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  1. @hunterschild:Welcome to the forum1 I am honored to be the 1st thread you post in. ^^^ Rado is dead on with the color. Most of the reds are pinky. Painting was easy. Do you have access to a Motel parking lot? Use masking/painters tape (or disassemble case) on the pieces/parts you are going to paint. Surfaces should be clean and dry. Use Primer to prevent chips. Let it dry properly. Paint over the primer with color of choice going from side to side from the bottom to the top. Make sure there is no wind that can cause overspray. Keep windows open or have good ventilation so we don't lose you after your 1st post. If you use a black interior paint black cables will be easier to hide and colored cables will stand out more. Just develop a plan of attack for the mods and don't rush it.
  2. Dudes and Dudettes, these Ultra PSUs are simply gorgeous. I hope someone else jumped on the deal cause at $49.90 each (free freight) and a lifetime warranty these are going to be tough to beat. I can't find any Ultra PSUs on the website tonight so I'd bet there was a partying of ways and this was a one time blowout. They have that shiny (oo look, Shiny) look with a dark gray "titanium" finish. 19" ATX 24-pin lead, 4-pin and 8-pin EBS, 24" (8x) 4-pin molex and 2x floppy, 2 SATA cables with 2x connectors each for a total of 4. 36A on the single 12v rail. 130mm fan to keep it cool. (And the fan grill and screws are recessed, very nice touch) And it might be the best black weave sleeving job I have ever seen. And I mean freakin' ever! Just gorgeous. Almost afraid to turn it on I'm so pleased. One PSU was supposed to be a spare but I dunno. May have to start another build The Reviews: SPCR - http://www.silentpcreview.com/article708-page1.html Jonny Guru - http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=...p=Story&reid=29 PCPER - http://www.pcper.com/article.php?aid=347 Tweak News - http://www.tweaknews.net/reviews/ultra_x-p...t_power_supply/
  3. I bet I've received this letter a half dozen times in e-mails. Not sure what right wing, racist lunatic wrote this but I now it wasn't any of our brave soldiers who don't have time to write this horse-doo-doo. It's a very simplistic view of our global society. You don't cut off aid to helpless victims because their regime (along with most countries of the world) doesn't back the US War in Irag. Severing diplomatic with other world powers makes no sense whatsover. The author sure manages to diss enough countries, nationalities, and ethnic groups. So typically US to wag fingers at Canada and Mexico like they are barefoot second cousins. "Third world Hell Holes". Nice. I guess that means everyone but the US? Shame the author couldn't work in the "turn the sand into glass with a nuke" line. I would have added a line about "aussies" or "kiwis" as these countries have a positive spin in the US (look and talk like us except with those kewl accents) Certainly the US needs to get it's own house together when it comes to feeding and giving proper medical care to it's own citizens. And that must include adequate funding of the Veteran's Hospitals for all veterans. We need to help the rest of the world. Cause they need our help! I'm proud to be an American. But I do not agree with the statements and inuendos in the post above. It's cutesy, but not for me. I am French-Canadian and only speak Spanish (Mexican). I currently have dual residence in Germany and Russia and will attend the Olympics in China. I hate Poles and Brits cause they backed the US in Iraq.
  4. ^^^ Lay your weary head to rest Don't you cry no more
  5. PayPal Payment sent and "heat" left. Thanks for the deal slick2500! Much appreciated.
  6. PayPal Payment sent and "heat" left. Thanks for the great deal T!
  7. Rado showing me that he can light his thumb on fire. He was extremely pleased with himself. Obviously some trick he learned while completing his Master's when he should have been working on the RadoBase. We both have birthdays this week so we aren't going to get squat done (partyin' and sheet) but we hope to get the RadoBases completed shortly. Really happy with my new X3110. Both cores read the same temps (using latest Real Temp) and they seem to track well (as opposed to being stuck or misreporting). Clocks better too. Also purchased a Zalman 9700 NT. So I will be using the DFI LT LP P35/X3110/Zalman 9700 NT with Green CCFLs in the SR-1. And I'll go with the ASUS Maximus/E8400/Zalman 9700LED with Blue CCFLs in the SR-2. Trying to do a little color coordination deal thingy here Got a pic of both rigs: I want them to be similar, but yet different looking. Hterag asked a good question about the HDD mounting. Yes, an additional hole would need to be drilled to securely mount the HDD due to the metal plates on the side. I initially had them just secured in the front as I found it was an advantage to be able to lift up the rear of the HDD for cable management. I managed to find some hard rubber washers about the same thickness as the metal side bar and put them next to the HDD. The vibration is definitely less with the HDDs mounted this way. Thought I would put some of MNPCTech's carbon fiber vinyl film on the optical drives to make them stand out a bit. An awful lot of recesses and curves on the Samsung SATA drive but I was very pleased with how the "carbon fiber" turned out. Pic of both Optical and HDD mounted in the case now. Also found a hot deal on a new PSU. Looks like Frys may be phasing out the Ultra brand as their Ultra X-Pro 600W EE PSU (ULT40053) is on sale for $49.90 INCLUDING SHIPPING. It's got good reviews from Jonny Guru and SPCR so you may want to jump on this before they sell out. Hale of a great deal! http://shop2.outpost.com/product/5172156 I bought two.
