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  1. Keep the peace dudes! B)
  2. In My area, the keep going down.. Very unreliable for me. So, I switched to DSL
  3. Didn't Packard Bell go under in the states? I know they exsist in the UK. Anyone know whats' up?
  4. He's an idiot..He couldn't even spell potato. ^ That maybe a bit blaunt He doesn't know how to run a country.. Also, he is just copying off of his fathers presidency.. . Just my opinion Dan
  5. Thanx guys! I had seen on the M$ site, that publisher was used to do HTML work. I've been using FrontPage Express for a while though, and have gotten used to the program.. I'm open to DreamWeaver though. Anyone have a d/l link for a trial? The Sony Vaio looks pretty good.. I've heard good things about Sony's Laptops..Price is decent. I was looking @ the Dell Inpiron 2650C.. It comes with a Celeron Processor... So that's out! Now I got the Inspiron 8200 up.. It's pretty good, I upgraded to a 2.0 Ghz processor. After all the addons it came to $2314.. 40GB HD.. Blah, Blah, Blah... Gotta pay $40 for a floppy.. I'm not buying a computer that I gotta pay extra for a 3.5 drive. Dan
  6. Yes Rusk, I'm basicly asking for some brand and model suggestions.
  7. Hey Guys, This is going to be a lengthy one, so go grab a cold one. I'm looking for a laptop, I'll be in looking to buy with in two months. I'm not looking for the best of the best.. Although I would like to have it, my wallet says different! I already have an extra monitor, keyboard, and mouse that I can plug into to check stuff out on a bigger screen. I'm basicly looking for something to do word processing, email, webpage authoring, and some lower end games. I've already checked out the usuals suspects: Dell, and Gateway. They don't have anything I really want.. When I added the extras the price went up over $2,500.00 which is okay, I just didn't get the feeling that I was getting the most bang for my buck! Thank you for your help, Dan
  8. Gas Prices suck to be blaunt. We have two cars in our house and both of them are V8's, my tank costs about $40 to fill, and my moms costs about $35 to fill. Factor in that in my area you have to drive to everything it can get real expensive. The closest big shopping center to me is about 30 mins away, the closest mall is 45 mintues away. I calulated how much it costs me in gas to get back and fourth to phyiscal therapy 3X a week, just to see if the insurance company is reimbursing me the right amount.. It costs me about $60 a week to travel back and fourth, to the docs which is about 45 mins each way... And No, the insurance co. wasn't paying enough I've been hounding them, we will see how it turns out. Would any one like to lend me their Mobil Card?? I promise I'll pay ya back LOL Dan Out
  9. America Is free. I love being able to say my our president sucks, and not to worry about MP's bangin' on my door. Personally, I wish Clinton was back in office. This problem would of already been resolved. Clinton had his fair share of indiscretsions, but he still lead the country through some trying times! Immigrants own more gas stations, convinece stores, and coffee shops, then our home born citizens. America is the promised land.. Think about it You come to the US with nothing but the clothes on your back, work for a few years in a meainal job (We consider it a meanial job) but your really making more here working for min. wage then you could ever make in your homeland. After a few years you get a perminant visa, and the Government gives you a small business loan. What other government gives immigrants money to start a business?? I'm a citizen and cannot even get a small business loan... That's the unfair part about it. Other countries are free also, and that's great! But, America takes the cake! Part of the reason why we have all these terrorism problems, we let people in to easy! I'm going to lay off this topic for a bit, because I can feel a heated debate coming on Dan Out
  10. Ahh, you got me there Tarkins
  11. Hey Now, Be Nice.. AMERICA DOESN'T SUCK!!!! Austraila may be great too.. But America is one of the most free nations on this earth.. I for one am proud to be a citizen
  12. Rider: Age doesn't matter that much.. It more a less matters who you are and what you do with yourself. Bishop: Don't go wishing you life away.. Life will pass you by I'm done rambling now Just some friendly advice, Dan
  13. Hey Guys, I'm 18 I'll be 19 in about 2 1/2 months.. I guess I'm sort of in the middle here! B) I'll be starting up my own DJ service, around the time I turn 19. I'm also looking into a couple of other business oppurtunities.. ^ Not to bad being a teenager! By the time I'm 21, I hope to of saved enough to open a Dance Club. Maybe with a partner, but I'd rather do it on my own. I have to be 21 to hold a liquor license. Cannot wait till I hit 21.. When I was 13 I planned to party from my 21st b-day to my 22nd.. I guess things change as you mature, because I realized I would be come a bad achaholic (Sp?) and wouldn't be able to hold a job down with all the partyin' So I'll settle for partyin' the week of my 21st b-day! Dan
  14. Sounds like a BIOS password, I used to have on my comp. I have no clue on how to get around it. Dan
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