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  1. I could be wrong, but I imagine there are no rules for text when inside a picture since they don't have an effect on sig size. Provided of course the pic itself is within spec. (dimensions/file size) Now you might be limited to 5 lines of text when you HAVE a picture (meaning, in addition to a picture) so that the height of your sig doesn't get to ridiculous. This would make sense to me. Again, I haven't read the rules recently so I could be mistaken.
  2. What method are you using to apply thermal paste? For Intel quad cores it's a bit different. http://www.arcticsilver.com/ins_route_step2intelas5.html (last one) Unless of course the new ones are all on the same die and I'm just that far behind in technology...
  3. Dammit, I had that idea years ago. *sigh* I NEVER capitalize on ideas! Hopefully people will start doing it though. Sweet looking case, not much hard drive room though. Really prefer more, just so you can space them out better.
  4. I hear you there man, it might not come up often but it still annoys me. And your rig shouldn't be an issue (runs perfect on a much lesser laptop), must be software related.
  5. It doesn't necessarily signify an error, the part itself is probably fine.
  6. Depends on if I'm making it or ordering it. If ordering, I go with medium-rare since it'll end up being medium-well. If making it...well I'm probably drinking so it'll be well done. Possibly crispy at some points. Meaning Heinz 57 would be required.
  7. Agreed 100%. Plus I'd have to talk with her for a few minutes before I could really give you a good evaluation of her attractiveness. And it ain't no Windforce, that's all I know. That sorta knocks her down a peg or two already...freakin noob.
  8. White sauce is incredibly superior. And I'd totally say it to that dude's face, even knowing the pit stood behind me. But with the power of white sauce with me, his kick would be meaningless, his bones would shatter. I would stand over him triumphantly while chucking Alfredo upon his visage and say: "suck it." But still, I heart food. And pictures of food. It's all delicious.
  9. I'd be more sympathetic if those little bastards didn't charge so damn much.
  10. I got it to work just fine for a few levels, then I got stonewalled as the game glitched. Think impenetrable turquoise wall in front of you. I'm guessing they don't have all the glitches worked out just yet. FYI, it was about a week ago when I played it on the rig below: Abit IP-35 Pro Q6600 @ 3GHz 2x2GB G.Skill DDR2-800 Evga 7900GTO Oh, and I assume it's just a demo for Portal, basically the levels I went through were just orientation and training missions. I have no idea though as I have never played the full version of Portal.
  11. To be fair I was just gonna spit on him. So it was over Iowa boy's head too. Just like the water level.
  12. I'd rather he figure out the stabbing over the magic, who knows what he'll try then!
  13. I guess I sort of meant do you have some old crappy Pentium 3 lying around? I mean it's an ideal kids comp... Though not necessarily any easier to find software for.
  14. By this do you mean you only plugged it into the hard drive or you just swapped it in and you're powering everything under it now? For the record I would have gone with Radodrill in that thread...380 watts is too little for virtually any build as far as I'm concerned. Granted I'm an overkill kid of guy, but still...
  15. Hmm...I'll do a bit of digging and see if I can find anything that might help you out. Are you stuck with Vista x64, or could you give him an older computer to play around with?
  16. Not to be argumentative, but how were you as a high school student? How often did you run out to hang with friends instead of studying? How often did you spend doing illegal stuff? I'm not condoning these things per se, but they happen. Everyone does them. Balancing the fun and the work is a science in itself, and knowing your own limits for each affects the outcome. Hell, they apply to college and work too, though some activities might become legal then. Basically what I'm saying is that he should have at least tried to lie about maybe 'just finding out' about said assignment, instead of admitting he had a month to do it. I'm all for honesty, but when it conveys incompetence then there is no reason to bother with it. I can honestly say that I have never asked for help because my work was late. I've asked for assistance when needed of course, by all means I am not an all-knowing all-powerful whatever-you-wanna-call-it, I get confused at times and need things cleared up. But even with any partying I've done and any bad decisions I've made, I've either asked for help early or accepted the outcome as my fault. It's on my shoulders now, and I'm paying for some of them. I believe screwing up has made me a better person though, so I readily accept them. Everything you do shapes who you are, you just need to be careful what sort of shaping is to be done. And I've never, EVER, tried to get help on a reading assignment. Especially when it's on your own personal interpretation. That never works out. But that also doesn't mean you need to read it all either. For example, I enrolled in a Science Fiction course in college because I love Sci-Fi and reading, figure it'd work out well. Most of the books I very much enjoyed, but there were a few that were extraordinarily tedious. SKIM THEM! Read the first 2-3 chapters to get to know everyone then read/skim it a bit, and read the last 2 chapters or so! You get everything you need to be able to write something, for the most part. In this case that would probably cover half of the book though, so you might as well read the whole thing. But whatever, he's leaving or something now anyhow.
