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  1. well, after a while of posting (wanted them to be semi-legit posts) I've voted you up to 34... unless something drastic happens over the weekend, I think you're gonna get it *fingers crossed* The tech help forum over there is a little... sparse... lol
  2. ...cause we need one more window open on our OCDB screenshots ^^ gets thumbs up though! great idea!
  3. working on the post limit to vote now dude... it's looking good!
  4. Downloading TV-shows via torrents is illegal, unless the torrent was put out there by the TV network that runs that show. You can get TV shows on some networks sites, like abc.com and nbc.com but you get advertisements. Torrented copies without those ads are illegal copies.
  5. um... try another keyboard... is your current one USB or PS/2? edit... nvm... I see you found the culprit(s)?
  6. lol, and that fit under "Cool Gaming Stuff"?!? rofl... I'm considering buying one... lol
  7. It worries me that thinking of porn brought you to an ejaculating dog...
  8. lol... then you already know he watches porn, you just want the passwords to his premium pay-sites ;-) here's an old one, and usually detected by anti-virus software... but it's free... http://sourceforge.net/projects/bfk If yo want to pay for one, get KGB keylogger... it's prety good... You could also look up HomeKeyLogger it's also pretty decent, and TINY... 58kb... and will run hidden. like I said, these will all get picked up by your anti-virus and anti-malware software... but you can exclude them of course...
  9. Microsoft for one... AOL/Time Warner for two... Branjo... yeah, I didn't realise that before I posted... I think Google is listed in the Ads part... I went through and deleted all the google IPs from the list and it's ok for me now :-) You can also right click on each google entry in your blocked list and permanently allow that IP... It's kinda scary some of the IPs that have come up as blocked... especially all the Bogon IPs... I'm sure some of them are Legit and just not recognised as having been assigned to a new ISP, but I doubt this many have!
  10. Hey EX... The NY times article... that's an opinion column... :tooth: Noone said you're not welcome... I for one welcome the debate
  11. The RAID on these boards is kinda funny... it's like software RAID run from a piece of hardware... you'd get MUCH better performance from a card solution. It's unlikely that the RAID card would go out... I suppose it's possible, but I wouldn't make that a concern when you decide what to do. With the silicone image RAID and the NVidia RAID controllers, you do have to get the same RAID controller to get your RAID array back in the event of a MB failure (so you're better off with the card) as far as rebuilding the array after a drive failure, you don't want to run without replacing the drive, so when you buy a RAID controller, buy yerself a spare drive while you're at it. Go here for a bit of information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID
  12. Hey Branjo, those lists are from over a year ago... but there's a 14MB list at: http://www2.openmedia.info:8080/p23.html Updated on 15 September, that has Level 1, Level 2, Microsoft, Spyware, Government, Education and worms.. also a smaller one designed for simple p2p protection... It's amazing how many PG starte blocking when I started using it... lol... now over 2.8 billion IPS being blocked
  13. Thraxz... you should save $100 and get the 512MB GDDR3 version... you'll only see about 1fps difference between the 2 on most games (a little more on Quake4, but not much)... unless you plan on folding on that card... (can you fold on the 2900s?) then it's worth it :-)
  14. The 335i beats the G37 hands down for me... The Japanese make the best engines in the world, but German cars are usually much more comfortable and sturdy cars... and last longer!
  15. oh, when I said "Over Here" in my last post, I was in England at the time :-)
  16. Damn right, I want someone to tell me that yes, when I'm ill, have broken a bone, shoot, if my tooth hurts, I can afford to go to the doctor/dentist. I went a few years (after living in England most of my life) without health care because I just couldn't afford it. Most of the plans I could have spent half my paycheck on didn't cover basics, and would have left me footing most of the bill anyway. I'm leaving for basic in two weeks, so I have that stuff covered for my wife and I for the next few years, but I'm already worried about what I'm gonna do after that... and that's 4 years down the line... I shouldn't have to worry about health care four years from now... Just as every single individuals intrusion into government causes that form of government to die a little, until suddenly the government can no longer survive without the individual... without us, there simply isn't any government... we just need to stay active (lets not spin this thread off in another direction talking about how we don't have a lot of impact on the voting process though :tooth:) In England, you can get private policies as well... a lot of people don't have faith in the NHS... that's fine, and inevitable, no matter if they're reliable or not... so they get private health care... At $7 an hour trying to afford rent, utilities and not starving (wouldn't really call it eating ) there was no way to save money... my credit report will vouch for the fact it's hard enough to juggle bills, lol. Shoot, at $12 an hour it's still a little hard at times... As above... if you don't have faith in the NHS, you can get private health care... so where's the control? No ones saying that the ONLY health care you can get should be government controlled... Billions of pounds get spent every year doing just that... I don't see where this is going... I don't see how providing health care compares to handing out money... Well, since "Socialism is what the Labour government does" - Herbert Morrison and the population over here is growing rapidly, I get the extra credit :tooth:
  17. yes, it is a concern. Look at it this way, when you're behind a router, your computer is behind a sort of wall, but that wall (router) is still at home and has an IP address, that can be traced back to your address and ISP account. Azureus has a plugin that blacklists IPs, and updates itself... I'm gonna stick with the Azu for now :-) I've always used peerguardian as well...
  18. I love azureus... very well made app, lots of features and the rumors about "mega-system hog" and the like are untrue... I notice no difference between having it running and not... I've read a lot of threads that solved those resource problems with some type of configuration change. My favorite part is being able to set the priority of certain files in a torrent, or whether they download at all. Not sure if you can do that with ĀµTorrent or not, I didn't use it long enough to find out...
  19. EEEEEWWWW After a great steak and an even greater glass of scotch, why would you want something as disgusting as Mountain Dew Code Red? lol
  20. If you have the dough, go get an old copy of Reason2.0 or the new version (I think they called it Rebirth?) It's facking good... complicated, but you can do so much! The "E-Jay" series is ok but really all it is is a tracker... beginner stuff... easy to use and learn quickly, but you'll hit a wall sooner and have to buy something else to get the funtionality you want. afaik the company that makes it holds rights to any piece of music you make with it... someone correct me if I interpreted the EULA wrong. You'd be better off doing some old MOD/XM tracking, you can do more with those (Search Google for "MOD Tracker" you'll come up with thousands).
  21. You'd be better off selling all three and getting a 2x1GB kit... the time is now before prices go up any more for DDR1...
  22. lol, I didn't know that As far as the pitchers in Ruths Era go, I heard an interview from some old-timer on TV once, (forget who it was, it was an interview after a game he attended) He said it was unreal (his words) how much better the pitchers were these days, and that back in his time they didn't throw anywhere near as fast. Maybe he was just to old to see properly, but I'm pretty sure he knew what he was talking about... maybe he wasn't old enough to be around Ruth, and the pitchers he faced, but he was pretty old...
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