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  1. I assumed he already did that to get it up and running... I'll try not to run you off on tangents though wev... I know you've got a routine worked out already... I just like to put my .02 worth in sometimes; it makes me feel important :tooth:
  2. I second that! Don't ever use winflash again! lol Is that with a fresh copy of XP? Just after the listing of PCI devices (actually, a listing of devices that require an IRQ, so some of those are onboard devices) it will be trying to boot to what's set up in the BIOS to be the boot devices. Enter the BIOS and make sure that the boot order settings are correct. If they are, you might want to try removing the HDD and see how far you get. CMOS is the settings that are saved on the chipset (beleive it or not... for the longest time I thought they were saved ON the BIOS chip, but I was mistaken) to tell the BIOS what to do with all the hardware (rough explanation ) The BIOS POST is everything you see from the time you start the computer to the time it looks for a boot device (usually 2 screens) Sometimes you have other BIOS screens, usually to do with RAID, and in some older cards, video. So... if you can get as far as hitting delete to enter the BIOS, you can get in an set memtest to run as well. give it a try and tell us where you get
  3. I don't think I'd pay $700 unless the parts were brand new and came with original receipts for RMA purposes, so it's a good amount to receive for it, you're not getting ripped off... If he's willing to pay that much for it, take it! You're not ripping him off because it's a pre-built machine... and if anything ever goes wrong with it, guess who's gonna do the troubleshooting so sounds like a fair deal to me :-) If it's had an OEM copy of XP on it, you may as well throw it in with the deal... it's technically tied to that hardware... and for gods sake... don't ever sell anything for more based on it's overclock-ability... edit: lol
  4. Reason can sound however you want it to... It's literally like having a rack of very expensive equipment on your screen (Although it is kinda expensive itself) I third the reason suggestion edit: Apparently you can get a copy with the 3 CDs and the CD-Key from this guy for $20. Click on the e-mail link and contact him... he's using PayPal, so it might be legit... you'd have to judge that for yourself... he has 'refills' too...
  5. good job dr! Looks good! mines trashed for now... I broke the PCI card bracket, and I'm going to Basic Training in a week, so it's going to the scrap wood pile it came from ^^ maybe I'll make a better one when I get to my first duty assignment to keep one of my favorite threads alive
  6. lol, don't open it while watching a DVD with VLC...
  7. Yeah, I've had some that were...em... improperly stored for a few yeras, that returned from what I thought to be dead... Better to store tham safely and properly, but at the time I was young... and properly meant thrown in the bottom of a box, with all sorts of junk unrelated to a computer thrown on top of them ^^
  8. I was gonna suggest chipset drivers.... almost skipped half the thread, glad I didn't cause it looks like you got it done.
  9. LOL, I tried to have a quick look and ended up playing it for 3 hours straight last night... The cool thing is you can look at other peoples mazes and see how they got 10,000 points... lol I tried that, got some decent scores, but not as high as some... everyone playing on Medium Difficulty?
  10. lol What's the name of the key scrambler? I'd like to see that!
  11. I just have horde... Angry, I can't find anything in the EULA about private servers, so I guess it's not against the rules? edit: I have now read part of the EULA that says Blizzard and it's Licencees can host "The Game" and apparently Blizzard have stated that they don't care about private servers in a press release... when I find a direct link to it, I'll post it here. Most of the EULA deals with trying to reverse engineer the game, or disrupt their servers. so if it's not allowed to be discussed let me know with a PM in case I miss the post here.
  12. no... no special characters... just letters and numbers.
  13. lol I had 2015 on normal, in like 7 millionth place... how many ppl have played this game?
  14. Hey, we should have a "Group Name" so we can compare scores... keeping it simple, I entered DIY as my group name
  15. This one was set up to remember the password... still didn't work...
  16. Useful thread... got this one bookmarked as I'll be buying a Plasma or LCD in a few months. Thanks politbureau
  17. where are those stats from fogel? I completely forgot that my Mom's Husband has an '06 335i and it's a damn fine car!
  18. I'm having trouble too... it just says *** Couldn't log in. Try again *** over the log-in form every time... and if I try to reset my password, I never get the e-mail...
  19. Thanks Sharp. I need to let everyone know, I'll be in Basic Training for a few weeks, then at Tech School, and it'll be a few months before I get all my stuff back, so for now, my DIY-Store is closed :-) I'll be back clearing out some more stuff when I get to my first Duty Assignment. If a mod wants to close this thread, be my guest, I'll ask to re-open it when I'm back up and running. Thanks Guys!
  20. stick it right next to the magnet of a large speaker... leave it for a few hours... then don't worry at all about sending it in :-)
  21. You bought an external drive for a customer? She better be hot! anyway, as far as the usb problem... is she running XP? Does it have SP2 installed? Latest Chipset Drivers... and as mentioned before, check any BIOS settings related to USB ports...
  22. I've watched a gy do that freehand before in London (on one of the few clear days ^^) They don't all cheat! they do a damn good job with the 'flat' drawings too... some of them anyway... Oh, thanks for the link ExRoadie! now I know where it came from... lol
  23. I have a cheap ($35) Hama 5.1 headset... was thinking of upgrading to the Turtles... let us know what you think of them!
  24. here's another no clue where this is from though... had it in my image archive for a while now... my brothers picture... shoot he may hvae even shot it himself, who knows...
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