  17. No offense intend by this by any means, but wouldn't it be easier to just completely lock down the computer until you're home, then monitor the time by yourself? So if he's in the middle of something semi-important he could have extra time to finish instead of being logged off instantly? This is, of course, disregarding age. That would certainly have an effect on just how "hardcore" you need to be.
  18. No kidding, the majority of people on here have gone through similar issues, be it in high school, college, or a work environment. You want to know what I do when I have stuff that needs done the next day? Not sleep. Simple as that. If you want help drink Red Bull and coffee, but in moderation. If you ever want to go anywhere in college you'll need to learn this eventually, you might as well start now. I don't intend to be mean, nor does anyone else here. Giving you a shortcut to a relatively simple assignment won't gain you anything though. It's up to you to do it, and that's all there is to it. Good luck. The thing is if he doesn't do it himself himself NOW he'll have problems later that he won't be able to handle. Everybody runs into seemingly impossible tasks every now and then. In the real world you can rely on (to an extent) other people. It's learning to rely on yourself that helps make you a better person. While some posts might not have been worded as nicely as they could they are full of the correct advice. Let's put it this way. We have 200+ pages, which I'll round out to 250 since we're assuming it's less than 300. He has 5 days. He says he's a slow reader. That's fine, not everybody reads fast. Hell, I read pretty slow, I easily get sidetracked and go back to reread stuff, it happens. Anyways, 5 days over 250 pages. You could say all you have to read is 50 pages a day, call it 2 hours or so of reading each session. It'll be more than that since there is a report to write at the end though, so call it four days of reading at roughly 60 or so pages a day and maybe 2-2.5 hours of reading for a slow reader. If you honestly can't find time for that at night you're going to bed far too early. The average college student during finals week (and dead week) is studying their nuts off til 2 AM; much, much later if there is a test the next day. If you're already up that late without reading for all of two freakin' hours then your priorities are not in line. That's it. That's the way it is. You don't have to like it, I certainly don't. You're welcome to try to change it. Disagreeing with the people here won't change a damn thing, won't get your book read, won't get your paper written. Looking for the shortcuts in life will end up getting you brickwalled 99 times out of 100. Besides, if he isn't willing to read a 200+ page novel, what are the chances he'd actually read a 100+ page novel? Give me a break, if you can't read a book by the end of high school then you don't deserve to graduate. Yeah, that's me being a dick. I don't care. That's reality. Learn to read. Good lord.
  19. I'll be throwing a couple games on it tomorrow (today?) to see how it fares. I'ts not really a big deal as I shouldn't have them installed during training, but having Titan Quest and BF2 would be kinda nice once out of training and sitting bored wishing for a real computer. I think the 8400M should be able to handle those just fine, along with HL2-based games.
  20. It really does have to be a small market, at least compared to PS3/360 owners. As for playing it on the PC, I'm sure it'd work just as well though it'd take some getting used to.
  21. Agreed. I mean, I've had a good time playing Madden in the past, but that's always been on an original Xbox or a PS3. And with buddies. I can't imagine playing it on a PC, doesn't seem like it'd work particularly well. No offense to anyone that was into that..to each his own of course.
  22. I wasn't aware that anyone played those on PC...
  23. Well I got her in yesterday, was delayed a week because they didn't have enough batteries or sumthin. Anyway, it started right up and had a near full charge right out of the box. Booted up right quick and had minimal 'excess' stuff installed on it. Honestly I probably would have been fine with it the way it was. But I am who I am, so stripped Vista down (ended up with about a 6 gig install compared to ~11) and partitioned it my way. Discovered there was a partition about 100MB in size that Vista couldn't see during the install...this bothers me but I'm too lazy to do much about it. Downloading the necessary drivers after format was a snap. They supplied a DVD with them, but it had some sort of auto-installer that would have put a bunch of other crap on. Couldn't extract the drivers from it easily either, so just got them from the website. I gotta say though, I'm very happy so far. The extra $100 for the 15.4" 1680x1050 screen was WELL worth it. I'm used to 1920x1200 so I figured this would be much easier to transition to and I was right. Just wish I shelled out the extra cash for the webcam now... Oh, and I could totally kill someone with this thing. Think heavy, and solid. The way all laptops should be. Oh whats that Macbook Air*? You need essentially the EXACT SAME laptop bag to be carried around in? And you cost 3 times as much while essentially being a weaker overall computer? Suck it. *I have nothing against Mac, I just really, really hate the Air. And the people that buy them because of it's "portability". You know what doesn't matter when it's sitting on your lap? The thickness. Half an inch or two inches, it doesn't matter. It's on your lap and it's small enough to be out of the way. Oh, it's too heavy for you? Maybe you should curl a can of soup once a day to beef up those "guns" you're sportin'. Pansy. God I hate the Air.
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