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    What are you listening to right now?

    Skindred - Trouble
  2. AnUnknownSource

    Occ Jobs: Now Hiring Reviewers

    You couldn't do any better than HITandRUN.. I'd put a hefty wager on it!
  3. AnUnknownSource

    Name That Car!

    I don't know what's more impressive... that the car is so light it hasn't snapped the line, or that the line is strong enough to support a car, lol I wonder if that hurt their dial-up speeds...?
  4. AnUnknownSource

    Installing Windows

    Don't you love spending almost two weeks scratching your head only to realize it was something you shoulda checked first? lol we've all been there!
  5. I am looking to buy a DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Expert or another Socket 939 board that has an Sil 3114 SATA controller on it. Mine kicked the bucket and I want the data on my RAID array back! lol I think an ASUS A8N-SLI deluxe or premium would work too, it has a Sil3114R which should be close enough... I am only able to accept USPS shipping at my APO address. This is a US Address if you've never seen an APO address before. It's usually about the same as shipping anywhere else int he states, sometimes just a touch more.
  6. AnUnknownSource

    Wtb: Dfi Nf4 Expert Or Another Enthusiast 939 Board

    Cheers for the linkage... wish i'd seen that before... already ordered an addon card that will do the job, and am going to grab the smallest 939 w/SLi I can find and make this rig my Media Center.
  7. ygpm do you have heatware or ebay feedback?
  8. AnUnknownSource

    Wtb: Dfi Nf4 Expert Or Another Enthusiast 939 Board

    That'd be fine if I knew it was 1+0, but I'm not sure... It's been almost 2 years since I set up that array... If I set up 0+1, I need all four ports (that's what I meant before ) Thanks for the suggestion anyway! Krazyxaxn - Thanks, but not looking to spend that much... good luck with the sale though!
  9. AnUnknownSource

    Wtb: Dfi Nf4 Expert Or Another Enthusiast 939 Board

    Sorry, Need all four... it's a RAID 10 setup... or 0+1... can't remember... either way, need 4 ports. I already ordered a card that should do the job... does everything the onboard chip does. I'll just throw it in to get my data off the drives when I build my new setup. I also have an Asus board on the way, which may get me my data anyway. Probably be selling all this and building an Intel rig soon... I've been biased toward AMD for far too long now... time to give Intel a go... A Mod can close the thread if they see fit... or just let it disappear over time... whatever
  10. AnUnknownSource

    Retailmenot.com For Coupon Codes

    I stumbled on this god know how a while back... and it's saved me well over $200 over the last couple months. http://www.retailmenot.com Post here if you save some money, I'd like to hear it... I saved 50% on a warranty at Squaretrade... Used some newegg codes, and the wife used some AE.com codes.
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    X-540's Up For Grabs

    Repost since someone misread my post and deleted it Here's a coupon code for free shipping on your 5500s if you buy them at Newegg : EMCAKCDAF
  12. AnUnknownSource

    Free Software Thread

    Parted Magic - Found very useful as part of the Ultimate Boot CD and on it's own. I also thought I'd mention TVersity for streaming to your gaming console of choice... If a mod would give me ownership of the thread, I'd update it... unless someone else is dead set on doing it...
  13. AnUnknownSource

    Future Computer Of 2020

    Holy Crap... How would I watercool that?!?
  14. AnUnknownSource

    White Rabbit Recall

    Candy, Milk, Formula, Baby Toys... what else from China can we expect to be poison?
  15. AnUnknownSource

    Wtb: Dfi Nf4 Expert Or Another Enthusiast 939 Board

    What all is included and how much? Mine doesn't just buzz... it screams, lol Tried everything, but any time I apply power to the board and turn it on, it screams... more than likely the mosfets. None of the caps are bulging... that's what I get for running my 4400+ @ over 3GHz 24-7 for almost two years, lol I've seen those cards, but they never mention if it has RAID functionality... just did a similar search and found one that does mention RAID, but still doesn't solve my motherboard problem, lol. Either way, I think i'm gonna get an ASUS A8N-SLi Premium... unless someone else here has an Expert or similar they want to sell. I've been extremely happy with my DFI Expert . <---- About ten people are about to flame this thread... lol
  16. AnUnknownSource

    Do I Need A Faster Cpu For My Radeon 4850

    What was that Angry? "Stop worrying and just buy the damn GPU?
  17. AnUnknownSource

    Fan Questions

    You need to go to http://www.almico.com/sfhandleconfig.php and register/login and find a configuration for your motherboard. I agree with the others though... go get a Sunbeam Rheobus or a Vantec Nexusand don't run any fans off your motherboard... you shouldn't run any fans off your motherboard, except maybe your CPU fan with any "auto" fan speed features turned off. You could just 7 volt mod your fans if you're trying to get a noise reduction and won't be changing fan speeds much...
  18. AnUnknownSource

