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  1. http://premium.uploadit.org/soundx98/Vcore-L12-Mod-copy.jpg socket view. single wire at top should default to 166/ or 200FSB with later bios. single RED wire at bottom of socket pic will default to 1.775v. RED wire is same as using multiple black wires with mobiles. Yes, you can still adjust bios to any boot voltage and it seemed to add stability over 1.85 for me.
  2. well. I almost backed out of this deal 30 times. Pin MOds are both out. Flashed to 5/5 C18 from 2/17B2 (Bigtoe). Thanks SAE/AdvDevMod used winflash with CMOS clear NOT checked. hehehe The beast booted right up. hehehe Thanks for all the warnings and wish me luck. gonna try some benchs this weekend. Oh please God, let it solve my cold boot probs.
  3. Sum Aly Uns ken unnstan. hehehe Dey be spkin RGonian bout does flawin wards. hehehe oh mee gawd eye be habn virus tu. I know he's made us all smile (as well as shake our head quite often). Keep up the great work RGone. And nice post mister_alien
  4. seems like more than one board has been borked by flashing and then using an "old bios" CMOS setting. It is a definite NO-NO.
  5. Hope I'm not spammin. Really kewl site set up by SParks. especially liked the list of BH-5 Memory. check er out, may help somebody. like me. hehehe http://www.de-koning.demon.nl/Sparks/overclocking.htm
  6. Well Rgone, guess you gotta add a 4th or 5th or 6th rarity to the rarity's and seldoms. 2 HOs & the LPB. ACPI is OFF. (and thanks for tips John) Everone of em sho da screen jus like da Viperman sey dey do. hehehe mit and mittout "war mods" dey showin da screen. By de wey, ViperJohn give good mod.
  7. Ifin I member rectly what da nuns beat inta me, den "hehehehe" bees a "Rgonianism". hehehe mazin, dey spkit n Jackson, dey spkit n Scotland, det spkit n Chicago, dey spkit n Idahoo, dey spkit n Germany, sey dey spkin Rgonian evraware, n dey bee usan RGonianisms evrahare too. hehehe dey kan spkit dey jus can unnerstan da meaning ob it. hehehe dey bee DFI oh see ers. see how high dey go hehehe
  8. Don't even think it can be accurate. But a pretty good guidline to typical component power demands. Think its a little "high" in the drive area though. Covered themselves pretty well up on top. As an added bonus I could hehehe as I knew everyone of you would give it a go.
  9. Hardrives you say, prolly looking for a cool and free temperature monitor for those hard drives. may want to check out: http://www.rsdsoft.com/hdd-thermometer/index.php?lang=eng EDIT: Getting an occasional temp jump on the SATA to 227 degres. Goes back down immediately but flashs an overheat warning when triggered. Works fine on my ATA drives though. And Don't forget about the AIDA32 successor - Everest at http://www.lavalys.com
  10. yeah, the old standards seem to go to hale when yer OCi ng. I figured in bout an extra 50 watts with my set up.
  11. send er over. good to know it worked for ya. itchin to flash as you can tell. just like to see a comparison tween what I had vs the "lunatic fringe" stuff. (You ol lunatic you)
  12. "Startup speed can be accelerated by using faster hdds" SAE As usual yer right on target SAE. Me Raid 0 arrays are flying but I'd like them even faster. Can you say "get it together Sil Image"? yer, killin me -63 degress - so friggin kewl. love to play wit one of them thangs - - Billy Madison
  13. thanks RGone, but still itchin to try. Got it on 2/17B2 (BigToe modified - Not for Sale) Got any opinions on the 4/29 and 5/5? Or is that just for the higher latency RAM?
  14. Are we gonna see a FAQ somewhere soon. Thought I heard Alexia was working on something?
  15. Found a great link to determine your total power supply needs. Amazing how much juice a real flyer uses. Don't fergit to add all the lights and CCFLs. And remember your CPU is gonna be using a lot more juice when it's OC'. http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/
  16. Everybody looking fer a quiker boot and snappy response should check out this guide. Found it very useful meself. http://www.subvers.com/technobabble/html/tweaks/access.htm "tweak it til it's broke"
  17. b4 I start frying things I need some thoughts from you. LPB specs in sig currently running great at 250x10. Can't seem to get to x10.5 toastiewize. Pulled out Vcore default pin mod while the sisters watched. cold/warm Boot issues bout 20-30% of the time. Figured i'd try the 5/5 or maybe an Evilous mod (somethin that may cure boot/high voltage issues other than Vcore default pin mod). seems like there may be few pros and many cons as how it will affect rig. RGone raised the latency issue. Itchin to get it back up and runnin. Like some input. b4 I "tweak it til it's broke"
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