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  1. lol wait til you get a wife, and see if you get any free time :tooth: or get to drift your car :tooth: hows the car looking?
  2. depends on what you're using it for... if you're wanting to game, plan on spending the ~$1400... if you just need it for nternet/working on.... get something cheap... shoot, the one I paid $230 for in the FS section here will even play CSS at only semi-crappy settings... lol
  3. have you gotten one of those random group invites where as soon as you click accept, the other person says like 1 sentence, then disbands the group... then out of nowhere WoW acts as if you invited someone else to a group, and says the exact same thing to that person as if you said it? I've had that twice... now I don't accept any group invites, lol
  4. Oh ok... yeah, we would have liked to have our families there, but all my family are in Europe somewhere and her family are in Oregon... My Mother just got married and their wedding/honeymoon came in at just over 13000 Euros... and Her family in Oregon just spent a lot on tickets for her and I so that I could go meet them, also for them to go visit her sister... There was no way anyone would be able to make it all the way one way or the other, so we went and just did it ourselves... It was so much less stress too! Honeymoon and wedding all in one... I'm telling you it's definitely the way to go, lol
  5. You don't need anyone with you, just yourself and your bride to be... you need witnesses, but the photographer and any employee of the resort can be... or even some random person strolling along the beach... If you get married at one of the resorts it's usually someone from the back office and the photographer that act as witnesses... we were gonna get married here, but they make you jump through hoops to get married... they won't do it in English, so you have to hire a translator... we'd have to get all our documents an apostle... it's like an Extra notary stamp from the state capitol where the document originated (birth certificate, divorce decree etc.) it's just ridiculous... so we went to the Bahamas... They don't tell you that, thy just say that conch is in general... but how'd you know that a snail that lives in the ocean has a penis? huh? fun scuba diving trip? That was atlantis in the background... and the blown glass was pretty cool... each one worth a million and theres 4... the three there are made up of over 2000 pieces of blown glass apiece... the chandalier has the shapes of sea creatures in it if you look closely... I didn't get a picture of the fourth one... forgot to go back and snap one... they were interesting to see, don't know anything about chihuly... and the name doesn't ring a bell... don't think thats the name the tour guide used, but who knows... believe it or not, I spent all week down there in the sun without sunscreen and didn't even get burned... got a little color but not even noticeable in a photo... it's pathetic...
  6. uh oh... I ate the cake... but I didn't finish it... does that save me? I already KNOW your philosophy doesn't work though Here's the pics so far: http://picasaweb.google.com/AnUnknownSourc...ingAndHoneymoon
  7. lol, thanks everyone! We had a blast... I'm working on pictures now... I took over 300 but only about 1 in 10 was decent... that's why I take that many, lol. LOL Fogel... actually, the 'eye candy' down there isn't all that great... Angry... I didn't get crabs while I was down there... but I did eat a lot of conch... apparently it's an aphrodisiac? It tastes DAMN good either way... looks disgusting when it's alive though, lol We went parasailing... I didn't think they were up that high when I watched everyone else do it, but when I realized I was looking down at the roof of my 15 story hotel, I figured I was wrong, lol... If anyone ever thinks about staying in an All-Inclusive resort, DEFINITELY stay at an RIU resort...
  8. Well, I'll see you guys and Girls next week, Jenny and I leave for the Bahamas in half an hour to get Married on Wednesday. I might be able to log in and check PMs but won't be doing any posting until at least next Monday. Have a good week everyone!
  9. lol that's all I can say, is lol My particular favorite is the first sentence... Hey Angry... do you Understand (Technically) Vista? lol Well, I for one trust in your technical expertise... and after testing vista out, yeah... just yeah... lol
  10. I'll second that! I have the same 550W Logisys PSU... it's a great PSU if you're running at stock settings... Ran my 7900GTX SLi setup just fine, despite the 'that won't work' comments I got but trying to OC with it is useless...
  11. Ok bud, check your capitalization on line 22. $rank should be $Rank, $letlevel should be $LetLevel etc. The reason it gives you a syntax error on line 24 is $finalMessage isn't called up until that line is parsed. You can set finalMessag to be anything you want, it's when you try and use it when you'll get an error... but I'm no programmer whatsoever, so I may be wrong...
