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  1. hey, I have Vista 64-bit installed and ITunes (7.1 I think) won't play my music videos. I keep getting an error that ITunes is shutting down and Windows will let me know if a solution is available. I have heard of a lot of compatibility issues between Vista 64 and ITunes. It seems that the problem is with ITunes and not Vista. Does anybody know if there is a fix for this yet from Apple? Or is there some other way around this? Thanks
  2. Okay, finally got a free minute. So I failed to mention that I had tried all of the drivers before the JMicron. I have made many changes since then though and was thinking while getting ready for work that I should have tried installing the Intel driver again. No time to do that so I had to wait. I finally got to play with my system again and here's the end result. With the P5E3 Premium I could not install the drivers no matter what I did. If I inserted the OS instead of the driver disk and hit Retry, I would still get error message. But, when I configured the SATA drives for RAID (not IDE) and popped in the OS before the driver disk, I was prompted to choose a driver and this time the system recognized the OS. I just sat back and watched my Windows being installed. Such a simple thing but it took a lot of little changes to get it right. I knew this would be the hardest part for me so thanks for all the help! This discussion really helped me think through this one. Cheers! Oh, didn't see that last question. Shatteredsteel, I agree with you on the possibility of low voltages being a potential problem. I work with Power Systems and no the importance of those levels. The voltage looks good for now but I will definitely be paying attention to that when I begin my oc.
  3. Well, I have made some progress but am out of ideas again. First, to answer your question. I hadn't tried that yet so I took your advice and started swapping cables. I tried a different SATA port and I moved the Graphics to the other PCIe slot. None of this worked until I added a second RAM module. I have a Twin set and for some reason they like to be together. Anyway, after saving BIOS settings the system rebooted. Note I had inserted driver support disk prior to reboot. A screen appeared (will add pics later, don't have patchcord here now) saying "Welcome to Asus Motherboard Make Disk for DOS Menu." It gave 5 options and promted to select one. I chose JMicron 64-bit AHCI/RAID Driver. The other options were: a JMicron 32-bit..., an Intel ICH9R 64-bit AHCI/RAID Driver Disk, an Intel 32-bit..., and FreeDOS command prompt. After selecting an option, I am prompted to insert my formated floppy to drive A:\ I am not sure what to insert here. I thought it was asking for the driver support disk but this only leads to an error. If I insert OS this leads to an error. I also cannot back out of this screen. I had heard that my SATA drives should be configured in RAID in BIOS even though they do not have to be set up in RAID. Since the prompts only mentioned AHCI/RAID Driver not IDE, I rebooted and set BIOS to RAID for JMicron controller and SATA drive configuration. Same results though. Not sure what to do now, nut am encouraged Going to work now, will try again later
  4. Am using SATA DVDROM: Asus DRW-2014L1T. Am using SATA HDD: WD740 Raptor Also have SATA HDD (not connected): Seagate Barracuda 500GB 3.0Gb/s Can't remember if SATA ports are enabled but will check. screen is a solid blue / black with a vertical line 3 inches in from right edge. No error message. Screen will not refresh no matter how long I wait. This looks strange, lets me know something is wrong and need to reboot. Good point about PWR_SW. Will do that. Would hate to be the cause of any more misery with this board <_< Basics: Graphics 6 pin and 8 pin - check EATX 12V 8 pin - check 24 pin power - check have tried configuring drives as IDE and as RAID in BIOS. Heard somewhere that this could be a problem. Hasn't seemed to make a difference. Feel so close yet so far. But pretty confident there's an answer for this. It'll probably end up being operator error Thanks for all your help so far, really
  5. Oh okay. You didn't see my update. I decided to use the VGA cable and adapter so I have the video now. I will try to figure out why DVI isn't working later. Now, I am able to get in BIOS. What is happening is that I set drive priority so it will scan optical first, I save and exit and it reboots. At this point my screen goes blue and I can't get into BIOS. If I shut down and power up again, screen is still blue and can't get into BIOS. So I take out mobo battery to reset and then power up, now I can get in BIOS again, but then my BIOS changes aren't saved. If I start from power down with disk in drive same thing happens - blue screen. First time setting up a system so not sure what I'm doing wrong. Edit: forgot to mention, still have to short PWR_SW leads to power up every time. I assume this is because I haven't been able to install updates from disk.
  6. Yeah, learn somethin new every day right? Well, as far as DVI, tried both ports but not different slot. Will definitely do that later. Right now am trying to flash BIOS. I got it to configure hard drive and optical drive. try to install Asus drivers etc from cd that came with mobo but always get blue screen. I take out mobo battery to start again but can't seem to get any farther than this. Should I just download BIOS update from Asus website and install through USB like you said?
  7. Update: It was suggested to me to not only try booting outside case but also to short PWR_SW leads on mobo. I did that and voila! I have a functional mobo. Last hurdle - Samsung 2253BW is displaying "check signal cable". Will not let me flash BIOS. Only have DVI ports on my 3870X2. Just plugged in cord that came with monitor. Not sure what else to do. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for all the help so far! Relieved it's not the mobo Update: Didn't want to have to but tried VGA cord with converter to DVI port and that did the trick. Am into BIOS! Thanks for the help! WIll let you know how the build and oc turns out
  8. Thanks for the quick responses. First: I followed your suggestion. Removed all from case. Placed mobo on antistatic bag it came in. Tried mobo, CPU, 1 RAM module, graphics and 1 HDD. Still nothing besides standby power LED. Unfortunately I don't have another S775 CPU. I like your suggestions though. They are making sense to me. If this is indeed a BIOS issue, any other fixes before I would try an IT shop?
  9. Hello everyone, I have been lurking for a while and using your collective knowledge to help design my first build. I need some more direct help now. System: Antec 900 Asus P5E3 Premium Asus Radeon 3870X2 Corsair Twin 3X2048-1333C9DHX Intel E8500 PCP&C 860W TurboCool First attempt to power up, I had every connection possible plugged in. Over eager I guess and optimistic. Well none of the fans started up. Not even the PSU fan. I thought this odd as I had tested the PSU before installing and know it works. A red light on my mobo came on by the graphics card (indication: graphics card not installed properly). A green light on mobo also came on (standby power indication). I turned off the PSU and repositioned the Graphics Card. Still nothing. Well, red LED went off. I disconnected all drives. Case connectors still attached to mobo, Graphics Card power connected, EATX 12V (8 pin) connected. RAM in slots 1 & 3. I disconnected 24 pin power from mobo and jump started PSU. PSU fan came on now. I tested all case fans and they work. Case LEDs also came on. Still no CPU fan or Graphics Card fan. No beeps at any time during this process. I'm not sure what to try next. Since PSU is good but not getting power when 24 pin connected to mobo, is mobo bad? It would seem the mobo is distributing some power because it lights up standby LED and case LEDs. Is some component or connection interfering with power flow? Any input to help me get up and running would be great! Sorry if you've seen a similar post from me on other site. I have not received any responses elsewhere and wish I had just asked you guys in the first place. Thanks again.
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