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  1. Well, let me try to clarify something as i guess, confusion and half knowledge gets you to the wrong conclusions. First of all, DONT go to BtFon but www.fon.com, thats the original "FON" creator. As for, as some here have said that it is rubbish or cant be trusted, well read on. FON is the result of a great idea, in the line of linuxs open source. What they wanted to do is simply, create a worldwide wifi coverage for free. How they do it is simple, you register and get a wireless router which you connect directly to your phoneline, so there are NO security issues in regards to your lan network. once you are registered you can access the internet from wherever in the world where there is a "fon hotspot" and trust me, there are a lot, you can check on theyr site, its kinda like google maps. How can it be free ? easy solution too, there is an "elite" version of theyr connectivity service, which has faster access and some optional fitures for which has to be paied, those that use this service pay also for the gratis routers that get send to whomever registers for the free service. There are also many big companies that are involved in this project which finance it and a lot of shops/bars/etc.... which offer free internet to theyr clients. What it comes down to, is that its one of those great ideas that es usual get looked down to in the beginning, but we just need to look at whats going on with linux and p2p
  2. Stupid idea here........ What about taking a Mic. the headset that everyone has novadays will do just fine, and going over the varios components while in MSN mic-tets which shows volume level ? that way you can see where the sound is the strongest, that would most probably be the sorse of it.
  3. Well, I guess it is then time for to offer it's excuses to
  4. I'll give you a hint....... Ping ***.*.*.*..........HOME... I surpose you ment Chianti, which is quite nice btw. And thanks for all the Welcomes .
  5. Happy Birthday DOC, many more to come
  6. Well, if he is going to use the server for public up/down load purposes (with high traffic), and he is going to access it itself from the intenal network and having multiple hosts that might be used heavily on the internet..... well. it's not a bad idea anyways
  7. Hi peeps, I figured this might be something interesting to share. The followings are cutouts from the read-me txt: ............"How-to" for finding out where your Latency is caused.................... .................step-by-step walkthrough with cut-outs from a, Command-Promt session for those that have never used the Command-Prom before .............. .....command sting that will run almost all the necessary commands............. This is the download link for it: http://hyperfileshare.com/d/65660e96 Have fun
  8. Dear Port50Side, I don't know what type of set-up you have or are going to use, but if I were you, I'd consider connecting the server directly to the router. This would eliminate broadcast issues due to server access. Also, depending on the switch you get, (managed/unmanaged) you could have more set-up options available.
  9. As I have just registered on this forum and am therefore new here, so I just wanted to say hello to everyone.
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