  12. Ok, sorry I kinda disappeared, I'm leaving Sunday for The Bahamas, and getting Married on Wednesday (on the beach, of course :-) so things are kinda hectic here. I wouldn't necessarily suspect the board at this point, you're up and running just fine with only one stick of RAM installed, am I correct? What BIOS version are you running? is that the BIOS that the board shipped with? If not, you could try flashing to the latest (06/04/06) but it's risky if your system isn't stable. I'd only do so after you've successfully booted with no hiccups a few times. 50C is a high temp when you're not under load, but afaik the chipset is able to handle it no problem. Someone please step in and correct me if I'm wrong I'm not completely sure! If your board is no longer under warranty, you could try removing the chipset fan and applying new TIM to it, maybe it's just not making good contact. I doubt this will magically make your problem disappear, but it won't hurt but... My experience as a tech still tells me that the first thing you check with random/intermittent problems is the PSU. By all means, I could be wrong, and it may be just fine, but I know I'm right in that it should be the first thing checked. If you can afford to invest $15-$20 into a fairly handy little tool, go get a PSU tester and test it out.
  13. I'd seriously suggest a Nokia. After experience with Several Motorolas, I couldn't agree with you more! They suck anyway, but the user interface is slow and poorly designed/labeled. Every Nokia phone I've used or owned was quality... I even dropped one off a fair ground ride and put it back together and it worked flawlessly for 2 more years (until I accidentally left it in a taxi, called it and the cab driver picked it up and said it wasn't in the cab...:/) The user interfaces nokia use are great! There are even some fairly small PDA style nokias out now, and most of their newer ones double as an MP3 player. The Nokia N series are great, have an N70, and while it's a little big by todays standards, it's still small enough to carry around in the pocket... and is cheap these days with the N91 out. Internet connectivity/E-mail isn't limited to PDA style phones... I had a cheapo nokia a few years ago that would e-mail, you subscribe to all that through your provider. Almost all phones made in the last 5 years or so will send e-mail over a GSM/GPRS/3G internet connection. Whatever you do, get a phone that isn't locked to one provider... better off buying a phone outright and being able to choose your own provider. Try using ebay.co.uk and finding a seller that will ship to the states, you'll find a better price for whatever phone you buy! Look for one that says Tri-band or Quad Band, as they'll work anywhere in the world. If you ever travel, whatever country you go to you can pick up a cheap pay-as-you-go sim card (why having an unlocked phone comes in handy) as it'll be cheaper than 'roaming' internationally with your service provider. A good place to hide the extras is under the battery of the phone, just not in the sim slot.
  14. do your fans have seperate wires for the LEDs? I've never seen that before, usually they're powered by the same wire that powers the fan...
  15. The computer mags in England are so much better than we get in the states... IMO... usually there are a lot more articles, and they usually come with at least two discs, full of free software, and full versions ofcommercial software sometimes... I always grab 4 or 5 before I leave and they last me months, lol
  16. thats your best bet, or buy a 2x1GB pair
  17. How about: TCP/IP Park(way) (momoceio get's half credit for that one...) WAN Way Ethernet Esplanade ***My favorite so far: Connected Causeway *** Here's a little help for different street suffixes... I had trouble thinking of more than the basics, so I Wikipedia'd street names... lol this discussion is almost worthy of it's own thread... like a "Section Naming Discussion" sticky
  18. lol I second that 'no comment' did you have to ask? look at the team for the last 10+ years, lol on topic, yeah, Lavell is right, monitors probably should be uder hardware, unless you're planning on splitting it up between CRT, LCD, Projector etc... and Ethernet Expressway fits perfect.
  19. sorry bud, that's thread hijacking post a new thread with a list of everything you've done and what you were doing when this started, and we'll help you out.
  20. wow, it looks like you said 'screw the front panels' lol looks good, better than my first case mod... Probably a good thing I don't have a single picture of it! lol
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