    Russia-georgia Conflict Predicted In 2001

    Anyone that payed attention in the news over the last 15 years, and used a little common sense could see that it was gonna happen sooner or later.
  19. AnUnknownSource

    Ft: One Raptor X And Two Wd 640gb Hard Drives

    Heya Ace! I have some 1/2" watercooling gear at home I was getting ready to get rid of. I have a ~120mm heatercore style rad in 1/2" barbs, and a ~240mm heatercore style rad with smaller barbs (but I managed to get a seal with 1/2" tubing). I have a D5 Pump, and I'll be getting rid of my DD Maze 4 "DFI Expert" Chipset block with 1/2" barbs (when I get motivated to pull everything apart... damn 8800GTX w/full cover heatsink/block doesn't fit with the chipset block in place). I'll see what else I have when I get home from work. I'm interested in the two AAKS drives...
  20. AnUnknownSource

    How's This For A Deal?

    How's this for a deal? I wonder how much my
  21. AnUnknownSource

    E6550 & Ecs G31t-m $149.99

    umm.... that's ~$250 now...
  22. AnUnknownSource

    DIY-Street Xbox Live Gamertags

  23. AnUnknownSource

    Anunknownsource's For Sale Thread

    I am working on updated pics for all items, bear with me. This is my old DIY-Street F/S thread. Heatware ID: AnUnknownSource 17-0-0 (100% Postive) Ebay ID: anunknownsource (62, 100% Positive) Selling: *****ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED***** *****I SHIP TO THE USA VIA USPS AT NORMAL USPS RATES, DON'T BE SCARED BY MY LOCATION!!***** Motherboards, CPUs and Memory: all items sold Networking D-Link DSL G664T Wireless DSL Router - German, but I'll include a 110V-12V transformer - $45 shipped Add-in Cards (PCI etc): all items sold Peripherals: all items sold Fans, Fan Grills, HSFs and Accessories: 2x Panaflo Ultra High Speed .65A 120mm Fans (FBA12G12U) - $15 each 2x Blue LED 120mm Revoltec brand fans. Pretty quiet, good color, BARELY used $8 each 80mm Atomic Fan Grills, used, but in great condition. I have 10 left - $2 for first, $1.50 for each additional Fan Screens, Fan Grills all 80mm, $1 each UV Fan CCFL plus inverter (not shown) UV Light, $4I can provide a UV red or blue fan for $4 additional Watercooling: Swiftech MCW-6002 CPU block - $30 120mm Radiator with fan shroud. Heatercore type. It looks like a DTek, but I'm not sure. I re-sat the barbs with some teflon tape, but haven't leak tested it, it should be fine just make sure first ;-) $15 HDD and other storage: 64MB RS MMC card for Phone (without adapter in pic) $5 Misc. Cables and Hardware: Belkin PS/2 Extension Cables... I have 5 left - $4 for the first, add $2 for each additional cable. Firewire Cable, for Playstation 2 to Playstation 2 hookup, $4 Sun Microsystems Microphone from old Sparcstation LX... vintage gear? lol $4 Various ATA133 IDE cables, Free + Shipping USB header cable, $4 SOLD Items: Fellowes CD Organizer - shadowmansm MCP650 and MCP355 Pumps - runeofearth Fillport and Yate Loon Fans to ghostfacekilla CPU, MB, RAM combo to OC Nooby Radeon X300SE to HitandRun Fand Duct, Theta fan Controller and 3-4 pin Adapters to Technohydra Hose Clamps to Jachyra007 DD Maze4 GPU to a referral from t_ski Buying: (pm me) X-Box 360, Halo 3 and X-Box 360 gear Bought Items: At DIY-Street.com Radiator and Grill from FrostyAMD Lian-Li PC-G70-S Case from ooeric Koosah Waterblock from shadowmansm Watercooling bundle from snowpro Cyberpower Gaming Laptop from Kryptik Neoprene from Likewhoa Random Assortment from nikehz D5 Pump and 120 Rad from haven Lanbag from Doctor Carta Audigy2ZS Gamer from Pkilway OCZ Gold GX (XTC) PC4000 2x1GB (3-4-3-8) from Angry_Games Asus EN6600 from Splave SFF Rig from Smoove910 Dual TV Tuner from General Septem Compro Laptop TV Tuner from radodrill Quake Wars and usb-serial adapter from HITandRUN *Pending* OBDII Code reader from shadowmansm Traded: Panaflo and Yate loon fans to t_ski for speaker grills, stereo accessories, DVD-Rom drive Thanks for looking! PM me if you want to make an offer, have a suggestion or think a price is unfair. I will consider everyones input, thanks! I ship Via USPS Priority for all orders going to the states or to another APO address. I will use tracking, insurance if you want on any item over $25 but you pay the difference. International is possible, I will discuss an updated price based on your location.
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    Anunknownsource's For Sale Thread