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  1. I guess my take on the GPU would be hold onto your current card. I have built a remarkably similar setup in the last week (without any previous parts outside of an SSD) however I elected to hold off on buying an expensive graphics card. I now have a 3 24" monitor setup that is being run off a pair of 5450 cards that cost about $50 combined. I have a couple reasons for doing so: 1. I needed to get the monitors working so I can work at home 2. I didn't have any older graphics cards available, and this was about the cheapest way I could run three monitors 3. Virtually every review I've seen of the 6000 series cards has been disappointing, to say the least. My last computer used a 5850 on a Dell U2711 and it was fantastic, however the 6000 series has not really done much to one up that card in my opinion. In fact, I'm still seeing 5850s go for around the same price I sold mine for late last year. That's not to say the 6000 series isn't capable, but I feel like they charge too much for a mediocre improvement. Additionally, I see little reason to drop $300+ on a graphics card when AMD will inevitably bring out something better this Christmas. Hopefully considerably better, as I have zero intention of running multiple cards. That said, until November I really won't have a heck of a lot of time to play any video games due to work. But considering you already own a 5850, why not hold onto it and see how well it performs in BF3? The beta is sure to be buggy anyway, and even the full game will undoubtedly run well on it if a few things are turned down. If you can put up with only above-average graphics for a few months and grab a card with new architecture towards Christmas you might be happier in the long run. Just my two cents. Oh, and for the record I went with an MSI P67 board for my 2500k, mostly because I have never liked Asus motherboards. It has performed admirably for the moment, though I have not done any serious overclocking yet.
  2. I guess the only argument I can muster for Windows 7 over XP is drivers - chances are good that not much effort is placed in making drivers for XP for brand new hardware. I'm one of the few who never bought into the "Vista is horrible" crap most people spout. Yes, it took some work to clean up and make as efficient as possible, but so did XP, and so does 7. Vista was every bit as fast as 7 was if you put a little effort into creating a custom install. That said, 7 is prettier. Realistically, if you don't care about visuals, DX10/11 don't interest you right now, and you can find drivers for your new hardware, I see no reason to blow money on 7. Either way, I would go with a 64-bit OS. I was a fan of XP-64 and saw no reason to buy a 32-bit 7 at my last computer build.
  3. I would think a lesser power supply would more than suffice for that build. 500 watts would almost certainly be fine, 600 would be more than enough. Other than that, I can't really see anything that would benefit a rig that won't be clocked.
  4. Interesting, the case reminds me of a German company called Exceleram that I've very much wanted try but difficult to find in America. Is there any other documentation provideD with them? Have you ensured functionality and/or clocked them at all?
  5. I appreciate the comments, however the project will remain at OCN. Nope. Edit: The project will not be at OCN either, from this point on it shall pretty much just be my thing. The finished product will likely be seen at various places, but no worklog is planned for the remainder of the project. I will be taking picture though, so it is possible I might make an album of them and send/link it to interested parties. We'll see.
  6. So I'm not gonna lie, today pretty much rocked as far as packages are concerned. Some disappointments also ensue, but we'll get to that later. Deep breath now. (queues Emeril voice...) BAM! Mmmm...delicious peanuts and things within. Box #1: Enter Danger Den Contents list: 2x Delrin T-lines /w high-flow 3/8" ports 2x Delrin Fillports 1x Laing DDC 1x DDC Acrylic top (no reservoir) 1x Thermochill PA120.3 10 feet 3/8" Tygon tubing Pretty good start huh? Moving on... Curtain #2... Enter FUGGER, from XS: Had a nearly new BlackOps at a good price, considering the color scheme and performance I had to go with it. He also threw in a crazy Corsair billfold of some sort and a couple tubes of thermal paste I've never heard of but is probably better than what I've got. Good stuff, hope it works, lol. And last but not least (well, sort of least)... Unidentified Brown Box #3! (UBB3!): This little fella is from Jab-Tech, contents list as follows: 1x Wire sleeving kit - check 9x 120mm black fan gaskets - check 2x 80mm black fan gaskets - check 6x Nexus Real Silent 120mm fans - check 3x Nexus Real Silent 80mm fans - check 50' Carbon wire sleeving - check 5' Heatshrink - check 50 Fan screws, black - check 5x 120mm black anodized fan filters - check Noise dampening sheets - check 12v DC w. Molex - check 4x compression fittings - check ... ... ... 1x Swiftech Apogee GTZ Extreme Performance CPU Waterblock - ????? Where the crap is my damn waterblock Jab-Tech?!?!? Today was going to be so awesome too. I knew someone was gonna ruin it. I'm going to the bar.
  7. Oh, some pics of the memory unboxed as well. I challenge you to find sweeter looking ram. I really need to sit down sometime and figure out how to get decent picture out of this damn camera. Definitely not my thing. Anywho, the intense coolification of these sticks is said to drop system temps by 6 Celsius. So...yeah. Suck it other sticks. You all suck.
  8. I got another box today! Nothing too special: 2 kits 2x2Gig Geil "Black Dragon" DDR2-1066 (no heatspreader+glowy eyes ftw!) Windows Vista Home Premium x64 OEM (to be heavily trimmed at a later date) Nod32 Retail (best software ever) And a free Geil T-Shirt that's far too big. Seriously guys, you couldn't at least offer a freaking large? Maybe that's just too much to ask, I'm sure they know their demographics average waist size... And that's it. More stuff I can't really use yet. *sigh*
  9. I imagine it'll be about as good as most other FPS games I've seen in recently. Which is to say it'll be worth playing through once (assuming they don't have any stupid alien ship bullcrap) and then putting aside.
