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  1. what? narf it? lol j/k - likewhoa has done an outstanding job with this image host, and I still vote for this being a sticky
  2. while he still has to adhere to the changes to the rules, until he does, or his week is up, I can recommend ooeric as a seller.
  3. I tried using the forgot password link, 4 or 5 time, but still haven't received an e-mail... not even in my junk mail. Is it possible the underscores in my e-mail address went awry when you converted to unicode? my username is also AnUnknownSource
  4. are you sure you paid at annualcreditreport? visit the site and see if it's the same one... shouldn't be anything to pay for there... your score number is pretty much useless to know anyway... what's on your report is what's important. You can't change or dispute your score, only what is listed on your report (which would then change your score...)
  5. I tried that before... got most of the way through it, and iirc, it gave errors when I tried to enter my state/zip code for receiving the report :/ oh well, I know whats on there anyway, they had a credit report done when I signed my life away
  6. lol I get the exact same message as when I try to get my free credit reports from www.annualcreditreport.com "only accessible through ISPs (Internet Service Providers) located within the United States and its territories." Oh well, I'll be back in the states soon!
  7. www.annualcreditreport.com Free 3 agency report, no gimmicks, no "club memberships" like [email protected] said, "The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires each of the nationwide consumer reporting companies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – to provide you with a free copy of your credit report, at your request, once every 12 months." this website is where you can fill out your details and have your report sent to you. DON'T go to freecreditreport.com because they're a crock, and try to make it sound like they are part of this act... They give you a report from one company, then charge your credit card every month for dues tou a useless club, then charge you for the other two reports. The only problem with annualcreditreport.com is that since I'm overseas, the server blocks me but it's ok, because I have a paper copy I can mail in. If you want a paper copy, I'll send it to you, no problem.
  8. That board and memory with the 4/6 BIOS should work just fine at optimized defaults... but who knows. Wevs got youon the right track as usual, so I'm gonna duck out (until I have .02 to put in again :tooth: )
  9. um... if you can feel air coming out of the mesh where theres no fan... you have positive pressure... if there were 'negative' pressure, the case would be trying to suck more air in through the mesh... or maybe I have it back asswards but either way, the way you have it now should yield the best performance... more fans pushing cool air into the case.
  10. see... I don't always get the rules wrong Angry (if you even read this, lol) by the way... did Merlin ever post more info about that recent BIOS mod he posted for the nF4 SLI-DR boards? I was interested in trying it out... now I can't find the right thread... If it yeilds any better performance, it'd be a good one to add to the already long list of Expert BIOS'
  11. I was just commenting on my personal preference... If I'm gonna buy a CPU with the lid taken off... it's gonna cost a lot less than if it was still intact... but that's just me probably most people on the forums here don't care either way :-)
  12. *poke*poke* *whispers* Hey wev... it's not a rule anymore but it's still a damn good idea
  13. the reviews I read didn't say anything about that... maybe they were sent a broken-in set to try out... I don't know how much stock to put in that break-in theory though... after that long you'd be used to it and so wouldn't notice it anymore ^^ and Heat is one awesome movie :-)
  14. Motherboard: DFI LanParty nF4 SLI-DR (Tmod's 704-2BTA) the link's to an expert with two days left on fleabay... close as I could come to a used SLI-DR There are some listed as high as $185+ shipping, but you'd have to be braindead to pay that for a 939 board, lol I'd average it to $90 for a used board... sound reasonable? CPU: AMD Opteron 170 CCB1E 0609 FPAW (2.75GHz @ 1.475v naked) Used opty, with IHS intact <$100 so far... 2 hours left RAM: 2x 1GB OCZ EL DDR PC4000 Gold GX XTC (250MHz @ 2.6v) $150 easy sell! list them here for that, I bet someone buys them quick! System HD: 1x WD 200Gb Caviar SE 16 SATA3.0 couldn't find the 200Gb version with 16MB cache... knock 20% off the 250Gb version price I guess... $56 new adjust for used price Storage HD: 1x WD 320Gb Caviar SE16 SATA3.0 price for new... adjust accordingly $80+ shipped new retail price Storage HD: 2x WD 250Gb Caviar SE16 SATA3.0 again, new drive price... adjust based on how much the drives have been used? $70 new shipped retail price... That tallys to ~$550 but your drives are used and your CPU is naked and OC'd... I know, I'm pretty harsh... and I haven't even started my job as a Purchasing agent for the Air Force yet (Contracting)... :tooth: now you just gotta adjust for all those people that barter with you.. lol and Branjo... I think you just convinced me to sell my rig when I get outta basic and go with an intel/ATI build, lol and I have an extra pair of DDR like Reel's to sell to make up the extra... lol
  15. If you got 5 months outta that ThermalTake, be happy :tooth: j/k make sure no part of the motherboard is touching part of the case where it shouldn't. Maybe you could try a test build without the case? Find an anti-static surface, like placing the motherboard on top of an antistatic bag, on top of a box, and hook everything up that way, see if that changes the way it behaves. It definitely sounds like a PSU/short circuit/powering problem.
  16. read: over $2 a litre (liter) so thats over $8 a gallon :eek2: Dentists in England are the same... You get free dental until you turn 17 I think... The last time I went (when i was 16 :Eek:) I had exactly that happen... my filling fell out... I didn't go back though. Funny thing was, when I explained what happened to a german dentist friend of mine, he asked if it was an NHS dentist :shake: England is definitely not like the US when it comes to taxes... what we pay in the states is nothing compared to what they pay. After seeing a few British tax statements, I became quite content paying what I pay the IRS, lol
  17. lol I used to have a whole stack of those damn AOL discs... and sure enough, I used them as coasters as well! I like the ME disc coaster idea... I was wondering what I was gonna do with my copy... there you go, givin me ideas reel
  18. Try these: http://cgi.ebay.com/50-HARD-DRIVE-PLATTERS...1QQcmdZViewItem might make an interesting coffee table conversation piece for those geek guests platinum recovery my @$$ there's probably not $40 worth on that whole stack... lol
  19. Clear the CMOS again... load optimised defaults. while it's off, put 1 stick of RAM in the orange slot farthest from the CPU, and see if you can run memtest. If it fails, try the same with the other stick of RAM. what's the model number of your ram and the timings you entered manually?
  20. would be useful for my 6 HDDs... the cables are kind of a mess right now... I'm not comfortable with the way they sit... but that would work... I'd definitely yank the 4 pin molex off and wire up the end that connects to my modular psu... good find... my fave online store strikes again!
  21. only when I open it while I'm watching a DVD... ^^ other than that it's worked just fine... I'm gonna go have a peruse and see if there's somewhere I can send some kind of a bug report to.. I guess all the data they get could be helpful... I'll post again with that info when i get it... edit: Go register and post in the following threads to help the developer out: Bug Report for 0.0.6 Report here whether it reports proper info for your card. Screenshot if it doesn't. edit again: HAHA LOL... My ID id 7ssux http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/7ssux/
  22. I second that... if anything in this section gets a sticky, this should! keep it up polit!
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