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    Tt Armor
    E6750 w/zalman 9500
    evga 680i
    2gb ddr2 corsair dominator
    evga 8800gts 512mb
    gamexstream 850watts
    160gb WD sata hd
  1. Has anyone heard of it? I fell for this scam and lost a bit of money... :angry2: Does anyone know what could be done with these speakers?
  2. qwerty

    Goats Sale

    does the dvd burner include shipping?
  3. What's the fsb on the p4? Is the motherboard M-ATX?
  4. That psu placement looks iffy, but I like the idea of the bottom intakes. I actually cut two holes for 120mm fans on the bottom of my Armor case. Doing so added a nice underglow effect as well! B:)
  5. hhhmmm...waiting for another price drop sounds good....
  6. First of all, I have a E6750, and I have been looking for the QX6850 processors. My question is: Is it a huge leap in performance? My plan is to sell my current processor to make up for the money lost on the quad core, but these things are already getting old. I have heard that the 680i mobos are compatible with the 45nm processors, but I also heard that they do not make a happy combination (especially with overclocking). The QX6850 used to retail for 1000+ and now they are available in ebay for more or less $300... I am really tight on budget, so I refuse to upgrade the motherboard and everything else. I am actually happy with my setup for now, but I just want the most processing power possible with this mobo. I do not know what else to say. I simply want suggestions....thanks!
  7. Yea I know about those, but doesn't that defeat the purpose and the fun of modding something? lol
  8. I has a psone controller collecting dust, so I thought about modifying it to use as a pc gamepad. I tried to look around on google, but I only found how to connect it using a parallel port. I want to know how to be able to mod it to connect to the pc via usb instead. Does anyone know how?
  9. Yea I guess...but I will most likely sell it on ebay.
  10. Another update! The dvd drive bracket is done, but I don't have a drive that fits. All I have is an old cd burner that is too long therefore interfering with the ram slots . I was trying to see how to put an old NIC card I have laying around, but then I realized that wireless would be better. Now I just have to look around for a cheap wireless card. Things left to do consist of: obtaining a dvd burner that is either slim or short enough to fit, pico-itx power supply, obtining the wireless network card and making minor mods if necessary, and modifying the cassette door thing to hide the dvd drive. It is going to be a while before I have money to get the extra parts, so for now this is an unfinished project .
  11. you beat me to it...a riser would definitely make things easier, but a low profile card should fit easily as well. There are plenty of ventilation holes on the top and the bottom. In addition to that, I might make some kind of mod for an exhaust fan, I don't know. I might actually be able to work on the dvd drive bracket thing today, so I'll post some pictures later. Also, I once saw on another forum a work log of a similar project, except it was a cd player. That thing was awesome though, because it used a screen on the front, and even the original remote!
  12. oh well, its ok. I will figure it out soon. As for progress on the vcr pc, theres a small update- I've been working on a custom bracket to hold the dvd drive, but during the process of making it, I offered to help my neighbors move out. It should be able to hold a regular-sized drive. I will most likely resume on monday. I love my dremel!
  13. oh thanx! how do I figure out what it is then? Is it on the sticker between the cpu and memory?
  14. The power switch has the original compaq switch behind it, so in other words, it the original button works.
  15. I was thinking about one of those pico-itx power supplies, but its out of my budget right now. =(
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