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  1. Not too high of overclocks though, with Waco's record of starting fires.
  2. Maybe one day I'll set one of them lists up XD I see you haven't seen Spice and Wolf yet, that's a pretty unique one that's got great character development, not what you typically see. You should take a shot at it, first few episodes may throw you off though. Darker than Black is almost done downloading, will post my thoughts after I finish watching.
  3. Or buy the NIB one I have on my for sale thread?
  4. Heard lots of good things about Darker Than Black, torrent worthy? Just finished watching: 1. Baccano!! 2. Durarara!! 3. Chihayafuru 4. The Prestige(2006 movie) 5. Game of Thrones s3ep5
  5. If your interested I'm selling one for $30 + 5.75(shipping) right now. EDIT: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=193469 Its a Corsair M60 if you were wondering.
  6. So.... Jack of all trades master of none?
  7. +1 yep its lovely! I just wish you could open all your previous tabs without reloading everything... but my fix for that is to pull out my wireless adaptor when I open chrome then reattach it when all the pages come up dead XD
  8. Yep Chrome runs each tab as its own process so when 1 tab crashes only that tab dies not the whole browser. However their are occasions where the whole browser crashes but thats usually due to something else. I have like 70+ instances of chrome going in task manger XD
  9. U should include a thrid option for this. Have the yearly threads started at the beginning of the year would be what I'd recommend....
  10. Keep bumping it up and nothing will get sold XD
  11. Jeez... thats pretty insane.... whoever bought it must be rich... and to the reviewer shame on him....
  12. I love the first comment: :ph34r: Hahaha yep. hmm... litecoins, thats another one I've never heard before...
  13. since were talking about bit coins... http://imgur.com/gallery/xvE6YHS
  14. Nope never getting win 8 unless they make major changes for the better down the line.
  15. Haha I'm no good at judging phone prices either. I'd probably go to ebay for comparisons on item prices. Do tell me if you eventually decide to sell it then, if the price is right! I'll buy it XD
  16. Looks like I've got a bit of learning to do haha... Carrier I use is T-mobile, I'm using a old ass family plan that has no texting believe it or not. What price would you be interested in selling your phone for when ur looking to replace it?
  17. Wow the side to side comparison of the results were quite unexpected for me... quite impressed with the results of the newer drive.
  18. I have little knowledge in smartphones since I rarely used cellphones and have been using my motorola razer forever now. If you do decide to sell you wouldn't mind me asking some technical questions would you?
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