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    you can get an adapter to kickstart a second PSU without voiding your warranty. My Lian-Li case came with one. look at performance-pcs.com
  2. AnUnknownSource

    Ultra Suing Competitors

    lol and the patent isn't even for modular PSUs... it's for putting modular PSUs in consumer machines... so when I put my corsair in my machine myself, I broke patent laws... come sue me ultra!
  3. AnUnknownSource

    2 simple questions?

    lol it got me too you know that rules post is in some serious need of attention... it still says dfi-street.com on the images, and has that ugly white and orange theme
  4. AnUnknownSource

    Sins of a Solar Empire

    wow, as much attention as this thread is getting, I might have to come check this game out... not really my type of game, but I'll give it a go...
  5. AnUnknownSource

    Hard Drive Soup

    no, they're 120GB Maxtors but they're SATA, lol
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    The Donator List (FAO everyone)

    I fold for DIY Got the beta running on my wifes laptop right now...
  7. AnUnknownSource

    Will you continue to fold?

    I definitely will, just let me know the number to fold for :-)
  8. AnUnknownSource

    Hard Drive Setup Suggestions

    I tend to do the same, OS and programs/games on one, pagefile and storage on the other. I tend to move "My Documents" to the other drive as well. If my drives aren't any good (I'm procrastinating finding out...) I'll be re-working my setup too ^^
  9. AnUnknownSource

    Hard Drive Soup

    Yeah, I don't think they'd have let me keep them in Basic Training...
  10. AnUnknownSource

    I opened the mod shop today

    This Lian-Li PC-G70 would eat a triple rad for breakfast, using a dremel for a fork
  11. AnUnknownSource

    Slick2500's For Sale Thread

    wouldn't be those fans I traded you a while back would they? those were great! some of that stereo stuff is going in my S14 here pretty soon... along with this SFF computer and my 10" touchscreen :-) sorry for the hi-jack slick
  12. AnUnknownSource

    STOP errors, V64 - Im exhausted

    did you put your components back to stock and see if you had issues? GDubbR did you try using just 2 sticks of RAM? Hiper PSU is possibly a problem... and GDubb, your PSU while not bad, might be under powered with the 8800 in there. random errors that can't be pinpointed usually boil down to a bad, underpowered or just plain cheap PSU.
  13. AnUnknownSource

    Time to put your hampster to good use

    lol, I had an AEG too, it was a beast... but it was 240v so I left it in Germany... [email protected]
  14. AnUnknownSource

    Sandra problem

    Are your sticks of RAM in the slots closest to the CPU? that's known to cause low benchmarks in Sandra (google search turned this up) The large memory pages problem seems unsolved in many threads, and there's mention that it's a bug with Sandra and Vista...
  15. as soon as I get my rig back up, I'll be pumping out some wu's from over here in Japan I'm not even gonna bother on this laptop ^^
  16. AnUnknownSource

    USA Falling Behind in Broadband?

    Oh, I forgot to mention that $54 for 100/whatever comes with VOIP phone as well... not bad rates either.... ~5 yen a minute to the states, ~6 yen to Germany and england... don't call anywhere else so I don't know... it's running slower today, and this is what I get... when they first hooked it up it pegged the little speedometer to the top on upload and download...
  17. AnUnknownSource

    USA Falling Behind in Broadband?

    The 100 MBit for $35 is a little exaggeration, NTT charges $54 for the fiber line, called BFLET and if you don't read kanji, or speak Japanese, it's useless without paying another $20+ for an ISP that translates things for you... at least thats how it is here on Okinawa Island, and from what I can see at the NTT website for the rest of Japan. but still, it's a lot better than whats avail for a reasonable price stateside.
  18. AnUnknownSource

    How to eat SPAM for dinner tomorrow...

    techno, my suggestion was from a monty python skit... I don't know what most of that is either... you could just eat it straight out of the can and save all the trouble
  19. AnUnknownSource

    How to eat SPAM for dinner tomorrow...

    you could try Lobster Thermidor aux crevettes with a mornay sauce served in a provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and a fried egg on top and spam Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam. Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Spam spam spam spam! http://www.last.fm/music/Monty+Python/_/Spam+Song
  20. AnUnknownSource

    Fan controller

    5-1/4"Sunbeam Rheobus, as suggested by A_G and some others. I also used a vantec nexus 3-1/2" controller, both work wery well. If you get the right vantec, the voltage doesn't jump as some say it does, and it won't make noise. you'd probably want to hack the LEDs off the sunbeam though, they're pretty bright.
  21. AnUnknownSource


    Isn't the wattage being drawn from the socket going to be different anyway? The rated wattage at the 12/5v DC end is one thing, the watts the psu draws from the socket (AC) is going to be different (lower), it's a different circuit. I may be wrong. Who's testing PSUs? We got something for you to test...
  22. AnUnknownSource

    WTB - two #6/32 x 1 1/2" nylon screws/bolts

    Yeah, we're over here for at least the next three years.It's awesome though... I can afford 100M Fiber internet here cool, glad you got ahold of some.
  23. AnUnknownSource

    Free Software Thread

    Hope my SATA 120s don't follow suit... I haven't actually seen them since October... been a little busy with Basic and Tech School :-) but I get my household goods at the end of April... and it'll be time for some modding action :-)
  24. AnUnknownSource

    Military Agreement

    Wow! This threads gone WAY off topic... ^ that post is ridiculous and doesn't even get a reply... I want to point something out about the OP... The presidential directive that's linked is from May 07, and is just instructing the different branches of our government to have plans for continuity in an Emergency. There's nothing wrong with that unless you're planning on overthrowing the government when they're distracted with an emergency... The other link, the "military agreement" doesn't order, or suggest that our military act as law enforcement. The agreement allows the use of the other's military resources (money, personnel) to overcome the emergency... they'd be acting under orders of the host country's own leaders... at least that's how I understood the agreement.
  25. AnUnknownSource

    WTB - two #6/32 x 1 1/2" nylon screws/bolts

    smallparts.com sell nylon thumb screws, and regular nylon screws in lengths up to like 4-6 inches... I have a couple hundred lying around in my household goods (but they don't get here until the 28th of April)