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  1. you could be unlucky and have a CPU with a poorly seated IHS... if all else fails, RMA it...
  2. AnUnknownSource

    The "What did you get for christmas" christmas post

    hmmmm... FOR your girlfriend or FROM your girlfriend...?
  3. What heatsink are you using? if it was the stock heatsink from your old CPU it may be inadequate for your new dual core...
  4. AnUnknownSource

    Video card only runs in x8

    sometimes you'll get away with not re-installing windows, but it's good practice to anyway. It could even seem ok for a while, then have you pulling your hair out later... Do a re-install and see if you're having the same issue. Saying that, there's really no issue, you'd be fine at 8x...
  5. AnUnknownSource

    The "What did you get for christmas" christmas post

    *2 1st class plane tickets from Chicago to Traverse City MI (cause that was all that was left to get up here over the weekend) *Dart Board *Darts *Powermonkey portable charger *Halo 3 military edition Zune *T-qualizer t-shirt *Digital Photo frame *some stuff that didn't come in the mail yet... that's the stuff from my wife and her family... don't know if my family got me anything or not... lol *oh and my bag lost, 2 cancellations and about 50 delays... and a free foot tour of Chicago O'Hare courtesy of American Airlines oh, and my wife got lingerie... nuff said
  6. AnUnknownSource

    American Airlines no more

    I won't ever book with them again... regardless of the difference in price... They get continuously worse. I'm stuck in Chicago, and I understand that ATC is the source of the cancellations due to weather, but this is about the sixth time I've seen American Airlines employees handle the fallout from such a situation like a bunch of 10 year olds handling a nuclear meltdown... Their staff are rude, when you can find someone... and they pass you off onto someone else after giving you absolutely no information at all. I thought this trend was confined to just a handful of airports, but now I'm convinced it's AA everywhere. Employees of other airlines in the same airports are so much better, and seem to know their jobs better too. The one exception is the gentleman that helped me out last night here at O'Hare. He was nice, he di a lot of research on how to get me to Traverse City, MI, even checked on rental cars from other airports to get me there. After not coming up with anything, he still couldn't even put me up in a hotel though. He could only give me a discounted rate (that didn't even work out to 30% off full price) and no food vouchers. Other airlines that had similar problems last night gave their displaced customers free rooms in the same hotel, and food vouchers. I got shafted paying $100 between room and food. Does anyone know where to send complaints to AA execs that won't get just thrown away? My rant for the week...
  7. AnUnknownSource

    Is this true???

    Agreed 32-bit addressing (as XP uses) only allows for 3.something gigs of RAM to be used. You can use 4 gigs by enabling an option in the bios to sort of 'blank out' a portion of the 4 gigs, but as stated that usually means a performance hit for a reason I'm not even gonna try and explain, lol 2x1GB will do you just fine until Vista is worth using...
  8. AnUnknownSource

    American Airlines no more

    we should just start calling them Waitresses and Waitors... The Air Force flies a lot of AA flights... next time I'm on one, I'll raise my hand and call "Oh Waitress" and see what the reaction is... I'll tape it if I can manage it :-)
  9. AnUnknownSource

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Mae Cover of March of the Pigs Plain White T's Cover of Song 2 Scary Kids Scaring Kids Cover of Losing My Religion This CD is called Punk Goes 90's and it rocks... some damn good covers on it!
  10. AnUnknownSource

    remove all traces from the registry and hard drive

    after uninstallation, CCleaner cleans up a lot of unused crap... you can use the newest version to uninstall a lot of hidden stuff too, check it out: www.ccleaner.com
  11. AnUnknownSource

    American Airlines no more

    lol @ the rabbi Don't even get me started on the in-flight refreshments... 2 sip coffee cups... $3 bags of chips...
  12. AnUnknownSource

    American Airlines no more

    Couple good things about travelling in Uniform... 1 - They don't make you take off your shoes :-) I got a few dirty looks when the TSA guy told me that yesterday, and this morning going through security, 2 - They're a lot nicer to you (TSA, not AA) 3 - You get stopped and told all over the place "Thank you for all that you do"; funny thing is, I haven't done anything... yet ^^ I like Lufthansa too... and Air France... They bumped me and my wife up to Business class without even telling us on our wedding trip... we got to our seats, upstairs on the plane, and had like 3 feet of legroom... and free alcohol and were like... woah, what happened here? lol but anyway, yeah, european carriers tend to have better service (excluding Ryan Air, the flying bus service ^^)
  13. AnUnknownSource

    win XP wont start w/ 2 hdds?

