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  1. I'll try and get some case updates posted this weekend.
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    Say Something About The User

    ^ Is Avatar Impaired
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    Humans Are Pathetic

    No offense, but I doubt either of you have raised teenagers Everyone seems to blame the parent's for failing. What it really shows is that 5 minutes of stupidity can change your life forever. Most crimes are committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol. (You know those biatches were high when it went down). Fact is, behavior like this comes from a lot of factors; school, peer group, mental disorders, etc., but primarily from the girls themselves. (I do feel sorry for the dudes that thought they were "fit") I am sure their parents/relatives are totally appalled by their actions as well. This certainly isn't going to help the family members' lives. And as far as the comments go; their rape, sodomy, or killing isn't going to make the world a better place at all.
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    Newegg To Start Charging Sales Tax

    Just for clarity on the sales tax deal Brick and Mortar stores don't pay the state sales tax when they ship goods out of state. If they have a physical location in the state they are required to pay taxes to the state for goods sold at retail (end user) within the state. Sales to Businesses that have a valid sales tax number do not pay the tax and once they re-sell them to the consumer the seller (business) is responsible for the tax. So it is "reasonably" fair Just sucks if you are in New York. But then it does anyway
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    Circuit City Accidental Warranty On Laptop

    Fraud = stealing
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    Nice to meet ya Apple. Welcome to OCC
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    Mixing Hard Drive Brands

    ^^^^ What hardnrg said. Never had a problem mixing HDD brands on the same rig. Even had 2 different brands running in RAID 0 for a while. You and your bud should be good to go.
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    From Diy-street

    welcome to OCC pand4k!
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    Another One Off The Street

    Welcome to OCC Gary!
  10. who-hoo!! I won it. http://www.evga.com/articles/408.asp shipped out today. I'll let you know what I think.
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    Evga Indtube Usb Hdtv

    ROFLMAO. You gaye guys are a riot Techno
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    GAWD THAT IS A FUNNY VIDEO! I'm still laughin' hours later. No tats myself but I can understand anything but the facial ink. I just don't get it. LOL, really funny video. Gonna watch it again.
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    Whats Type Of Music Do You Listen To

    Classic Rock Trance
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    Oh Hey Look Another New Guy Who Cares

    welcome to OCC OrangeJuice
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    Vista 32bit And 64bit Dual Boot?

    So, if I am following this correctly, you had no problem activating a different version with the same serial. But it's not strictly legal or M$ doesn't care? I think Jelly's main concern is that he wants to stay legal on this. I just got my free Vista as part of the feedback program and it included separate discs for 32 and 54 and a different serial for each one. And Vista 64 bit (hale, for that matter, the 32 bit version) have coma a lonnnnggg way from the lack of driver nightmare days. I was shocked at how easy 64 loaded on the Maximus Extreme rig. Still think XP SP3 is the kaschizzle personally. Although I do admit to loving the DreamScene and some of Vista's other treats.. haven't loaded NV graphic drivers yet, but so far easy as pie for drivers. Jelly, booting from separate HDDs doesn't take any longer than booting from different partitions. Either way I think VistaBootPro is a necessity.
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    good JOKE for ya...

    Thanks for all the great material Fariss! You did a great job in this thread dude.
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    Man, It's Just Plain Creepy Over At The Street.

    Glad to see you made it over George. Welcome to OCC
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    Which Dvd Rw Drive?

    I've had great luck with the Samsung SH-203B and highly recommend it. It's a little loud when opening and closing the tray compared to the Pioneer but performs great!
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    Hello Occ From Another Diy Refugee

    Welcome to OCC sailindawg!
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    The ULTIMATE MBM 5 Settings/Help Thread

    Not sure if this thread will continue (or if it needs to). 256,000 Views of the thread later I am sitting here smiling, just glad it helped folks.
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    Dragged In From The Street

    Welcome to OCC boss!
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    Favorite Type Of Pizza

    God I'm hungry!
  23. That may be the nerdiest thing I have ever seen How quiet are the fans? How hot do the resistors get? Seriously, more pics and closeups. Don't be a pic teaser.
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    Another Diy Import

    Welcome to OCC