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  1. How about "Display Drive" and I personally like LAN Lane as SoundX98 suggested or Comm Circle. I like Kitfit's suggestions too, but they sound more like apartments than streets... :tooth:
  2. ok, turn all the things you don't use off in the BIOS, like the onboard LAN if you're using a pci card, and onboard sound if you're not using it. Also, turn off the serial port and Parallel port to free up more resources. You're obviously not using the PATA controller since you have a SATA dvd drive, so go ahead and disable that too. All this will free up resources that may (or may not) be needed. Get the latest nForce Chipset drivers from here and install them (assuming you're on XP 32 bit). They have all the drivers you should need. DON'T install the IDE SW driver. It is known to cause conflicts that would return the error explained below. At this point, you're just getting errors from within windows right? no random lockups during the POST? As far as your windows error codes go, 0000009c is a MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION and can be cause by 1,000,001 different things, including CPU, MB, RAM and PSU problems. I included some good reading on the code below: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_Check_Exception http://support.microsoft.com/kb/329284 http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms795775.aspx That means the CPU reported an error. Not really helpful in figuring it out. Most of the time, it's caused by high CPU temps, or unstable overclocks, but on these boards, it's easy to have a timing out of whack. Could you post what your timings are so I can have a look? I need to see the error code (just the 8 digit error code) from the two events just after that one you posted, and the 1 before it. I'd also like to see what the CDROM error says in detail, if you could post a screenie of that. But first things first, let me know if re-installing the Chipset drivers without the IDE SW driver changes anything. We'll get to the bottom of this, we're already making progress
  3. lol, I wonder if thats the same drive he tack welded to his desktop he built? That was awesome.
  4. 1x120GB for Windows XP 1x120GB for Ubuntu (partitioned the default way) 4x120GB in Raid 1+0 for Games and Data and Backup. I did remap My Documents to the data drive, theres instructions, navinjohnson, farther up the thread. Swap is also on the RAID array for XP.
  5. firefox or IE? Like they said, more than likely missing a browser plugin. Try getting K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, as it installs a streamlined version of some of the browser plugins you need for Real Media, Windows Media and Quicktime.
  6. Germany at the moment, The Bahamas next week and England at the end of September.... and finally, Texas in October...
  7. I used to be a religious ATI buyer, but took a chance this last build and got a couple 7900's... and I'm mega impressed, with the cards, but mostly the drivers. You're absolutely right, the drivers are like The Omega drivers, but official.
  8. I'll run some FPS tests with my mediocre laptop, and the SFF Pentium 4 rig I just acquired (once I get the PSU replaced, damn 110/220 switch &$%@) The Laptop runs an Athlon64 3400 and a Radeon 9xxx something and is actually my Fiance's. The SFF is a Pentium 4 2.66 and onboard video, but I'll get a cheapo half-height AGP card to stick in it. I'm pretty sure I got your method figured out, but when you write it down for someone else, forward it to me so I can make sure.
  9. lol anyways... hey, give Miranda IM a go, I'm liking how simple it is... lots of plugins available too... and Angry: OO isn't necessarily easier to use, especially after using MS office for so long. I had trouble when i first got it installed, just because we're creatures of habit (well, I am anyway) After a few "Where the &%@# did they put this" comments, I got used to it and find it a lot faster off the blocks, a little smoother and just as feature-full as Office, it's free, and afaik opens and edits any MS Office document. Give it a go, and definitely give yourself a while to get familiar with the differences, as they kinda get frustrating at first (especially the differences between calc and Excel...)
  10. I'm getting tired of the one map you get with this beta... I might have to get R6:Vegas, hearing all the good things about it on here and from others around town here...
  11. Get on the Medivh server in WoW and join us in the "Feed My Kitty" clan :-)
  12. Ok, going back to your original post it seems you're having numerous intermittent problems in and out of windows. Normally, first thing a tech tests with intermittent problems like that is the PSU, but since you have no other machine to pull one out of, lets run through a few other things to rule them out. tasr suggested above to check out the SSDB for your ram timings, that's definitely first step. Once you have those written down, you need to power down your machine and do a minimal build (MB, Ram, CPU, Video) nothing else. For RAM, you want just one stick in the orange slot closest to the edge of the board. Be extra careful while applying TIM to your CPU, to rule out a temperature problem. Do a quick CMOS clear, then boot your now minimal machine and enter the BIOS (you won't be able to boot at this point as you don't have any HDDs installed). Now Load optimized defaults. Go to Genie Bios Settings and DRAM configuration. Set your timings as you wrote down from the SSDB. Now set it so that Memtest runs at startup. Save, Reboot, Power down. Now you can install your other stick of RAM in the other orange slot. Run memtest, particularly test 5 and 8, or just leave it at default for a while (for the better part of a day). If it passes go to the next step, or if it fails, go through this procedure with each stick by itself in the Orange slot closest to the edge of the board. If it fails with either stick on it's own, you should post in the Corsair forum and ask one of the reps real nice for some help to make sure your timings are correct, and discuss RMA. With everything working so far, go ahead and install your HDD. You may need to set your boot order in the BIOS when you start up, so don't pull your hair out if it comes up "no boot device" or whatever when (and if :-) you get into Windows, try some normal day to day tasks to quick-test stability. Now run one of the stability testing programs we all use (like Orthos) and see how far you get. If you pass a few hours without error, you should be good to power down and install all your other hardware one at a time with the latest drivers and run your machine and use that hardware (like play a CD when you install your drive, or transfer some files across your network when you get your NIC installed. If you have problems booting or windows crashes at this point, you've ruled out everything except the MB, CPU, VGA, RAM... lol doesn't seem like you've gone far, but first things first Your issue is more than likely either a RAM or PSU issue. Post with an update when you've got this far. Next thing to rule out is obviously your PSU, for that you'll need either a Digital Multimeter ($10-$20), a Power Supply Tester ($10-$25) or another PSU that is also on the recommended PSU list here. edit: while you're at it, get a new CMOS battery, it's a CR2032 or equivalent and can usually be found anywhere they sell watches or just about any computer store.
