gonna go with a wired KB... maybe a Logitech G15
  8. I'm waiting on the parts for my first WC setup too, good luck with yours! I have MCP355 pump with the Petra top, 2x120 rad, Koosah waterblock (need 1 more) and hopefully DD RDX cpu block... also looking into a chipset block that will fit under my video card... don't know which ones will fit...
  9. Haha, yeah, what a waste of money, you could rummage through the garbage and make something better than that... for free
  10. The onboard audio doesn't support openAL... so some games like Quake 4 will sound like crap at times... weigh the pros and cons versus the money you'll spend... but being at an overclocker's forum, you probably don't mind spending money on something that'll only get ya a slight performance increase :-)
  11. I copy and pasted this from the review that showed on the first page: Other Thoughts: I also tried the PC resolution at 1280x768 and it looks great too, so if that is your MAIN purpose for a 1080p monitor, you dont truly need it. specially if you will sit away from the screen, at 10 - 12 you can read it fine, if not, just increase the font size. I wish I had the desk space to use it as PC monitor it sure beats the heck out of the 24" & 30" Dells for less than the 30" price tag. So not only will it support 1280x768, but if you absolutely have to to pay a game at a lower res, it does support other resolutions as well. I haven't come across an LCD in a while that didn't handle 1024x768... On a side note, I'd recommend sitting across the room to game with this TV, not right under it! I have a 37" in the other room, and I can't sit right in front without straining my neck after a few minutes looking back and forth... and my eyes... gone are the days of your head being in one position to play a game... lol
  12. Here you go irfy... another black bg from me... lol I gotta find a new color, but hey, it looks good against the speedfire theme of the forum...
  13. I'm looking at tubing and clamps, but I don't know what to go for, because smallparts.com have several different types of Tygon Tubing, that handle different pressures and have different wall thicknesses and clarity/coloring etc. Do I need to even worry about this? Will I even reach 5 PSI in a watercooling setup? If not I'm gonna go for whatever is cheapest for the size I need, 1/2" or 7/16" Any help would be appreciated!
  14. I like Sunbeam's Theta Software fan controller... and you wouldn't have to worry about matching faceplates... and by the way, it doesn't HAVE to take up a PCI slot, it actually can be mounted anywhere in your case, as long as you can run a USB cable and a 4 pin molex to it. Comes with Temp sensors that can be used to automatically adjust fan speed... hmmm... and controls up to 8 fans or lights... The software is skinnable but I can't find any skins that people have made... I might have to get around to making one for my Touchscreen LCD that's going in my new case :-)
  15. Gigabyte's 3D Aurora is much better! Got to play with one the other day... Not like their usual crap... But the 900 looks way more intimidating.
  16. Useful bit of :spam: there... mmmm... I like :spam:... On a side note... SVC is working fine :-) and they have Gigabyte's Aurora 3D case... nice one, receiving great reviews all over the place... $144.99 Maximum PC gave it a 10 and it's their "new favorite" go get one before they jack the price up
  17. Well, I think it is problems with their servers, it's worse tonight than before, won't even get past the first page in IE now either... SVC is working nicely though in IE and FF :-)
  18. It would be hard to double the cooling capacity of a heatsink, but this doesn't improve the capacity of the heatsink at all, it improves the efficiency of heat transfer from the core to the sink... I imagine it'll end up being integrated without much publicity...
  19. Tried clearing private data, and FF is latest version (and have same problem with FF on another machine here in the house) both machines have Panda Antivirus+Firewall but I tried disabling and still, same problem... but both machines work just fine opening it in IE... maybe something to do with my router.. but funny it doesn't happen in IE... guess I'll have to resort to ie for throwing my money away on stuff I don't need, lol :DOh, and I'm proud to say my posts will now open 0.005 seconds faster
  20. Does anyone else have problems viewing Newegg.com in Firefox? If I try in Firefox, most pages won't show up at all, and the ones that do are SSSSSLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWW.... but I switch to IE and all is fine... what gives?
  21. I'll have to find it again, but there's a site that will let you track a cell phone... it gave like 5 free tracks away, then it was a subscription service... but If i remember right, you had to text back a confirmation code from the cell before it was active on that system... then it could be tracked...
  22. I just tried drilling a hole through an old AMD K6... You'd have though I was trying to cut Granite with a plastic knife! Got through the metal but when it came to whatever the bulk of the thing is made of the drill barely scratched it...
  23. What model Stacker case is it? Have all the original case hardware etc?
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