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  1. Hell no, I absolutely despise the Chapelle show! Not because the show was bad - it was okay - but because it seems every other person I know thinks that quoting it endlessly makes them awesome somehow. The people that continue to do this years after the show originally aired need to be sent to Mars. Without suits. In small pieces. As such I cannot be affiliated with it at all without hating myself more than normal.
  2. True enough, however I would like to get a keyboard with laptop-style keys which this seems to offer. Might have to think about it in a few months when all the cookie crumbs and beer render my curretn one useless.
  3. Oh come on, the flaming van was far superior to the discodanvan! Anyways, thanks but no thanks. Until I can find a picture that demonstrates the utter dominance of the real Danvan (may she rust in pieces) there shall be no van. Technodan will hold the spot for her though, should something crop up.
  4. Eh...I'm fairly certain a pink van wouldn't mesh very well with the blue background. Plus I was extremely tired of it. And now I look super laid back, less creepy, and less "funny". As for the blue, I like it. For the last few years I've been using Microsoft Word with the blue background/white text enabled. Much easier on the eyes, imo. My dog keeps trying to tell me that. You don't know Rex do you? He's awesome, mostly only talks when nobody else is around, mostly. Great dog, totally saved my life on a few occassions. Would you believe that Aryan women are apparently out to kill me? I couldn't believe it either, but don't you worry though, 'ol Rex warned me and we took care of them right proper! He even gave me the idea to dress up like a clown so I'd blend in with the shadows better! What a great dog. Anywho, I've gotta go find another clown suit. Mine's stained.
  5. Very heavily agree, especially if you already own a few woodworking tools. If not...well you might be able to get the boxes cut relatively cheap locally depending on who is in your area. http://www.speakerbuilder.net/web_files/Pr.../D3/dayton3.htm I'd use 5 of these any day, and honestly you could get by without a sub for a long time as long as you don't have insane bass requirements. They'll do bass heavy music very well, low frequency explosions not so much but they'll certainly let you feel it. But that's in addition to having exemplary sound quality for the price. Tough to beat, imo. Otherwise, I'd be checking out some of Paradigms lower-end stuff. Always been a fan, though I haven't heard any of their newer models. Edit: Scratch that "five of these" bit. Ever since making my own speakers I have never seen a need for a center channel, provided the room you have your surround setup in is of decent size. Virtually all receivers will send the center channel signal to the front left/right speakers if you shut it off. Sounds much, much better in my opinion and saves you the additional cost. Soundstage is vastly improved and you don't lose any 'action' sound across your mains, it sounds just like the center is there but much more natural, much smoother. Just my thoughts on it, I'm sure others have tried it as well and may have their own to add to this...
  6. Way to let the cat out of the bag...
  7. Close, except I'd put the pagefile on the 640 as well. No reason to be copying files from OS/Programs from a drive onto itself if it doesn't have to. Just assign 5-10 gigs (not like there's a shortage of room) for a pagefile partition on the 640, then partition it however you want for storage/backup. Personally I'd use the 640 as my primary storage disk since it's the better drive, then back up critical data on the slower 250. Doesn't really matter of course, just personal preference.
  8. That would be an issue for some, but honestly 14" seems to be a good depth for most entertainment centers. 400 disc changers are close to 20", receivers can easily approach that as well. I suppose some stands are designed for this in mind but don't take into account that you'll have a few components that need the additional depth and may not provide for all of them...hence the "regular shelf" comment? Nice looking case, not really my thing though.
  9. No no, you're thinking of Packard Bell back in the day. Compaq's are high class now, and only use knockoff adhesives from other high class companies like Almer's and 4M.
  10. Some arguably smells worse than cigarette smoke too. I'm sure that's partially due to being around cigarette smoke more often (at bars/parties/whatnot) so I'm more used to it. But some cigars seriously have a sickly sweet vomit smell going on. That goes for both cheap and expensive cigars, they just aren't my thing. It's an acquired thing. No one else I know drinks scotch straight, yet I can't seem to ever get enough of it. All about tastes I suppose. The downside is some people's tastes infringe upon other peoples (e.g smoking in general) and it's a tough sell to get everyone to get along. At nicer places you'll generally run into people that are kind enough to ask before smoking or nice enough to step outside for a bit. There are always the other kind of people though, and that goes for both cigarette and cigar smokers. For the record, I selected 'don't smoke'/'don't ban'
  11. He'll probably want something with a bit more 'oomph' if he wants to stay upgradeable, though for $50 that's a tough deal to beat. However, planning for at least 2 GTX's should be appropriate. The PC P&C is a good bet. An alternative would be to look at any of several Silverstone or Corsair models. They tend to be quiet as well as powerful. I didn't see any real good deals on any at the moment though, so you may have to pay a bit more for them.
  12. Same here, my first endeavor at overclocking was with a copy of this thing printed out next to me. I've done pretty well without it since, but every now and then I still go back to it as a reference even for newer Intel boards.
  13. Would certainly make a good deal of sense to hold off, that seems like a great starting point. I wrote a guide for the DFI Infinity 975X/G a long time ago with the help of a couple guys...about as complete as you can get for a single board but damn tough to extrapolate out to include all others. Lots of time and effort involved in any endeavor such as this, you really have to appreciate the guys that do it.
  14. I hear that man, that'd be my choice too.
  15. There are a couple reviews at Amazon that seem to be mostly favorable with a couple nitpicks. Linky For the price it might be worth a shot.
  16. Since this is your first time with watercooling I'd keep it a bit simpler first off and just do the CPU by itself. As Puck said there are certainly benefits from having a well cooled chipset. However, from my experience (albeit no experience with your board, so take this with a grain of salt) watercooling the chipset is generally unnecessary unless you're really going for max speeds. Getting a solid aftermarket air cooler and fan combo may do you just as well. Granted, the costs will be roughly the same...but it also keeps things simpler for you. Well...on my old system (Lian Li V2000 case) I let the pump sit directly on top of the PSU. I suppose that really isn't recommended since a leak would be noticed awfully quickly, but it's what I did at the time since I was new and didn't care much. Never had a problem with it, but still you have to think about it. If you can't find anywhere else to put it that's what you're left with, but there's probably some place you haven't seen yet until you get the parts in. First question I have is how serious are you about wanting to cool your graphics card in the future? It might not affect your purchase now, but you could get an oversized radiator now and save yourself a hassle later.
  17. Could always just donate it to a school or something unless you really need the cash. There's always someone that would appreciate it.
  18. As long as it's a pound of cheese and a pound a bacon! :thumbs-up: As it happens, I'll be making a pizza tonight and I think this is what I'll be going with: Ground Italian sausage Red onions Spinach Roasted garlic All with a nice heavy portion of rosemary/crushed red pepper Alfredo sauce As for cheese....probably gonna go with Muenster this time round unless garlic American is on sale. In which case I'll cut the roasted garlic. Personally I don't think you can do a pizza wrong, virtually any combination of toppings is delicious. Not a huge fan of cheese pizzas, unless they're of the 4-cheese frozen variety. But I only get those to top with fried SPAM. In any case, this seemed like an appropriate place to make my first post away from DIY-Street. Hopefully the content of future posts will not contrive to make me so dang hungry. Edit: Screw it...might just order some Pizza Hut. Damn I'm hungry.
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