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  1. I thought of that already, my friend. Fortunately I probably won't worry too much about overclocking too much, I'm considering getting another two sticks to go with it. I've also seen numerous heatspreader kits that might work out very well and will consider using one. The voltage requirements for the memory do seem awfully high so I might return them for something a bit more reasonable. Oh, and of course I'll be showing off each step as I get to it. Hell, when more parts come in I'll throw up a picture! Right now is mostly the planning stage though and basically I was waiting for some input before I began ordering some stuff. Yeah it's anodized. There's a chemical process to strip them, just like it was a chemical process to anodize them in the first place. I can't really do that without having big tanks of chemicals at my disposal though. Sanding really didn't work very well...short of a badass belt sander (which would likely significantly decrease the thickness of the panel itself) I'm not sure what'll do it. Still looking for a local place that could get it done for me. Fortunately I've figured out around 70% of the design and can get panels cut now. Unfortunately the design is fairly intricate so I'm pricing laser cutting. *sigh*
  2. So I was planning on stripping the panels tonight via wire brush in a drill and sandpaper....turns out that plan isn't going to work. At least not with 80 grit. Any other ideas to strip it? The sandblasting place hasn't gotten back to me just yet but I'm thinking that might end up being the only way to do it. Barring chemical stripping of course. Pretty sure that's out of the question as I don't really have anything large enough to deanodize the bigger panels.
  3. Welcome! What sort of monitor will you be using? Nothing against the 280 as it's a great, great card...but a 4870 or GTX260 might be enough depending on your needs while saving you a bundle. Personally I'd get a dual core processor, will you need the extra cores for apps that don't include gaming? Why Ultimate? 64 bit Home Premium is cheaper and pretty much provides any of the useful features that ultimate does. Otherwise, I've got nuthin - looks pretty solid as is, just trying to save you a few bucks.
  4. I want to replace the entire middle horizontal brace and likely the bottom as well. Ideally I'll come up with a few smaller bits to get that look elsewhere, but as of yet I really haven't come up with much. Probably not on the outside but I haven't ruled that out just yet. Also I'd like to get a window to basically replace the top of the case. I'm torn on this as (at least in terms of performance) a fan or three would be better up there. For aesthetics though I think it'd be better to have the window. Also plexi will be a small window on the back of the case, sitting right above the 120mm fan past the expansion card slots. And a side window too I spose. The door I think will have a giant rectangle cut into it and be replaced with a grill, probably all painted the same color. It's necessary to have a grill there as (if it works out) I want the radiator (probably a 3x120) to sit vertically in front with fans sucking the air through, not blowing through. Or maybe both, depending on the performance I see. Those are my initial thoughts at least, won't know for sure how things work out until I can fit them in.
  5. Don't cut me too short man, I'm fast. er... Damn. Anyway I went ahead and grabbed a Dremel as I didn't have one and I'll be getting a buddy to ship me my hole saws in the event I need them. As for parts, well here's what is set in stone (besides the case): Geil Black Dragon 2x2GB DDR2-1066 Yep, that's it. I grabbed a power supply from OCN that turns out to have a real annoying buzz whenever I do virtually anything. I'll fix it at some point but it's not modular anyway and for this mod i think that's essential to have. I also have a Celeron 430 and Biostar I45. I'm thinking of selling the Biostar (probably to Bowtie as he won't shut up about it) and using the Celeron for an mATX build in the future. I also have a Palit 4850 but I'm getting on Newegg's . over it because the one they sent me doesn't look ANYTHING like the one they pictured. So here's what I'll be needing, whether I scrounge up the cash or get lucky with a sponsor or three it doesn't matter, it'll happen eventually. 1. Power Supply - must be quiet (120mm fans ONLY), powerful (Crossfire/Sli powerful), and modular. Looking at the Corsair HX1000 but that's bit much both in terms of power and price. 2. Motherboard - must look good in addition to performing great - NO ASUS or Gigabyte - leaning towards AMD but doesn't really matter much 3. Processor 4. Watercooling gear...all of it (probably processor only, if not I'll just use a TRUE) 5. Hard drives - this I'll probably have to buy myself, I'd like to get a pair of OCZ 32GB SSDs in addition to a few 640GB Western Digital drives 6. Possibly an LCD display, Matrix Orbital would be nice if I can find one at a decent price 7. Video Card(s) - leaning towards a single GTX260 but it really doesn't matter, everything performs well enough for my purposes 8. Assorted mod gear from mnpctech, performance-pcs, etc, etc...not sure what I'll need until I get further along. I'll be designing one of the first pieces I'll need tonight, might get two of them done. Won't be any real updates with pictures for some time I imagine but you're more than welcome to follow along and offer advice feel free!
