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    Fs: Kenwood 9102d Amp, Maxtor 320gb External Hard Drive

    bump for a great seller and buyer
  2. AnUnknownSource

    Anyone have a good Ati/Intel wallpaper?

    Here are a couple
  3. lol, those things'll overheat just displaying the XP welcome screen...
  4. AnUnknownSource

    Man, It's Just Plain Creepy Over At The Street.

    where's the pink van? you should get the postman pat van... anywho, Hey Syngensmyth!
  5. Main Rig: XP MCE, Ubuntu x64 Laptop: XP Pro Folding in VMWare: Ubuntu x64 Loaner Rig: XP Home Car Computer: Ubuntu (well, it's not in the car yet, but it will be soon :-) Server: Undecided
  6. AnUnknownSource


    Hold shift and refresh nvm... I see you clicked it again and it came up right.
  7. AnUnknownSource

    Double Posts

    All Your Server Are Belong To Us B:)
  8. AnUnknownSource

    DIY-Street Folders - Make The Switch!

    Hey, I'm gonna go ahead and switch over to folding for OCC... since DIY-Street and OCC are merged now. as soon as I've turned in a workunit, I'll be able to display my signature to reflect the OCC team instead of DIY-Street.
  9. AnUnknownSource

    Another Diy-er Saying Hello

    Hello to OCC! can anyone help me with my folding stats image, cause I'll definitely for team 45454 :-)
  10. AnUnknownSource

    Hello To The Occ

    radodrill, you should put your case in the case gallery! I saw the worklog up, but they ahve a dedicated gallery here, that's WAY easier to browse than that damn 56k warning case pic thread was
  11. AnUnknownSource


    Helooo sparkyftw! Fold for 12772!
  12. AnUnknownSource

    Another Diy Import

    Hey Taowulf! Come fold for team 12... team 12... wait a sec... there it is, team 12772. I had to look it up ^_^
  13. AnUnknownSource

    [email protected] Icon

    hahaha "Geek" I just realised that... lol who's idea was that?
  14. AnUnknownSource

    [email protected] Icon

    I'd rather have the DNA... Thanks guys!
  15. AnUnknownSource

    DIY-Street Folders - Make The Switch!

    Thanks everyone! Angry, tasr already beat me to it, he posted on the street about having everyone jump over here. . To be honest I don't think we had but a handful of people folding regularly... I think Kool-Aid Man had the last like 10 posts in the DIY folding thread... he was talking to himself... I almost felt sorry for him... Could a MOD change the title of this thread to DIY-Street Folders - Make The Switch!
  16. AnUnknownSource

    [email protected] Icon

    can I have mine back Bosco? I didn't realise you were gonna change it back to the star me ---> <---Bosco after the third time I have him switch my icon
  17. AnUnknownSource

    DIY-Street Folders - Make The Switch!

    I'd rather have the foldng one I think... I got the bars in my sig... Thanks again Bosco!
  18. AnUnknownSource

    Project: Rad-gt

    sweet! It's great to see it all on one page finally instead of flipping through 20...
  19. AnUnknownSource

    Hello From A Diy-street Folder

    That should be it jboys47, that's all I did! how do you fold? Windows client? SMP in VMWare? USB Stick?
  20. AnUnknownSource


    there are a few floating around... maybe haven't made it over here yet. I know someone lived in Heidelberg, but don't remember who... and I think someone else near Mainz.
  21. AnUnknownSource

    Occ Xfire Clan!

    I applied too 333 anyone here play CS:S still or TF2? I also just bought Rainbow 6 Vegas, so I'll be jumping into that too... I can't log into xfire since I moved over here... had trouble since I got my internet hooked up. no problem with anything else... I'll figure it out once I get a chance.
  22. AnUnknownSource


    I used to live near Kaiserslautern.
  23. AnUnknownSource

    Dvd Backup / Dvd Rippers

    AutoGK DVDShrink SUPER (for converting to ipod/zune/cellphone format
  24. AnUnknownSource

    DIY-Street Folders - Make The Switch!

    I am indeed in Japan... I'm a Contract Administrator in the Air Force. I haven't been Taiwan, Would like to go though. I want to do some travelling, but my wife and I haven't yet completely settled in, and we have a baby on the way, so it's a little hard to go very far. Thanks for the icon there Bosco! I just have one question... is it possible to have my red star for donating too? just wondering...
  25. AnUnknownSource

    Folding Cd Generator

    404: Not found on the 64 bit SMP link...