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    online gaming,pc modding,learing to play the eletric guitar ibanez ya
  1. twocenst

    Twocenst Build Log

    ok here are some picts of the new rig
  2. twocenst

    Twocenst Build Log

    got all the stuff in today jerry man what a pain in the butt....that h100 was a real pain to install couse the top case fans are 140mm.. so i had to compleatly tear down the pc. remove bord and i had to drill mounting holes for the rad.. put the bord back in. mount the backplate and rad. then reinstall the 140mm fans on top..well its finaly together and ready...also installed a WD 640aaks sata HD for more room for games
  3. twocenst

    Twocenst Build Log

    bought this tonight for the rig... it should run realy cool -N- quiet with this beast i got on sale for 102.00 Corsair Hydro Series H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler, for Intel Socket LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1136 / 2011 and AMD Socket AM2 / AM3 Processors, Model: CWCH100 http://www.directron.com/cwch100.html?gsear=1<br />
  4. twocenst

    Twocenst Build Log

    realy good... i like it alot better then the sins empire way more weps better maps....and there is alot of poeple in tunngle for that game channel that play all the time so finding a few people to play is easy... and as for the 360 all i can say is trater.....lol auto aim. of corse i only play on the pc so i hsve to herrass you...a little....
  5. twocenst


    my pc
  6. twocenst

    Twocenst Build Log

    been working alot....and playing ut3,supreame commander2 and sins trinity alon with codmw2 &mw3....dont get on the forums much spend what little free time gamming ..you shoyld het me up some time....if you have steam add me...we also play aloty of games threw tunngle.....way better than hamachi ever was...
  7. twocenst

    Twocenst Build Log

    lol ....if i lag with this rig alll hell will break loose and youl have to ban me from vent just so you dont hear me classy lady,cry and beat my mouse on the desktop.lol oh hell i do that now and im not band so all is goos ....
  8. twocenst

    Twocenst Build Log

    it could .......but i want to play with people more in my age group...lol
  9. twocenst

    Twocenst Build Log

    yes as allways......lol
  10. twocenst

    Twocenst Build Log

    yep your right jerry. all be happy to get this new rig... it will be used for gamming only....and i have set aside a few thousend hrs of UT3,CODMW2,CODMW3 to test this rig...... thanx jerry your a good friend. look forword to nexweek....
  11. That was pretty good. Here are a few items I'd like to see put to the test speed stick deodorant tooth paste petroleum jelly 89/90 gear lube condensed milk candle wax
  12. twocenst

    Looking For A Few People To Add To Co-op Playing....

    ya me and dr_bowtie just installed left 4 dead and it's pretty dmn good. so we will see if it works over hamachi and will let you nkow how it dose
  13. twocenst

    Best Headphones Or Speakers For 50$?

    I realy like these Cyber Acoustics thay sound good and have no problem wearing them for hrs!!!! http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.js...oductId=3303072 you can also get them at good old wal-mart to for a little more.
  14. twocenst

    Bestes Cooling Ideas

    I've been thinking of using a car air-conditioning condenser and putting it 6feet below ground and using auto antifreeze. pipping it to my PC with a transfer pump that I could put on a relay coil/switch so when I turn on my PC the pump comes on also. water temp should never get above 58deg f. and in stead of using water blocks I would connect all my heat pipes together and run the water through them, and if I do that the fans that blow on them can be set to there lowest setting rpm. This would at the same time cool all air in my PC being now totally closed off "no new air required" and cool CPU,VGA,Ram and Hard drive. and that's my plan. want to keep my PC cool and dust free. and wont be effected much by ambient temps . been thing of this for years and i think I've got it all figured out. what's your input?
  15. twocenst

    Peltier Import...

    try /www.alibaba.com there you can find anything your looking for just search for what your looking for have used this site to find companys that make the items im looking for good luck