    Have you tried other SATA ports on the same controller, then SATA ports on the other controller? Double check RAID setting in the BIOS as well, make sure RAID isn't enabled in any way... probably wouldn't let you get as far as you did if it was enabled, but check anyway. after that, if you aren't any further along, post again and I'll help you more when i'm not sitting at the USO in Chicago Ohare Airport ^^
  14. AnUnknownSource

    American Airlines no more

    were you by any chance travelling through Dallas? You should see the AA baggage area in Dallas...
  15. AnUnknownSource

    American Airlines no more

    northwest (nwa ? lol) seem alright so far, their staff were helpful... even looked into helping me get my bag back from AA (who won't give it to me, they insist that it will not be made available to me here, but will go to my final destination... yet their planes aren't going, so how will it get there? no answer... just a confused look from the bagage clerk...) The kicker is I'm travelling in my AF Blues full service dress, and have no other clothing... They're on their second day now... if I don't fly out tonight I'd hate to see how they look tomorrow... lol Agreed! and I'll second that...
  16. AnUnknownSource

    American Airlines no more

    lol Ace, I save that pic so I can put it up by my desk in Japan when I get there...
  17. not true, most e-mail grabbing 'bots' actually will look for anywhere 'at' and 'dot' appear within say 50 letters of each other and put together an e-mail address... best thing to do would be to just not post it at all and have people pm you for the address...
  18. AnUnknownSource

    RIAA: ripping your own cd's to mp3's = STEALING!

    haha single bestest post on diy-street!
  19. It really was... I mean they tell you everything you have to do, every little step... how can people find basic hard? I just don't understand... All I did for 6 1/2 weeks was what I was told to do, nothing more or less, and I made honor grad... if that's what it takes to get it, anyone who enters BMT is capable of getting it, yet you have people getting recycled for stupid stuff, like breaking into civilian luggage for their cellphones and junk like that... what is wrong with some people? Anyways.... now that my mini-rant is over, how's everyone doing? It looks like I missed a few things, I'll have to check out this DIY-Street Store, and catch up on some reading... All I have down here is my wife's laptop so I won't be doing much "playing" for the time being, it'll have to wait for my first duty assignment. I'm here at Lackland still for tech school, I start next week. Should graduate around mid January from here... and I'll be in Michigan for Christmas with my wife and her family. I put down Guam, Yakota Japan, Okinawa, Aviano Italy, Kaiserslautern Germany and Hawaii as my dream sheet... Guam because it'd cover my remote assignment, and I can take my wife with me, plus they do a good job of getting you one of your top two choices for your next assignment. Well, just stopped by to say hi, I'll catch up reading at the library cause I'm paying a lot for this time I'm spending here in the mini-mall ^^ by the way, any of you in the Air Force that went to BMT at the 326th TRS? Hooya Bulldogs
  20. They don't let cigarettes anywhere near Basic or tech school anymore... Security Forces are still trained here too... I actually enlisted from Ramstein ...
  21. lol, the squadrons change every few years, some come and go so probably those squadrons aren't around anymore... I still live in germany, I'm just down here for training. I actually just found out today that I'm headed to Japan for my first assignment. That was my first choice, so I lucked out! I'll update my location when I'm somewhere on a more permanent basis. I did have fun, quite a bit of fun actually (not expected!) lol, I didn't have to wear them, wish i had a pair though, they're hot, lol Yeah, Tech's at Lackland for all the logistics stuff... Thanks Reel! I'm glad to be back, even if it is just on and off til I get to Japan. Okinawa here I come!
  22. AnUnknownSource

    Seeya in ~ 2.5 months! Have Fun!

    Hey everyone, this will be my final post before I break my rig down tonight and pack it all up. I leave for Basic Training at 6:30 to morrow morning (funny thing is, I don't get there until about 9PM tomorrow night, after everyone else has been getting yelled at all day ^^ long journey from Germany to San Antonio) I got all in processed today, so I'm officially active duty, going to basic then Tech School for Contracting (Purchasing Agent) all at Lachland AFB in San Antonio. Please, no paparazzi chasing me down I'll be back on in a few months when Tech School breaks for christmas, maybe once or twice before then when I get some internet time after basic :-) Hope to see everyone still around when I get back! Man I'm not looking forward to having to catch up on Folding again, lol took me long enough to get to 49th... edit: almost forgot... look me up on facebook... George Halley
  23. AnUnknownSource

    Seeya in ~ 2.5 months! Have Fun!

    Thanks everyone! (last post, really! lol) I've been around the military everyday since I was born Thanks for the advice all the same though My Uncle was in the Navy, he's retired now though... Don't remember what rank he was, but whatever it was it fetched him a hefty retirement pay, lol
  24. AnUnknownSource

    Stopped Smoking on my Birthday

    Happy belated Birthday Ace! Glad to hear you quit! Hang in there and you'll do just fine! The hardest part for me when i quit was figuring out what to do with my hand... I mean you only really need 1 beer in your hand at a time... ^^ so I took up pool again and it worked out... pool stick in one hand, beer in the other... Whatever you do, don't try using the patch or any of that other crap... The only real way to quit is cold turkey. My mother tried getting hypnotised ance, and I will say that it worked for a few weeks, better than most of that stuff, but who knows... How many hands do you have?
  25. AnUnknownSource

    Techstation on the Cheap ;)

    Hey guys, wanted to put these out there if anyone needs a diagram of the various form factors for their test bed. Could be useful for lining u those holes without bringing your $150-$200 motherboard into your wood shop, lol ATX V2.2 mATX V1.2 These came from http://www.formfactors.org/ and if you're designing a case, or looking for a list of standard specs, check it out!