  13. being an engineering sample, there probably isn't an updated BIOS... so it looks like you might be stuck at 333 max... are there any indications on the board of a model number?
  14. lol did Ace get you in trouble? here's another one that will at collegehumor.com this one had me laughing so hard I spat out my soda...
  15. their surface is pretty sweet... *looking* since its nowhere near ready for the likes of me to get to touch it yet :-) I wonder who Gates stole it's idea from?
  16. Well, after a few rounds of ET:QW just now, when the game crashed and I had to restart, I decided I'd go ahead and plug in this SFF compaq I just got my hands on. Got it all hoked up, plugged it in and sssssssssssPOP! oh .... I forgot to switch it to 240... It's model number PDP-124P and it's a whopping 185w max PSU... I'd just get a cheapy one outta the closet, except it wouldn't fit since this thing is not normally shaped... I don't care what I get to replace it, as long as it fits of course. I'm going to look around the bay for one now, please let me know if you can get ahold of one for cheap, or know somewhere I can... thanks guys!
  17. don't put your computer on the AC vent if it can also be turned to heat! lol you'd be posting one day about how you forgot all about it and came back and your system wouldn't power on
  18. you can install XP home just fine. Another 256MB of memory should be el-cheapo and would help quite a bit like the others said. If you want to save some money, you could give Compaq tech support a call and ask about getting a replacement recovery CD. What OS was on it before? If you get an OEM copy of the CD from someone else, and use the code that should be stuck on the case somewhere, that may get you up and running as well... once you get an OS installed, you would then need to visit HP/Compaq's website and search for drivers for your system (quite easy to do) and install them.
  19. Ok, just read that VLC does not use the codecs that are installed on your machine (Windows, Linux or Mac), it has it's own set of codecs. So if it plays on yours, it will play on any other machine you deploy it to. edit: you beat me to it. Ok, glad you got it all set up and going! Wow, your techs are kinda tight-arses huh? You have tutorial videos to deploy to other employees, and they only give you 1 gig? You should tell them that even online mail accounts give you over 2 gigs nowadays...
  20. As far as the media player, I think a few of you are missing the point of his question... he needs a media player to include with his tutorial videos (on CDs I assume) that will play the video files. He's limited to that codec, so he needs a 'deployable' player like VLC portable that will play media that uses that codec. I'm pretty sure you can include any codec you want in a folder in the VLC portable directory. It may work on your system, because you have that codec already installed. You need to test it on a system that has never had that codec installed before. Let me look that one up and I'll post again... @krazypoloc: GSpot is a small utility that gives you information about almost any media file, it's mostly used to identify what codec is used to play that file. I prefer AVIcodec myself, but that's purely preference. @ericgcollyer: put quote="such and such website" instead of just quote... K-Lite is awesome, it's the only codec pack I ever use. I know it's prefered to just install individual codecs when you need them, but I have never had any sort of problem with K-Lite's packs.
  21. lol, I was coming back to post that and it's already here... beat me to it Reel give it a try and make sure it'll play your videos on another computer that's never had that Camtasia studio codec on it, just to make sure, if it doesn't post here an let us know and one of us I'm sure will be able to help you get the codec bundled with VLC. lol, on Youtube this guys trying to tell me that vlc has too much 'crap' that noone needs, and isn't stable... yet can't tell me what the other 'crap' is that noone needs is... he claims that vlc is known to 'mess up ppls windows install' but can't point me towards any reference to that situation... me thinks we have a case of "I can't figure out how to use this, so it must be crap' syndrome...
  22. I got beta 2 from a torrent site (searched on torrentscan.com and it came up) then a small update to 2.2.1 or something like that downloaded when I ran the install. I can't believe you guys don't like this game...? I like it better than BF2142... which I might sell because the game didn't really grab me, so I don't even play it... ETQW did though, right away... it's just missing some NIN background music
  23. You can get a 7900GTX on ebay for less than $200... I've seen them go for as little as $150+shipping. Whatever you do, go for a 512MB card! It does make a difference to me whether all the eye candy is there or not... I can tell the difference right away... but I guess that's me, you might be different.
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