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  1. 9800GTX or 4770 I am kinda leaning towards the 9800GTX Ooops..just read the the 9800GTX need a 450w PSU. I only got 400
  2. So for around the same price as a 9800GT plus or minus 25 to 50 dollars, what would be a decent upgrade? Or should I just stick with the 9800GT and look for one that has better cooling?
  3. HD 4850 This has possibilities.
  4. I am running a factory OC Evga 9800 GT and as the title stated...it's dieing. I don't know for certain what is killing it (other than heat. Sits at 80dg C at idle). I have cleaned it to near new and checked everything out that I know possible. My only guess is the fan on the card is quitting. Now, I need to know is this card worth saving or for around the same price, should I get a newer, better one? Looking around on Newegg I see for around the same price, I can pick up a HD 4770 or a GT 240. So what does everyone think???
  5. Definitely need a higher output alt and a cap. Had the same issues when I installed my amp and 2 12" subs. Did that and no more dimming.
  6. 333

    Dark Void Demo

    D/ling now. will let ya know on my take on it.
  7. 4.5 GB of MP3 around 200 GB of .avi
  8. 333

    Combat Arms?

    Forgot all about it till I saw this post. Decided to try it again. Still the same, OK but does get boring after a bit.
  9. Nice......that almost makes me want to do mine.
  10. vcark333 And I just picked up L4D2 yesterday for 29.99. Loving it so far.
  11. Tried it and hated it. After running Firefox for so long and getting use to looking at pages with no ads or flashing mess going on, I just couldn't get use to have it all back again.
  12. 6'4 285lbs Age: 34 White male Malvern, Arkansas Whatever proc. I am running at that time
  13. That sucks...Verran rocked. He will be missed and remembered
  14. I am currently running a OC 9800GT 512MB card made by EVGA. Thinking about moving a step up. What is everyone suggestion for a card around $100-$125. ATI or Nvidia doesn't matter
  15. Wow...glad to see that this topic is still drawing hits
  16. Lol...that was pretty good. Loved the cop not able to go through the fence.
  17. 333

    Manga Reading

    Why would you need software? Mangafox, like Neddamttocs hinted about, formats manga to where you view 1 page or 2, depends on the uploader. Mangahut, One manga and Manga Volume does the same thing.
  18. I see that someone had an .hat as a teammate here lately. Always love spawning into a game to have a teammate shooting you in the saferoom while saying "you started it...you started it".
  19. I know what you mean. My uncle has been feeding deer for several years and one of the has turned into a REAL nice 12 point. Will just almost walk up to him and eat out of his hand. But he won't let anyone near his herd.
  20. That's a good looking buck. Looks like a good bow opportunity.
  21. Give me an email addy and I will send you a copy of mine that I just did about a week ago
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