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    2x OCZ SLI-ready PC2 8500
    EVGA 8800GT 512MB Superclocked
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    Zalman HP620
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  1. Piracy is a problem in any place it occurs. people spend lots of time making there cd's or games (few exceptions there though). however what is done against it isnt working at all. ive made a point of buying every game i play. i did the download part, free games for nothing. but it just didnt feel right, its really steeling. howeevr with the increasing piracy threat to developers on the game industries they developers make 1 major mistake: they use copy protection. copy protection doesnt work now, nor will it ever work. usually its cracked before its even released. still they keep putting them in every round disc they see. and these protections only give problems. i had to download C&C3 becouse the copy protection refused to boot my game, bioshock was downloaded as well, even though i own it legal. then there are all the no-cd cracks, remove video cracks etc. you can almost say most games work better and faster when its illigal then buying it legal. talking about a good way to scare off your potential customers. the same goes with DVD's. some years ago when StarWars 2 was released, i was eagerly waiting to finally see it. and suddenly it showed up on the internet in very very good quality. also i really dislike the cinema. if they released it on DVD the day it came into cinema i would have bought it, now its still on my to-buy list I also own a matchbox20 CD. i never listen to it. when used in a pc it gives some weird annoying mediaplayer and i just cant load the music in my winamp or WMP. i understand why this would have been done, but i ended up downloading it in mp3 so i could just listen to it i would hate to see everything moving online. i like the cd cases, the dvd season boxes and the wall filled with my game cases, however as it is now there simply isnt any reason to buy stuff instead of downloading......quiet the opposite. id like to ask all the developers and stuff to finally see that its better to remove all copy protection all together, its not like its working, so do the people who do buy legal stuff a favor! (sorry, bit off topic)
  2. i hope someone here will buy it soon. i really wanna try it out but the reviews reach from terrible to very good, so no info at all. but if noone will buy i guess ill have to do it just to try out
  3. pc games are expensive? cant say i agree at first, i live in europe, so try to buy any game online for $50. saves me 20 euro. but i buy lots of games in a retail package in stores. just love having that box so, 50 euro. I play games a lot. most games i play are being used for a minimal of 30 hours. This comes down to 1.66 euro an hour. gee, not all that expensive. i buy lots of DVD's as well. i wish i could finally buy my stargate DVD Box season 7 8 and 9 (season 10 sucked, dont want it) for 1,66 euro an hour. A season lasts 1109 minutes, lets say 1200. so thats 20 hours. wish i could buy them for 30 euro's you pay 50 dollars or euro's for a game that will let you play it for hour after hour. some good games that really suck you in will get you way and way more. I remember my Diablo 2 time was over 2000 hours (bought it for roughly 15 euro), Europa universalis was used for nearly 900 hours. where else can you get so much of good quality time for just 50 dollars/euro's? also, recently ive been keeping track of the indiegames that are always featured in the gamemagazine in buy every month. they usually cost like $15 or even less. in europe that means you pay for such a game about as much as a pack of toilletpaper. and these games are brilliant. Last point, who ever said you gotta buy a game the day it comes out? just lag 3 months behind. or 6 months. games drop in prices faster then nvidia launches overpriced cards (they do all the time). so get some patience!
  4. its blizzard. the game will be brilliant, we all get addicted, and some of us will die becouse we forget to eat and we run out of health potions. ofcourse there are things you would rather see different, but there always is. and i do agree with angry, 23.000 people on a petition talking about diablo 3. D3 will sell more copies in the 6 month before its launch, let alone after.
  5. i would go for rampage formula. X48 chipset. brilliant board striker extreme will be needed if you want to use SLI though
  6. theres already a huge demand on the 4870's, and there are hardly any around in stock. they can sell them for way too much. if you want a 4870, wait a month and youll get it for way less
  7. 420mhz dual channel would make it 840mhz. not all that bad. my old kingston hyperX wouldnt get above 830. sure there are betters, but its not too terrible.
  8. since you already picked an nvidia videocard i wouldnt use either X38 or X48. the most important thing about those chips is that they can crossfire at full speed, something youll never use. Id start looking into P35 or P45 motherboards. both got excellent OC potential. Im not a big fan of nvidia chipsets, but unless you wanna go SLI i wouldnt waste the money on it
  9. Repr

    Mass Effect For Pc

    sure, this worked for me the last 30 tournaments! arrow up: forward arrow left: turn left arrow right: turn right arrow down: brake, reverse space: handbrake thank me later! btw, just bought mass effect. cant wait for thursday when ill start playing and bore you with what i think!!
  10. if you are going to overclock a lot id recommend pc8500. this is just so that you wont hit a ramfsb wall be4 ur cpu hits its top. if you plan on staying on stock or a 24/7OC (say 25%) pc8500 wont be that much faster then pc6400. so then take more memory
  11. even a normal dual-core is enough to run all gpu's at full speed. the phenom wont have a problem
  12. Repr

    New Rig...

    some early benchmarks seem to indicate that a 4850 is pretty much on par with a 9800GTX. assuming the 4870 is faster it would beat the 9800X2 in crossfire, and probebly use less power as well. you will need some good ventilation though. the 4850
  13. Repr

    New Rig...

    at first, a 9800gx2 wouldnt be my choice, better get a 280GTX. im guessing theyll outrun the 9800gx2 when the drivers are getting more mature, and im no fan of dual gpu cards. also, with P45 you wont be able to use 2 nvidia cards, it only supports CF. this goes for X38/48 as well as for P45 vs X48, im not sure how thisll work in CF. its true that the current gpu cards, maybe except for the gtx280 and 260 dont use enough bandwith to need 2 full 16 speed lanes of pci-e, 2x8 wouldnt cripple it much if at all. however with the 4000 series from radeon and the gtx200's from nvidia im not sure. also i wonder if P45 is much cheaper then X38, and we know those are great boards im feeling im saying this a lot last days, but id wait some time to see what the new radeons will do. if they are as good as hoped, might be nice to get 4870's, a gx2 (bleh) or just 2 4870's in CF
  14. Repr

    New Build

    Centurion 5 49.99 seagate barracuda 57,99 EVGA 8800GT 169,99 Antec earthwatts 430 59,99 2x 1gb ocz platinum pc6400 43,99 Gigabyte EP35-DS3L 89,99 Intel Core2Duo E8400 189,99 Total:$661,93 Total rebate in mail: $60 Total after rebate: $601,93 Better cpu, will go a bit faster, other memory, much cheaper after rebate.
  15. at first, picking a GPU now isnt a wise choice. if you had to do it now, take a GTX280 ($600) or a GTX 260(dunno, around 400 juding from europian prices). both will be faster or nearly as fast as the 3800x2, but you can always run it in SLI for more performance (and 2x 24"screens or bigger will need it). Going with sli means youll have to get a different mobo. either a 780i motherboard, for DDR2, or 790i for DDR3. both will increase the price like crazy. However, next week the radeon 4xx0 series should arrive. this also will include the 4870x2, though it might be a bit later then the single core cards. id wait out for those. theyll be beaten by nvidia, surely. however, nvidia cards are very very expensive, and ATI will probebly be cheaper, and better in price vs performance. now, if you do get a 4870x2, the mobo you picked is an excellent choice. you can add a 2nd one for CF, and it overclocks very well. all in all, wait 2 more weeks. then there are more options to choose from, more benchmarks to compare, and maybe even some stock and prices on newegg
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