  8. LOL, you need to take a good look at an egg slick. One end is more pointed than the other. The reference was to Gullivers Travel's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulliver%27s_Travels http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/17157 where two factions despised each other cause they opened their eggs on the wrong end.
  9. Randall is that the RAM with the LEDs? What's the complete Part Number on it if you don't mind? Thanks,
  10. Been a long time since I had used anything but a DFI mobo. I'd had a terrible experience with ASUS many years ago (2001 maybe?). It may have been my utter n00bness at the time (as opposed to my current n00bness). I really felt I had been left out to dry as my e-mails (and I e-mailed every department I could find) either went unanswered or took 3 weeks for a reply. I swore I would never buy another ASUS product and looked with utter disdain at any rig with an ASUS component it. Hated them more than Intel I guess the word would be "anti-fanboi". Never shy about sharing the horrible experience I had. About 14 months ago I purchased an ASUS laptop (like $1200 - a lot more than a motherboard) and it's been very dependable and hassle free. I ran across a deal I couldn't pass up on an ASUS Maximus Extreme open box. So I ordered it and the lowest price DDR3 1333 I could find (Corsair Twin3x2048-1333C9dgh) and pulled the E8400 out of my DFI LT LP P35 with Mushkin DDR2 (D9s) and turned it on. No issues, no problems, running at 4050MHz and passing OCCT tests in about an hour and 2 minutes C1E and all the "features" enabled. It was easy weezy. http://premium1.uploadit.org/soundx98//Maximus-4050.JPG http://premium1.uploadit.org/soundx98//Maximus-OCDB.JPG Do I like the ASUS rig? YES But I like my DFI P35 more. Even though Benchmarks are almost identical. Using Praz's Vcore on Auto and adjusting just VID Special % settings I find it snappy with a kewl bios and I love the looks. I'm extremely Angry about some of the business decisions that DFI has made. But the NF2s, NF4s,and P35 have been excellent performers for me. I know that is not true about other products they have made (NF3 Ultra-D fiasco anyone?) http://premium1.uploadit.org/soundx98//48-hr-Prime-3D01.JPG http://premium1.uploadit.org/soundx98//Benchmark.JPG Some guys like blondes, some like redheads, some like brunettes but we all like em nekid. (I can use both rigs at 4200 without issue but Core #0 on the CPU fails Prime. If I spun you around three times and have you use and bench the rigs you'd have a real tough time determining which was which.) Obviously I needed another C2D. I am very, very happy with the E8400 (my 1st Intel product ever, temp readings are a nightmare, but man do they OC well). But this time I went with a Xeon E3110 server version. Helped a co-worker assemble a Gigabyte P35 rig and it went smooth as hale. Just easy to use and a great value as so many of the mods here have pointed out. An incredible value. Personally I think the mobo is butt ugly. Way too many colors clashing for me. Especially the nekid board. Oh yeah, I'm off my "Corsair is evil" kick as well. Not sure why I disliked Corsair products sooo much. I'm sure there was a good reason, or maybe I got their name confused with someone else. The Corsair HX-620 PSU and the DDR3 RAM are incredibly good values, good looking and have excellent support as well. One last turn around I've had. Some of the early Ultra PSUs got blasted in most forums and were pretty much known as "rig eaters". I used an Ultra X-Pro 600w in the co-workers build and it was awesome. Especially considering what I paid for it. In fact I just bought two more. What I am trying to illustrate is that there are a LOT of great products out there no matter what you hear about particular brands. Pretty hard to stay in business these days making shoddy products. Our rigs contain various components that must work together. Substitute a crap product in the rig and you have a pile of junk. And if you want to try to increase max performance of the system you better know what the hale you are doing, cause sometimes one setting makes the difference between "awesome" and "horsesheet". I still hate Maxtor. I know they are just rebadged Seagates these days but I still hate them. I've even heard that their board of directors opens there eggs on the wrong end. Unthinkable, just unthinkable.
