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  1. 333

    Hi guis :)

    Welcome to the family
  2. I am like Queenz. Got mine for a free year with new car purchase. It does sound better but still catch my self turning back to regular radio due to at certain time all sat. radio will play is pop crap. GOD I HATE BOY BANDS!!!!
  3. Welcome to the family
  4. We need to add L4D to our clan Xfire page. I know that I play alot but there are others that put my game time to shame
  5. Least I was not like a noob and try to shoot it off of you.
  6. In the first post look for the word "options". Click on it and then click track this topic.
  7. Steam= vcark333 OCC|333 ingame
  8. Sweet. Either one of those would be a welcomed addition for sure
  9. It came with 2 gig so I cant complain to much, but what really burns me is that it didn't even come with a restore/OS disk. Now I got to go and burn the "recovery partition" to a DVD in case I need to reformat completely
  10. Well, it was all for nothing. Told the wife I was going to get her a rig and she went and got one herself because she didn't want to wait for 3 days till I was off of work. Now I want to hit her in the head with a brick because she went and got this POS: http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping..._lnav_notebooks :smack: At least she was smart enough to get the dual core AMD instead of a single core
  11. 333

    for anyone interested

    Interested but like injijagwalaafq, not alot of time
  12. Looks good, but wife keeps eyeballing the 1000HE because of the good things that she has heard and read about it. The Samsung has the same specs but looks a little beefier than the Asus.
  13. Got our income tax money in and I promised a her a new laptop or netbook for her. She doesn't want to spend more than $500 and she really likes the Eee but I want her to have something that will last her for a while. What are some of everyone's suggestions?
  14. I would like to thank OCC for giving me the interest to fold again, giving me a clan to frag with, help with picking a new rig and for all the laughs also
  15. Yep..no doubt about that one
  16. LMAO...that's pretty good
  17. Glad to see the large jump in our PPD. Looking forward to see who all keeps folding after the contest ends.
  18. For around $700 (US), you should be able to get a decent build with expandability for down the road
  19. It's amazing how many times that question has come up
  20. 333

    Dante's Inferno

    Looks VERY interesting. But I bet the game will end up sucking balls and look like it belongs on an old saturn system........that just the way my luck goes.
  21. I was wondering if he ripped something off when he pulled the mobo out of the case. There was still a wire attached.
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