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  1. Might want to look into making a emergency fund for situations when you need money fast. Try to get assets you can convert to cash in a short amount of time? Wish you the best of luck in your business!
  2. Looking forward to seeing the differences in the results... I don't think the differences will be too drastic.
  3. Hmmm thats more than enough power and the mobo is Sli compatiable. Have you tried updating the Bios? have u tried both 670s alone to see if they work?
  4. What motherboard are you using? We need more information whats your system specifications? Is your bios updated? How mant watts does your PSU support?
  5. Hahaha this cracked me up. 40 fans? Sure why not? XD That laugh at the end hahahha
  6. Dam your really going crazy with the picture postin XD
  7. Dam those monitors are going at a good price... If only I had space on my desk for one more..... I'll just stick with these two for now but if your still selling one when I get a new desk, I'll buy it.
  8. Not 100+ games he just said 100 users as in 100 people on the voip program.
  9. Yes the mouse is NIB. Mouse is no longer pending, potential buyer had a lack of response!
  10. Theirs also Raidcall, and Axon which are free VOIP programs. I've been using Teamspeak for years just recently started using Raidcall and its not bad.
  11. my god thats alot of cases. Are they all used or brand new?
  12. I gotta agree with ya, it does seem like they put minimum specs required lower than whats actually required to play said game most of the time.
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