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  1. Deadman wonderland is pretty cool. If you dont want something violent to much but a good story check out Ah, My Goddess. Project ARMS is pretty cool also.
  2. Having some issues with my 9800GT. Plus energy going up I tend to fold when I am not home and overnight only now
  3. Favs are of course Bleach, Naruto. Seen alot of anime. Gone almost completly to Manga due to quicker releases.
  4. You are going to make me pull out my collection. My favorite was the Dethscythe. Loved its armor
  5. 34 years old here and I am starting to get back into CS:S. Lost alot of my skill when I switched over to other games
  6. 333

    I'm A Top 40 Hit!

    aarrrrgggghhhh.....You finally caught me. Damn, back to 41st place.
  7. Pretty decent at campaigning here...suck badly at versus and still learning survival.
  8. Truckin and Minitruckin for me as subscriptions. I'll buy Sport Truck and other various PC mags when they catch my eye in the store
  9. The wiggle pin just fell out of the wobble hole...nothing to worry about.
  10. Try looking for a good used extended cab S10 or Colorado or Canyon. Great trucks, good gas mileage and easy to find parts.
  11. Ditto to what he said. Also has a great detection rate.
  12. Congrats.... Cool I even see my name on the screenie
  13. 333


    Welcome to the OCC
  14. Up 22 spots to 23rd, but I'm like DLS2008 in believing this , if I can stop gaming in the afternoons my WU would go be alot faser
  15. 333


    cool to cold year round for me. Use to live in North Dakota and Iowa and got to be VERY hot natured. When I moved to Arkansas I still take cold showers due to the damn humidity down here
  16. HAHAHAHAHA...loved the movie also. But favorite was Alien followed by the rest of the Alien movies
  17. 333

    Mafia Wars

    If we can figure out your real name
  18. 333

    Mafia Wars

    I sent you a friend request
  19. Damn, me too! Loved the whole set of Ender books including the ones about his troops. Bean is a bad .
  20. 333

    Mafia Wars

    l join your mob, just send me a friend request also
  21. I try to use a clay bar on my truck during truck show season, but after that just a good wax or 2 before winter sets in
  22. I can honestly say that I lived in a house that had some paranormal activity. Was at home with my brother one night and we heard a noise coming from our kitchen, We knew that we were alone and all the doors were locked cause we had just checked them. We went into the kitchen to find all the chairs sitting on top of the table. We had just left the room not 5 secs. before that happened. All I can say is that we left till others came home.
  23. 333

    Mafia Wars

    I got Clay as a friend and joined the OCC group. Trying to sort real names to forum names and its not easy
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