  10. You mean like the parts that make it a computer? Yeah, I can't wait for those either... Gonna be a long while on the video cards. I found an 8800GT for a great price I intend to use until the card(s) I want become cheaper/available at all. It oughta suit for the time being as video games on this machine take second boat to other things. Like awesomeness. Awesomeness costs money, apparently. Wish I could just wash a bit of it off of me onto the thing, be way cheaper. Then I could bottle it too and probably make millions. Maybe I'll do that anyway, I hear there are some suckers on the east coast.
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Corsair skewed the results on their own report. Because, like, they're trying to get people to buy their product. I can pretty much guarantee that an extra 2 gigs does not help me one iota in Crysis, or any number of other games. It IS a moot point though.
  12. Well by my count I should have 9 packages coming this week. With the possibility of two more depending on when stuff gets shipped. Don't blame me, it's not my fault one freakin' vendor can't have everything I want at a decent price. Also not my fault I'm super indecisive and by three different things from the same company on three different occasions, just so I can pay more in shipping. Whatever though, the first of my packages arrived today! Just look at them...aren't they beautiful... Alright, first up is a wireless PCI card I purchased from a fine member of OCN. Sure, it's not a big deal as far as the mod itself goes, but what's the point in having a sweet computer if it doesn't have any internet capabilities? I'll answer that for you - there's no point. And this badass has 3 freakin antennas which allows me to use the word "antennae" when describing my computer. "Antenni" may also slip into the conversation, just because I'm like that. And just how many antenni does your rig have? 0? 1? Maybe 2? Suck it. Moving on. Package #2 was a mystery to me. I honestly had no freaking clue what the hell could be in....huh? G.Skill? When did I order that? Oh yeah! Totally RMA'd some G.Skill HZ's (2x1GB 4-4-4 DDR2-800 sticks) that died on me over a year and half ago, back when they were almost $300. Dunno what they go for now (considerably less I imagine) but I found them in my move to Tucson and was like "I should totally RMA these badboys then never use them again". And so it was. Really dunno what I'm gonna do with them, they ain't going in this rig and I've already got another 2x1GB set that is arguably superior (both in speed and they have the LED factor) so maybe they really will sit on a shelf for a while. Or I'll build a third rig to go with this one and the next one. Whatever. Big package up next, this guy happens to be from our friendly friends at MNPCTech! Woo modding! Yeah! I ordered this forever ago and half expected some stuff to show up that I either bought again or decided to not use. Fortunately that's not the case. Yet. The two important things here are the modders mesh and about 20 cutoff wheels for my Dremel. I hope that's enough, because I honestly don't know. Also included: some carbon-fiber look sticky stuff that I'm probably gonna wrap around my DVD player, assuming I use one. Not sure what else I'll do with it, but it's nice to have. 4 billet aluminum case feet. These looked cool in the pictures online but seem kinda small. Might use thme anyway, not sure yet. A whole crap ton of that rubbery plastic stuff you line case windows with. At the time I ordered it I hadn't decided on my design...now I have it and I'm not certain it'll work out all that swell. 1 kit of wireties and assorted dealybobs to help route wires. Yeah, it'd be cheaper somewhere in town but I was already getting up there so I said "screw it, I need it". Oh, and one switch. Just one. I'm thinking I bought it to mount an external CMOS clear on the back of the computer, or at the very least somewhere more handy than a jumper likely covered by a graphics card or something. I'll probably end up getting more switches in the future after I see what exactly I'm dealing with, but it is what it is. That's it, and my hands hurt from typing so I'm out for now.
  13. 2GB is easily enough for a new build! I mean if you like having a bunch of stuff running and being lazy about your processes 2 wouldn't be enough, but for the average user (and hell, even most extreme users) at OCC and similar sites 2 gigs is still more than enough man. Let's put it this way, if current games don't max it out then it's unlikely (again, for MOST users) that you'd need more. If you're one of the few that use programs that can utilize it then that's great, but you might want to stipulate said programs when you give your opinion. In any case, it'd be kinda dumb to get a 2 gig kit when 4 gig kits aren't much more, but if you're into overclocking you could save a bundle and still have a faster ram by getting the 2 gig kit.
  14. Ever so slight update: Plans are going ahead, no cutting has been made yet as I'm trying to get everything laid out to do it all in one day. Waiting on the radiators to get here to I can see the placement of them and figure out exactly where they'll have to go. Big, big order(s) of stuff coming in this next week. But even before all that, I still had a damn mess of random gear and parts from the Lian Li. So I purchased the dealy in the background for $60 and semi-organized it off my damn floor. After next week I'm gonna wish I had another one probably, but once the project is all finished it'll work out great for spare parts and tools. If everything gets in early enough this week I should be able to start cutting on Saturday and get some plans out to Dr_Bowtie and Radodrill for the wooden and acrylic pieces. Still need to purchase (asterisks indicate uncertainties): 2x WD 640GB drives Power supply Sound card RAID Card* SSD(s)* Other than the power supply none of this is all that critical for operation. Given the cost I'm sitting at now I very well may hold off until later, especially on the SSDs as their price will only come down. Still on the fence about a RAID card....I'd very much like to run a good RAID 5 array but they're so damn expensive. We'll see. Semi-update over. Pics of gear coming next week. PS: Before anyone else points out, yes that book is entitled "Sexuality Now". It was for a Human Sexuality course back in college. I bust it out every now and then to check out the sweet pictures of STD's. You lose your appetite pretty fast after seeing a dude with Gonorrhea of the eye.
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