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  1. Hey this question may have been answered already, but I can't find it so I'm asking it again... I am trying to run two instances of [email protected], one on each core. I use the console version, and I am running two of them in different directories... affinity set for each to run on one of my two cores. Is this all I do? Is there an easier way to do this so I don't have to set affinity each time I run them? I can make a batch file to start both instances but I don't know how to automate setting each to run on a diff core... maybe this is pointless but I'm doing it just because I can...
  2. Here you go Neilcha... Just a quick mockup, changes are more than possible... By the way, if you guys want these things resized so you can get more underneath the pic, I can definitely do that... possibly getting better quality without going over the file size limit... just an afterthought I had...
  3. Ok, so you didn't like that one... I'm so heartbroken... I'm gonna sit in the corner listen to Coldplay and think about killing myself :-( J/k - I don't care, lol didn't like it either... Here's the new one :-) First is JPG, second PNG and third GIF Edit - Damnit, it's better than mine, lol
  4. Lenny check your thread again, Flybye444 already suggested using the ali drivers instead of the uli ones, and I recommend using the sata ports on the other controller...
  5. Change your HDD over to the other SATA controller... then set your BIOS up for it to be the first boot device... should show a change based on what I read... also flybye444 suggested using the drivers for the ali controller instead of the uli ones in windows... if you don't need all those sata ports I'd just use the other ports, (silxxxx controller)
  6. Ok, Jaz first draft here... working on the text... gotta find the right balance of readability and not interfering too much witht he background... let me know if it's along the right lines...
  7. I have a guest pass to give away too... if anyone wants it... first you have to tell me what the meaning of life is...
  8. The Aurora 3D received a Kick-butt award from MaximumPC and is their new favorite, thought I'd put that in there... I would go for it... even has ports for your tubing if you plan on putting watercooling in...
  9. Is it possible that when the manual says "...closest to Power Supply" that it means closest to the extra floppy molex connector that plugs into your board (that I thought was extra juice for the PCI-E slots, but I'm told otherwise..?)... usually the slot closest to the CPU :-)
  10. Hey Jaz... pm me with what you're looking for... I'll be glad to help... Also Neilcha, when i get a chance Monday I'll work something out for you too.
  11. I Have a Club3D X300 SE with some added blue heatspreaders and the ugly gray ribbon cable modded... it's in my For Sale Thread...
  12. Yeah, first thing I do anyway with a new piece of hardware is visit the manufacturer's site and make myself a new driver disc, I rarely ever use the original disc. Go here and choose BIOS, Driver etc at the left: http://us.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_sp...TYPE=LP&SITE=US
  13. I live about a half hour down the road from Heidelberg... I haven't been to the Absinthe store there, but isn't the REAL Absinthe with Wormwood Illegal to sell here in Germany like most other European Countries?
  14. I haven't heard Righteous in a while... lol :shake: Yeah, I was drinking Absinthe that night... the real stuff, came from Czech Republic...
  15. Doesn't it have something to do with NY law? kinda like Canadians having to answer some stupid question like "what's 1+1?" to enter...?
  16. That certainly is a decent card, but I wouldn't be buying your Video Card based on what monitor you have... You can probably find a better price than that too... but if you do buy from Newegg, follow the links in people's signature here in the forum... it helps the forum out :-)
  17. I didn't know seasonic made the Corsairs... do they make the 620 too?
  18. sure, I need more crap lying around not being used :-) j/k I'll take it if it's the Aluminum chassis version... any clue how much it'll cost to ship it to Germany? If not possible I have an address in the UK you can ship it to...
  19. Didn't I read that they're doing away with the 8 pin connector on the cards too? Think it was in MaximumPC maybe?
  20. Oh, and if you decide to buy if, froogle it first, I've seen this thing for $35 around other placed... just don't buy it from buypcdirect.com
  21. I have this PSU, it's what I was using before I got my HX620W... It ran my two 7900GTXs in SLi just fine as long as I didn't push the graphics too hard... then all it did was reboot (not good, but it didn't burn up, still running fine in another box) I found the voltages weren't stable enough as I will be overclocking, but all in all it was a half decent PSU... On a side note, did you notice that the sticker is stuck over another sticker? I peeled it off and realised that the 550W version is just the 500W version with the rest of the cables sleeved (the 500w only had the atx connector wires sleeved)
  22. I wouldn't think that it matters which one you use, but if you're not using the other one, disable it in the BIOS... fewer drivers for windows to fumble around with when starting up etc.
  23. Yeah, I would have kept the X-Fi... The only thing wrong with Creative is their bloated drivers... but they kinda go well with a bloated Windows kernel :-)
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