  6. Probably worse than it does now. Nah, it should be cool. i've got some good help in dr_bowtie and radodrill, I just have to design it and put it together. And pay for it I spose... Edit: Will definitely employ pieces of dark cherry throughout the interior for sure, possibly some exterior bits as well. Sort of planning on going with solid white paint on all the interior pieces with either white or black on the outside.
  7. So I've been using a laptop for quite some time, it's nice in it's own right but it really doesn't compare to a real computer. I had hoped that the purchase of a PS3 would help postpone the purchase of a new computer until next summer or so. Unfortunately, the PS3 has turned out lamer than I had planned. This is no fault of Sony, as quite frankly I can't see any game on any console that I'd like to play. Especially without a keyboard. So I decided to build something. Something that would serve initially as an all around workstation, gaming computer, and server. The gaming aspect will be reduced as some point as I build a dedicated gaming rig to hook to the HDTV. Until then though, I'll be playing on a 26" Samsung Syncmaster i just picked up a few days ago. In any case, I set about on a quest to purchase components from forums in hopes that I could save a bit of cash as that monitor was not cheap. I have a few things I want to use, but for the most part it's kind of up in the air. I'm thinking I might grab a DFI board and a 9950BE as they're awfully cheap right now. I hadn't planned on purchasing a case for some time as it's generally a fairly expensive purchase (I'm a Lian-Li guy) and my last case was a V2000...a tough, tough case to match in terms of size, features, quality, and looks. Newer versions cost around $300. However, I managed to find a nearly perfect V2100 from a fellow at XS for $180 shipped! Man it's clean, all the panels had a noise-suppressing foam on them as well. Wait...why did I just take off the wheels? Stop touching it Dan!! Oh god, stop....stop!! Please...no... Hmm....so it seems I forced my hand here. There was a bunch more rivets on this case than the V2000, even rivets holding the hard drive cages in! But I took most of them out (there are a few I have to go hit yet) and it is what it is. About halfway through I was having serious second thoughts and had to force myself to continue. I really wanted to do a halfway decent mod for once and I figured tearing apart a $200 case would give me some motivation to finish it. If nothing else I'll be forced to find some sweet bolts to put her back together. I will have it painted though, and I think I'll let a shop do it. Found a hobby shop that'll powder coat it for $85 for each color. I'm not sure if that is just one coat or if that include clearcoat as well. Fortunately I save a lot of money by tearing apart the case, all of a sudden i don't have any masking to do. So that's good news. I'm chatting with Radodrill now about some custom acrylic work...won't be anything terribly original (likely) but it should look good if I do it. I really, really wanted to replace some parts with a light wood, like pine, inside the case. However it turns out the art and crafts place I was going to use doesn't have any woodworking equipment. So if anybody knows of such a place near Tucson give me a yell! Lastly I don't know about watercooling just yet...ideally it'd be great but affording everything is somewhat prohibitive. Oh, and I'm totally using these stick in this case, they look freakin awesome! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820144242 Glowing eyes, wooo! Anyhoo, if I can manage to find a table saw I'll be able to add some wood to this baby. If not...well I'm still gonna try to cram in a radiator on the front somewhere. Any ideas are welcome, nows the time as I need to get the case itself cut prior to stripping and painting it.
  8. technodanvan

    Google Chrome

    Kids these days and your misplaced paranoia. So far I like it, feels faster than FF3.0 (by quite a bit) but otherwise it works and that's really all that can be said.