  11. I can only tell you that is the program I use. CoreTemp/Everest all use a TjMax of 105 where real temp uses 95 for the E8400s. My Temps were so unrealistically high with CoreTemp (using a lapped Zalman and reseating it maybe a dozen times) I knew they had to be wrong. And I am sure you have read enough posts about stuck temperature sensors and "stupid" temp readings. The Penryns got plenty of erratas but this temp deal is a huge pain in the arse. That being said, if you read the whole thread you will realize that Intel never meant for the DTS to a temperature sensor but rather a shut down indicator. I find it absolutely unbelievable that it is so difficult for the processor manufacturers to come up with a decent temperature program. I'm hoping I have much better luck with the E3110 (same as an E8400 for all practical purposes. Complete thread and Latest RealTemp version 2.4 is here http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=179044 EDIT: Again you are using a quad and I'm on a Wolfie, no experience but the thread is worth a good read.
  12. Are you asking what am I running it at or what is my OCDB entry at? My Q746 E8400 has only completed Prime 95 once at 4100MHz. 12 hours. Longest run was 48 hours at 4005. Core #1 continuously fails between 5 and 8 hours at 4200 but Core #2 just keeps priming away. Windows and 3D benches work fine at 4300 but no Prime95 love. My E8400 does run hot and Core #1 is generally 7 to 10 degrees hotter than Core #2. All the 45nm seem to have wonky temperature readings to me. I only use RealTemp now and Everest for everything else. Most of the time I use 1.36v at 4005 with the now infamous Praz Vcore on Auto and special Vid % at 111% and the Mem at 560. Interestingly I am getting almost identical temps (and benchmarks) on the new Maximus Extreme rig. I definitely like the LT LP P35 better. Latest Bios versions on both. Maybe need a little more time with the Maximus and the DDR3. The DFI with DDR2 is outbenching the Maximus with it's DDR3. Now the good news is my New E3110 Xeon ($187 at the TankGuys) came in today (SLAPM Q805A165) and my new Zalman 9700NT should be here tomorrow. I'm lookin' forward to comparing the two rigs since they will be so similar and then beatin' the schnitzel out of the E3110. Cooling as always can make a huge difference. Seems like the Wolfmeisters can all do 4000MHz with around 1.33v to 1.4v. Anything over 4000 invariably needs more volts/better cooling. Nice runs Kitfit1. Dang I'd love to see a stable 5GHz from you.
  13. I say we all meet at "Moe's" to celebrate. Nice work my man.
  14. LOL, I sure didn't. Bit of British humor, eh?
  15. Check the tutorials section http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40207 welcome to the forum.
  16. I'd at least manually set the primary settings for the OCZ since that appears to be the only thing you haven't done. I've read about default Vdimm being way too weak for certain RAM on many forums and it's usually just a simple Vdimm increase that is needed. Wish I could help more. DFIs can be so finicky with RAM. Have you tried standing on one leg and spinning around 3 times with the board facing North inside a pyramid? Sometimes a small sacrifice (animal or herbal) to the computer Gods works as well. Must be the RAM settings if it's booting fine with the other Mem. Anything in any OCDBs? Looked at the OCZ forum?
  17. That would be my thought as well. Got another stick you could replace the OCZs with and then boot, set settings in bios (2.1 voltage/timings) and then shut down and put the OCZ back in?
  18. Yes, yes, I am following you wevsspot. I guess I am wondering if that may be better position in an Antec 900. May get the hot air off the vid card and the CPU out faster.? Good luck with the new board KOL.
  19. Well I am following you guys but I was referring to pointing the fan up in a case like the Antec 900 (200mm top exhaust) or a similar case with a huge mofo blowhole. has anyone done (fan at bottom blowing through top) on their case? hot air rising, largest fan, etc, etc. hmm, I may need to experiment a bit. Sorry Kranky, forgot to ask, what kind of case is it going into?
  20. +Very interesting Kranky. I like the positioning if the Zalman CNPS9700LED from Bottom to top. I've been thinking about the same position in my Antec 900s. Most use a fan in front and out the rear position. You are 90 degrees off that. If you do have a chance to reposition it 90 degrees I'd love to see if there is any effect on chipset or PWMIC temps (even though it is not mounted). Good luck with the new rig. You look good in it.
  21. Well I still think the Brits had something to do with this. Seems all too pat with this "doc lays the shaft to reel" thing. I know dang well that Sharp and his cronies are slammin' pints and whoppin' it up at the pub right now. (Have you seen Sharp post any memory timings in this thread? Have ya? Huh? He's just layin' low and waiting for Angry to go to Algebra 101 class or somethin'. Watch your back AG!) This whole April Fools deal has been done to protect US-GB relations. Same deal as that fake moon landing. You can let your guards down if you want, but don't say you haven't been warned. Pretty sure the Canuckistanians will take sides once the winner is obvious. They've been lobbying for years for a "Canadian Corner" where only French and Canuckistanian are spoken. The Aussies and Kiwis got the Commonwealth deal going too. You guys have seen Mad Max and sheet right? Some very scary dudes. Sharp, you don't have me fooled for a minute. I know what you and the rest of your posse are conspiring to, and I'll fight you every inch of the way, -soundx98 of arc - championing the fight against the British horde
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