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  1. 333

    Mafia Wars

    Play off and on when ever the urge hits me
  2. 333

    1 more to pass

    Guess I need to start looking over my shoulder then.
  3. 333 because I am only half evil.......the wife is the other half
  4. looks like it survived the beating anyway
  5. Haven't had a BSOD yet myself
  6. Finally got it running on my OCed 9800GT and saw a fairly large increase myself.
  7. http://www.gadwin.com/printscreen/ Gadwin Printscreen. Used it for a long time and use it now on occasion
  8. How is everyone installing this? I d/led it and got a folder with a bunch of things inside of it. Tried another place and got the same thing.
  9. My wife works at a bank and they received a list of around 5000 names of people who had their info stolen from some big info gathering company. All those names were just people here in Arkansas and they were told that this was a nation wide thing.
  10. Air nibbler http://shop1.actinicexpress.co.uk/shops/Ja...nibbler_lrg.jpg
  11. 333

    Top FPS's of All-Time

    L4d CS / CS:S Unreal Tournament HL2 Doom3
  12. happy with my Evga 9800GT. Plays everything well with no problems at 1280x1024 75Hz
  13. 2 here: English and Spanish. Was going to say three if you count redneck
  14. 333

    1680 points!

    I got one here also
  15. I am the same way. If I can convince my wife to leave her laptop on, she would be folding also. But, so far that's a no-go
  16. nVidia beat to it, but what he said. You might also try disabling some of your HID devices. Read somewhere that a guy couldnt run it either and did that and ran just fine afterwards
  17. Even the Bible says that cheating is grounds for divorce. I say he needs to end it due to like others said "Once a cheater, always a cheater". Sure your friend might still love her but he will still think about this every time he sees her. And don't get me started on what he will think every time he kisses or sleeps with her.
  18. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: That was great.
  19. 333

    L4D Fail Review

    Hell yeah!!! I'll shoot you in the head for giggles.
  20. Actually read the books and I enjoyed them alot.
  21. This is the important thing to remember
  22. Resident Emo was my fav.....even though I would play Marilyn Manson G.H.
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