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  1. I'll work on re-sizing the image tonight... maybe have the folding banner, which is within the size limit, the spes image (right now is 34px to tall) and I'll move some of the stuff into text below it since I get 5 lines down there... edit: ok, went ahead and did it just now. Foldng image is 468x60, sig image is 468x90
  2. Blaster Master Battle Toads Duck Hunt
  3. when tasr shows up over here, maybe he'll have us all jump over to your team anyway... who knows. I wonder if EllisD is sticking with 45454 or jumping ship...
  4. Hello to OCC! can anyone help me with my folding stats image, cause I'll definitely for team 45454 :-)
  5. Thanks for the info guys! I'm gonna make them take the unit out of the box in the store so I can see when it was built. The Pro version they have on base here comes with a component cable, but not an HDMI cable... it'll work with HDMI if I buy a cable right? I have a 52" rear projection coming in June :-) and would like to use HDMI if possible... So the Pro is the Premium with HDMI support... but the premium on newegg says it has HDMI support. I'll go take a look at the box on base and see if it comes with the 175W power supply. I guess thats supposed to mean the chipset is the newer falcon chipset. I don't trust AAFES, they'd be likely to sell older stock. They're horrible. Oh I know to stay away from those topics... I was talking about changing the HD, and actually was mostly thinking about putting Linux on it (or Leopard :-), just for ***** and giggles... don't know if I can do that without chipping it... but we'll see. I'll also paint it, or put a window in it or something... but only after I've got my $350 worth, lol
  6. Thanks Angry! hey, before I post anything I shouldn't, is there anything against posting Mods to the 360? I'm not sure what's considered 'fair game' and what's not. If you have any guidance, I'd appreciate it.
  7. So I'm about to buy an X-Box 360, but I'm confused about all these RRoD and 'ohcrapmyhouseisonfire' versions (and a little worried about that last one since my walls are wood paneling) Can anyone break it down as to which revisions I should avoid? I'm thinking the Platinum HDMI version, but you all might be able to steer me in a better direction. On a side note, once I've wore it in a little, I'll be doing some major modding, and I'll post all my endeavers here to add to this section's content.
  8. You should add "depends on the website" as an option... sure I'll pay to be a member of a website, but it's gotta have some kind of content I can't find elsewhere for free...
  9. I'm really thinking abut getting a Q6600 and if I do I'll let you know when my 3G 4400+ is for sale. It's in the OCDB... and of course, I wouldn't guarantee you'd get 3Gs out of it... tbh, I think I just got really lucky and my setup clicked... I use it at 3G on a daily basis though, folding almost 24/7, and gaming, with no instability.
  10. My first 2 were an Amiga 500 and a Commodore 64
  11. Has anyone bought from that link yet? Most of these OEM download sites are a scam... but if anyone here has already purchased from them before, and had a good result, I might consider buying a copy... Or I'll just get vista via the Employee purchase program :-) already have several copies of XP... would like to give vista a go since SP1 has been out...
  12. I put my plain or regular keyboards in the dishwasher... the whole thing... works like a charm, come out almost brand new looking. I think Maximum PC showed that in an article about a year ago, but people have been doing it for years... just don't forget to set the dishwasher to "Air Dry"...
  13. you should never install windows while your components are OC'd... regardless of how stable it was in orthos with that OC... trth is, Orthos stable and real world stable are entirely different things... try an install with no OC and see if that helps...
  14. Phone lines are indeed more dangerous because there's usually no equipment in place (on the supplier end) to protect from surges. Electric companies monitor for surges and other problems prety well, the same isn't true of phone companies (it's hard enough to get them to NOT charge you twice for the same billing period... lol) get a good surge protector with phone jacks and cable TV/Internet Jacks.
  15. 1) Kayla 2) Stephanie 3) Sarah...Sara...Sandra... whatever it was...
  16. someone posted quite a long soldering how-to video a while back (maybe a year ago) that was quite good... I'll have to see if I can find it and torrent it for you guys... **edited out.... this might not be something that should be torrented... pm me for details**
  17. Oh ok, I get it. It is UDT... The Ubuntu Clock has been perfect with my XP clock since I installed it... Check out the OC I got ^^ hows that? Goes a 47GHz X2 4400+ warrant an OCDB entry?! lol
  18. It's MUCH quieter! Even with 2 separate loops in my rig, so 2 pumps and 6x120mm fans. My danger den Koosah's are awesome, My 7900GTXs idle at ~35C and load ~46C and I was quite impressed with the fit. I did notice that the old one that doen't have the nice finish to the inside surface idles slightly higher though... guess the 'looks' should have been less important : Nice article Rado, keep up the good work!
  19. Securemart still has 'em for $125 http://www.securemart.com/cgi-bin/future/S...79.html?pcode=1 Newegg has em for $115 after a rebate... and has a pretty sweet bundle deal with a Corsair 750W PSU...
  20. You must have shorted the two pins from the top of the connector huh? wevsspot thinks it's in the bottom and you force it in there
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