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    sup my main man fight game!
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    Best Temp Monitoring Program?

    Latest Beta of Everest (build 1376) allows you to select different Tjmax (85, 90, 95, 100, or 105). So it's now reporting the same load temps as Real Temp http://www.lavalys.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3102
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    I'm looking forward to meeting more of my fellow crazies here at OCC. I recognize a lot of familiar names already. (kinda scary to be honest) DIY-Street Secret: Doc said Steve has an orange member cause he's always eating cheetos DIY-Street Secret 2: Praz is a real pirate. He and Technodanvan have raped and pillaged large portions of the midwest. DIY-Street Secret 3: Angry_Games touches himself, a lot. He can also barf at will. Very kewl stuff. There's more to tell, but I'd hafta kill ya.
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    Best Temp Monitoring Program?

    I'm a Big Everest fan as well. Fiery is always working on it. It really is the best and that's why it is not free. Tons of Info. A "must have" as far as I am concerned. http://www.lavalys.com I do use RealTemp as it was the only prog that made sense with the 45nm chips. http://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/
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    I'm Dumb Help Me

    from a budget view if you kept parts of your current rig, you can pick up a Gigabyte P35 for a hundo, E8400 or Xeon 3110 for around 2 bills, and some RAM for less than 50 bucks and you're flyin along at 4GHz even using the stock heatsink. Save some more dough up and get the Video Card Du Jour in a month or so. Go for it. New builds are awesome.
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    3 Hard Drives - Which On What?

    I'd like to see some tests of the 36G Raptor against the new WD640
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    Ddr3 16000 Memory Kit Reviewed

    "black ribbed heatspeaders", nanospreaders", "wick", "2000MHz". ...Jebus, I got wood Nice review.
  8. In this day of outsourcing and using multiple OEMs to develop a "brand", costs are often shaved to hit a specific pricepoint. I'm very happy with two Ultra X-Pro 600W PSUs I just picked up, while realizing some of their stuff is "entry level" at best. (Actually the finish and the sleeving on it is the best I have ever seen on a PSU) The fact is Ultra has 3 models that made the OCC recommended list http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=63579 While Ultra may not ever win any of the lawsuits it certainly has gotten them some free advertising.
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    Windows Xp Sp3

    Hmm, interesting kitfit1. Just finished installing a slipstreamed version on two machines a week ago. Then set up a dual boot with Vista 32 on the DFI and Vista X64 on the Maximus Extreme. No issues at all. So I guess for clarity it should be said that you CAN dual boot if you install XP SP3 first. I tested the SP3 betas as well without issues. I like SP3. Rigs running very smooth. Great to see ya here Graham!
  10. Thanks for all the work you have put into this Terry. It's a "must have" for most of us
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    Do you pay for websites?

    I'm willing to make a donation to the forums I frequent but I've never paid for "forum". I didn't vote cause the choices don't seem to fit for me. And for whatever reason, not many people seem to vote at forums.
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    How's YOUR Keyboard?

    Hope you feel better. Do the Chicken soup and bedrest deal.
  13. I think your case is lookin' very "schwing". Sure would like to see some better pics at 800x600. I like the PSU wire "cover-upper" and the air flow deflector a lot. more pics por favor
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    How's YOUR Keyboard?

    That's because they have three to four times the "stuff" in, on and around their work area.
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    good JOKE for ya...

    So I broke my life down into this pie chart.
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    How Many PC's Do You Own?

    3 real machines, a laptop, and old server
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    Cool series - TV or otherwise

    3:10 to Yuma was a great flick. I love Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. What the "frack" is going on with BSG?
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    Am I crazy?

  19. soundx98

    Can a woman lead a nation

    Since you are from Kuwait I doubt that the question has to do with the American Presidential Race. A simple rhetorical question if you would. History has proven that race, creed and color have nothing to do with leading a nation Personally I find Obama's speeches moving and his views very similar to mine. Hopefully one day questions like this will not need to be asked.
  20. soundx98

    Statistical data for a class assignment

    Jebus, 3 guys over 58. That oughta put a blip in the data Add in the 40+ guys and I'd bet we're way out of the norm. I'm really shocked (and jealous) of the young age of so many of the members that I know. They seem so much mature (ie, kewl and hassle free) then members at some forums I visit. Amazing relationships concerning the age differences among us. Personally right now I'm downloading Ubuntu 8.04 on this Maximus, have MemTest running on the DFI NF4, while I watch a zombie movie from the DFI P35 on the TV. (Seems "normal" to me.) oooo, head shot! I think all of us would like to see the data and your analysis when this is done. Very intrigued by all this
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    Statistical data for a class assignment

    61 Male Very High (compared to average joe)
  22. Actually it was Dr_Bowtie smokin da ganja:D Ya mon.
  23. Jebus EllisD, you were the last poster. I bet you broke the thread.
  24. WD Raptors should come with a 5 year warranty. The 16Mb cache on the 36Gb SKUs was introduced in 2007. a) not many floating around to start with since most are using for desktop use and not server apps. And most go with the 74Gb or 150Gb models. B) If you insist on these drives go with 3 (or 4 like you have now) in Raid 0 instead of just two. While they will be limited by your current Nividia controller they can still rip your flesh off and "Katy bar the door" with an Areca. Good luck on your quest!
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    Why Praz is awsome.

    Praz has really has gone out of his way to help me. Awesome Dude. But yes, very old. (He refuses to give his true Birth Date, but it was a long, long time ago) His wife couldn't be more than 25 or 26. A real looker. (At least I presumed it was his wife)