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  1. My_Inner_Fred

    PowerColor Launches Red Devil RX Vega GPUs

    Intrigued at what the pricing will be.
  2. My_Inner_Fred

    The User Above Me...

    Has a obsession with fragging. *cough* its far to hard to explain what its like.
  3. My_Inner_Fred

    The User Above Me...

    Knows the pain of still using a 460 GTX
  4. Congratz to all the winners!
  5. My_Inner_Fred


    Oh dang that's impressive! Keep it going guys!
  6. My_Inner_Fred

    7950 3GB-->770 4GB?

    I'd do it! I'd nab the EVGA version of the 770.
  7. My_Inner_Fred

    [WTB] Mid-tower case/ Power Supply/ CPU Cooler

    Got a 600Watt PSU not being used, can't help you here sorry m8.
  8. My_Inner_Fred

    Got meself a nice upgrade

    Thats a shame, hopefully you get to nab your 770 again soon! Still rocking this GTX 460... I've been trying to fry the card to take advantage of the lifetime warranty but I've had no success so far...
  9. My_Inner_Fred

    I got new (kinda) hardware

    Shit... so much hardware... 770s at good prices soon I hope...
  10. My_Inner_Fred

    a40 vs something else

    I just use a Audio Technica ATH-M50, sometimes use my Sennheiser HD 280 PROs. However those aren't gaming headsets, I don't think surround sound is necessary. I use to use a creative headset with surround sound for gaming purposes but after switching to standard stereo audio, I haven't really noticed a different. Locating players by sound seems just as sharp as if I was using something with surround sound.
  11. My_Inner_Fred

    2014: Post your car!

    Getting a good clean I see. Don't own a car myself, have some funky credential issues so I can't drive. Doesn't matter lets see what cars OCC members drive! (Tesla anyone?)
  12. My_Inner_Fred

    Happy new year everyone and have a good 2014!

    Happy New Years!
  13. Hey guys my current modem router combo was provided by my ISP(Windstream not a good company). Its started to drop connection and not work even when connected via wire, so I'm looking for a new modem and router. Is it better to go with a wireless modem combo? Or a separate two box set up?(Modem + Wireless Router) What do you guys recommend? I'm looking for something thats DD-WRT compatible if possible. I <3 custom firmware.
  14. My_Inner_Fred

    Official OCC 2013 Christmas Contest

    Congrats you lucky bastards! For those like me who didn't win anything, better luck next time! Happy Holidays folks!
  15. My_Inner_Fred

    Official OCC 2013 Christmas Contest

    Dang you are running some old tech. Hopefully you win yourself enough parts to get a new one up and running! Better yet if you ended up getting the grand prize.
  16. My_Inner_Fred

    Looking for a new modem and router!

    $100 for both? Or $100 each? Update: Seems like I have a old modem thats still operational so $100 for wireless router.
  17. My_Inner_Fred

    Looking for a new modem and router!

    I see... that make sense. Any recommendations on what modem and what router to get? Budgets around $100. I require a ADSL modem. EDIT: forgot to mention the ISP I use is Windstream
  18. My_Inner_Fred

    What OS does your Phone use?

    Still use a old crappy sony ericsson flip phone.... Wish I had a Andriod smartphone x.x
  19. My_Inner_Fred

    New to the forums

    Welcome to OCC!
  20. My_Inner_Fred

    OC'ed 8.2 GHz

    I called BS the second I saw OPs post... In a friggan freezer? what the hell...
  21. My_Inner_Fred

    Official OCC 2013 Christmas Contest

    o.0 I didn't put monitor or keyboard/mouse info. That wasn't required last year I don't think... I'd feel kinda bad putting my monitor in the info because its so "meh"
  22. My_Inner_Fred

    Official OCC 2013 Christmas Contest

    Your fine. I know who you are. Bosco Claus knows when you are sleeping....he knows when you're awake... Way to make it sound creepy! o.0 Sorry I shoulda made the email in the morning it was pretty late at night, I was probably half asleep x.x Thanks Bosco!
  23. My_Inner_Fred

    Trying to choose between two laptops

    If your going to get a tablet I can vouch for the build quality of ASUS tablets. I own a TF300T and it does everything I need it to on the go, battery life is superb and the thing doesnt feel cheap and flimsy in your hands.
  24. My_Inner_Fred

    Official OCC 2013 Christmas Contest

    Maybe, at lest you didn't forget the phone number Haha I'm half reassured here.