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  1. Got the same and couldn't be happier...neither could the wife
  2. on the bottom shelf of my desk to the right of my monitor, right beside my printer
  3. MX1000 by Logitech is what I use and have no problems
  4. You serious??? Thought most pre-built came with a recovery drive. Can't help ya since you don't have one of those. Let my look on my rig cause I think I have a program that will create a back up boot disk. BTW...is this a compaq, gateway, dell or hp rig??
  5. From your original post, the comment about the geek squad made me think that you bought a pre built system. If thats the case it is drive D (called recovery). If its not pre built...I cant help you.
  6. Burn your restore partition onto a dvd
  7. Get the IPhone and call it done.
  8. I can place them with the crew at my local BB easily. LMAO
  9. Dont care what they are called as long as there is something that catches my, I'll watch it. Warehouse 13 wasn't as bad as I was expecting and I am kinda looking forward to seeing sand serpents this saturday. I still feel that even though the name sounds gay as hell....it's still better than LMN or the hallmark channel
  10. I saw them in the 80's when they played in Dallas. All I can say is that they kick major a$$
  11. I picked other because my favorite MJ song is.........the one I never have to listen to.
  12. Who do you work for? My father and brother were managers for United Artist and mother was a manager for Carmike Cinemas. For the first 16 years of my life, all I knew were movie theaters. My brother's favorite trick was to get his 7 year old brother to thread the projectors and then tell the new hires that if a 7 yr old can do it right...they sure as hell better be able to.
  13. I am the sexy bald headed man in the back row and my daughter is the blondie in the very middle. This was a picture of my 5 and 6 year old tee ball team. We came in second place out of 15 teams.
  14. I work at a meat tray manufacturing plant as a continuous improvement team leader....in other words I look to make everyone's jobs easy and safer
  15. Figured it out. I had to disable X-FI Crystalizer. Sounds alot better now
  16. I just picked up the above mentioned headset for $75.00(NIB) and have everything installed. I got these because I read alot of good things about these headphones and I am impressed. My question is, is there anyway to adjust the sound within the headphones? My old Koss sounded better. I have looked around everywhere for sometype of EQ but I must be over looking something.
  17. 333

    Top FPS's of All-Time

    L4D Bioshock Hellgate:London CS Fear
  18. Trying to grab 333 but it had to be a minimum of 5 letters...that sucks
  19. heard good things about Malwarebytes. http://www.malwarebytes.org/
  20. depends on what you want it to do. I ran an old D-link 604 for a LONG time with no problems. Change to a Belkin wireless when I got my Wii and a laptop.But if it just for a wired setup, you can go with a real good one, but I found that even some of the lower range routers do a decent job.
  21. I know of alot of people who use Avast along with a router and are very happy. Others usually add either the XP or Vista firewall to add a layer of protection to everything.
  22. Found $1001 on the side of the rode in Dallas. Turned it into the cops since it was next to a crack pipe and a syringe. 60 days later, I was $1001 richer.
  23. about to get one myself. Heard one in a store while playing a game demo and it sounded great
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