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  1. That actually looks like a pretty decent deal. Good luck sellin!
  2. That's actually pretty cool, I didn't think programs like that existed. Ireland has some really breathtaking views. Japan's got great food and great urban locations to visit, definitely do take pictures of where you got to!
  3. but you do know how to read, correct? Reading? Who reads??? That's blasphemy!
  4. +1 pretty much, the mircofissures are a result of the card being used daily.
  5. Exactly. Repay people, who've done kind things to you in the past. Doesn't necessarily have to be large sums of money like in the commercial, but being able to give back. It's an awesome feeling you get, when you do it. Doesn't even have to be people who have been kind to you in the past. Just someone you met minutes ago would be nice, random acts of kindness is lacking around the world.
  6. This was a pretty good one too, based off a true story. Its a ad for TC bank.
  7. Wait, its an add? For what? I figured it was just one of those, make the world a better place video motivation things that people are always sending around. Here ya go: http://gawker.com/this-three-minute-commercial-puts-full-length-hollywood-1309506149 They've made pretty good ads before too.
  8. Haha about that... I never figured out what was actually wrong... whatever that burning smell came from its gone now.... Lets hope its the GPU if it starts making that smell again. Don't wana deal with PSU RMA...
  9. Hope helps On another note, I actually want my GTX 460 to burn out so I can get it RMA'd for something new. Love how I still have Lifetime warranty with EVGA on this thing, ever since it was a Geforce 9800GTX+.
  10. Ahh saw this on facebook not to long ago. Very well done ad, however I've heard people say the company doesn't have that great of a level of customer service and commitment. So marketing wise it was tagged as emotionally manipulative. However it was easy to understand and the simplicity really gave the viewers the ability to connect together the points of the video. Probably woulda won some awards if present at a video festival, to bad it was a ad. x.x
  11. I'm not extremely knowledgeable about this but I don't think you should bother getting a sound card if your using a G930. I thought it would only be worthwhile to get a sound card if you have high quality headphones, stuff audiophiles have. AKGs, Sennheisers and what not.
  12. I'm afraid I haven't tried that one out yet. How thick are the muffs compared to the Sennheiser HD 280? More space between my ears and the inside of the headphone the better.
  13. How is it in terms of comfort-ability? The popular Steelseries Siberia V2 praised for how comfortable it is hurts my ears because of the shape of my ears.... My Sennheiser HD 280 Pro also hurts my ears over a couple hours of use. I'm born with bad luck with headsets I guess x.x
  14. Gratz to the winners! Have fun! Thanks for the awesome give away savan!
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