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  1. My_Inner_Fred

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Haha thats awesome
  2. My_Inner_Fred

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Wacom bamboo capture and the wireless adaptor on the way. Pictures as soon as I get em
  3. My_Inner_Fred

    What processor for your next PC?

    Ditto. 3rded! Yup... I hope they do too, so intel can get more competition.
  4. My_Inner_Fred

    is Chromecast a must have piece of hardware?

    Chromecast doesn't seem to support MKV files encoded with AC3, but it does support MKV files encoded with AAC. Here's what is supports: https://developers.google.com/cast/supported_media_types I did read somewhere that it could stream MKV files off your google drive account but I'm not sure. In most cases people will try streaming a MKV file but it won't have audio. It seems to work fine with MKV files if your using PLEX along with it. Only real alternative is to convert the MKVs to MP4 which take a quality loss. @wesstron You can play 1080p MKV anime files on your galaxy note 2 with no artifacting and lag?! I can't get my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T to play 10 bit 720p MKV animes without artifacting all over the place ever 2 minutes...
  5. My_Inner_Fred

    I am DOOMED!

    Scumbag ISP's are all over the world sadly... x.x
  6. My_Inner_Fred

    Savan's Game Giveaway

    I'll give mirrors edge a shot XD
  7. My_Inner_Fred

    Wisdom teeth

    Bottom left hurt for the first few weeks as it was making contact with my molar but seems to have stopped hurting now, but its making it hard to clean out food that gets stuck in the back. Bottom right is also horizontal but doesn't seem to be touching yet, but the back molar felt as if something was touching the root of my tooth... but the feelings gone away now. I'm sure I gotta get these two removed or they'll eventually cause more problems than just daily toothpick usage. Evolution why don't you delete these useless things?! *Sigh*
  8. My_Inner_Fred

    Wisdom teeth

    Oh god you just had to post wisdom teeth stuff didn't you onion? I gotta get my bottom 2 pulled for sure... their visible and grown out horizontally pushing at my back molars.... Reading all of this just makes me paranoid.... ughhh
  9. My_Inner_Fred

    I am DOOMED!

    50GB seems pretty small to me... But then again most of us here use the internet more than your average user. Torrents here and there.... Thats pretty bad... I suggest you go with IVIY's recommendation and try to get a petition, adding a 50GB cap when there wasnt one is pretty horrid
  10. My_Inner_Fred

    idk why i have been wearing so much Blue

    Praise the Blue Sun?
  11. My_Inner_Fred

    idk why i have been wearing so much Blue

    You should change your name to GreatWhiteBlue
  12. My_Inner_Fred

    I've never cringed this hard...

    Really though what is this... I don't even... like who is this guy, he looks like he's the act before you think type. And DJ Khaled? Never even heard of this dude EDIT: oh wow just noticed this guys name in the image is DJKhaled, I'm not even gonna bother to do further research on his music.. x.x
  13. My_Inner_Fred

    I think the Forum is dying

    I haven't been posting anything on here on OCC in quite a bit but rest assured I always have the forum open in a tab. This will always be my go to place for all tech related things!
  14. My_Inner_Fred

    What is your next upgrade?

    Definitely Video Card for me...
  15. I literally thought this new design was a joke or something... until I took a closer look and noticed their being serious about this.
  16. My_Inner_Fred

    Do you have/use a eReader?

    ASUS TF300 here.
  17. My_Inner_Fred

    I voiced a Short Film

    +1 Agreed
  18. My_Inner_Fred

    I voiced a Short Film

    Wow that was pretty good... but dam really sucks for the guy in the story...
  19. My_Inner_Fred

    The "I Just Recently Watched Movies/TV Series" Topic

    Yep! Finished season 2 yesterday I guess I can understand why people said season 2 wasn't as good as season 2 but I didn't really notice the same dislike. I would still like a better understanding of what happened at the end. Who died? who didn't? What exactly happened... T.T
  20. My_Inner_Fred

    The "I Just Recently Watched Movies/TV Series" Topic

    Welp I just watched season 1 and the 4 OVAS between season 1 and 2. Not bad I liked it, I heard season 2 wasn't that impressive but I'll find out once this torrent finishes. They really don't tell you much about the gates and stuff, background information on how everything started. Spice and Wolf is quite a unique one, character development is great. Some people find it slow, others think its just perfect. Be sure to let us know what you think about it when your done watching!
  21. My_Inner_Fred

    Corsair M60 or M65 opinions

    awww T.T well enjoy your new mouse! XD
  22. My_Inner_Fred

    Corsair M60 or M65 opinions

    Hmm if you want to buy M60 for cheap I got one for sale NIB! http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=193469&page=1
  23. That's a pretty cool mod, custom made bracket adds to the awesomeness!
  24. My_Inner_Fred

    Mr. and Mrs. BluePandaWaco

    Not too high of overclocks though, with Waco's record of starting fires.