  9. I'd say look at other features first, if the board has what you need then go for the more expensive one. Otherwise no, it's not worth it.
  10. Well hey, at least you aren't starting college! Cuz you know there are some freshman that are just dreading DIII. For me...well I could use a time suck right now. But it can sure be a hindrance depending on what else is going on.
  11. It's unlikely the NB is your problem at this point, they tend to run hot but they also handle the heat pretty well. Short of trying for a max overclock on extreme air or water you shouldn't need any new cooling on it. I'm guessing your problem right now lies with your memory, though it's hard to be certain. When you increase the FSB it will increase your memory frequency as well, and that stuff is already rated very low. Download and use CPu-Z to check your memory frequency, anything over 333MHz and it's running out of spec...probably can't handle much more than that. So to solve this, you have three solutions that I see. 1. I would check and see if there is a better divider for your memory, you might see this as a ratio. I'm guessing you're already on the lowest one available, but if there is one lower go ahead and try it out. 2. Even though you have memory coming you could go ahead and try overclocking this memory. Since you sound new to it I wouldn't really recommend it at the moment. If you do want to try it, well try upping the voltage to the memory a bit. Without knowing what it is, I wouldn't go over 2.0vdimm. 3. Just wait for your better memory, then we can probably help out a bit better.
  12. Yep, you aren't the only one that has befallen the Diablo II time-suck curse. And now we have Diablo III around the corner...glad I'm all done in college! ...Until I go back here in a year or so. *sigh*
  13. Hitting the adjust button on your monitor wouldn't change the screenshot though, it's the same signal just your monitor interpreting it differently. Glad you got her figured out though!
  14. Probably for the best. You gotta wonder if they didn't. I'm sure they spread it among their own people...whether they would go to lengths to discredit the missions on an international scale is unknown to me.
  15. Welcome to OCC! I see a few things you might want to consider before hitting 'buy'... If you check I'm pretty sure there are some GTX280s that approach $400 that would overclock to the "SSC" level with no problems. Kingwin PSU? Look for a better brand...anything really. Personally I'd look at the Corsair HX series, Silverstone, or PC Power & Cooling. Yeah, you might only get a 700 watt PSU from them at the same price. They're much better though and are more powerful than that Kingwin. Look for a 2x2GB kit of memory instead of 2 kits of 2x1GB. It'll just work out better for you, and it'll be cheaper. Check out G.Skill, they've got some tempting sticks at DDR1100 5-5-5 rated at only 1.9-2.1 volts! Agreed with the others on the motherboard, it's very overpriced IMO. Do you intend to overclock? Run Sli/Crossfire in the future? There are $25 DVD drives that'll work just as well as that Pioneer....look for Samsung or Lite-On. I would also get multiple hard drives...replacing a 1TB drive if it failed would be a nightmare. Remember, these things aren't perfect!
  16. I find partitioning just makes it easier to organize things if I don't have dedicated drives for them. As Comp Dude said, the biggest advantage for enthusiasts has to be being able to format just your OS while keeping other files you have stored on the drive. For me it speeds up defragging as well, typically i leave my games on their own partition which can easily approach 50 gigs. This really never needs defragging so it's nice to get it away from the OS partition, which is defragged fairly regularly. I believe I've seen that error before, btw. Did you try running it again after you received that error?
  17. Welcome to OCC! Looks pretty solid to me, are you planning on doing some serious overclocking or just a little bit?
  18. No that's real quiet, but you must be using a pretty large case then! I was going to suggest the Scythe Ninja Mini, but if you have that kind of room to work with then by all means!
  19. I've run Diablo 2 on both XP x64 and Vista Home Premium x32...so by that I would think it'd work.
  20. As far as I'm aware you can't do this with XP. I did a quick Google search and that seems to support the theory, though I'm sure some people have managed to do it in specific circumstances. Best way to get it to work is to slipstream the drivers onto a disk using nlite.
  21. Definitely makes a difference doesn't it? Personally I'd shell out money for Nod32 or Kaspersky. I use Nod32.
  22. I noticed the shields too KB, pretty sad they have to go so far back to rip off games. But at least they picked some good ones.
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