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  1. Has a obsession with fragging.



    As I have already commented about IVI let's say about the other.


    I imagine he have a Fred Durst inside.. something weird to imagine but I always wondered what was is to have an inner fred..


    ps: 460 rocks so bad.. note i have the 1gb version, still works very well for all games =)

    *cough* its far to hard to explain what its like. 

  2. I just use a Audio Technica ATH-M50, sometimes use my Sennheiser HD 280 PROs. However those aren't gaming headsets, I don't think surround sound is necessary. 


    I use to use a creative headset with surround sound for gaming purposes but after switching to standard stereo audio, I haven't really noticed a different. Locating players by sound seems just as sharp as if I was using something with surround sound. 

  3. Hey guys my current modem router combo was provided by my ISP(Windstream not a good company). Its started to drop connection and not work even when connected via wire, so I'm looking for a new modem and router. 

    Is it better to go with a wireless modem combo? Or a separate two box set up?(Modem + Wireless Router)

    What do you guys recommend? I'm looking for something thats DD-WRT compatible if possible. I <3 custom firmware. 

  4. Suddenly nervous because I re-read my email and only now realized I didn't include my monitors and/or my keyboard/mouse setup (which I've been jumping around frequently with xD)




    o.0 I didn't put monitor or keyboard/mouse info. That wasn't required last year I don't think...


    I'd feel kinda bad putting my monitor in the info because its so "meh" 



    Shoot forgot to put my last name in the contact info. Am I outta luck now? =/


    Off topic: I keep getting this image in my head whoever gets the grand prize is gonna max out a really GPU intensive game and the power in the house will go out a the same time. XD


    Your fine. I know who you are.


    Bosco Claus knows when you are sleeping....he knows when you're awake...


    Way to make it sound creepy! o.0


    Sorry I shoulda made the email in the morning it was pretty late at night, I was probably half asleep x.x

    Thanks Bosco!

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