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    Snes / N64

    i like the snes especially the ninja turtles game but i like the n64 because of super smash bros and legend of zelda
  2. ramrodronald

    Best Fps Game?

    1. CoD4 2. CS: 1.6 those are my top as of now but things might change
  3. its awesome thanks dude all it need is my name
  4. i dont care whats on it all i want on it is my name somewhere and it doesnt matter what size it is ill resize it later. so basically you can do what ever you want to it
  5. holy crap i want one i want one.... if you wanted to make me one that would be amazing but if you dont i totally understand ur probly swamp with other things
  6. haha i clicked on this post thinking i would see a bunch of kids argueing if yoshi was faster than mario but instead there are a bunch of older guys talking about school hhaha
  7. havent played wow in a while maybe i ll be getting back on there soon
  8. i had excite bike for n64 and it was awesome was there one on nes i think i remeber something about it but im not sure
  9. OMG ME...WANT...BAD!! haha after watching the vid in the first post i almost crapped myself
  10. hahah no i have like three monitors for some odd reason so i still got 2 more that work oh ya and thanks for all the help guys
  11. sorry i sold my pc about 3 weeks ago and i cant remember the exact specs. i got 500 dollars in my pockets today maybe willing to spend more just wanting a new cheap build thats good for fps
  12. i want to build a new pc that is good for bf2 cs cod4 and many other fps anyone got any good ideas?
  13. 5fdp(five finger death punch)-white knuckles haha metal for life
  14. okay so i have a old nvidia video card i cannot recall the exact name of it because im at school. anyways the fan stopped working and i cant tell if the whole card is fried ill get the name of it later today and post it but what i really need to know is if i need to buy a brand new card please help
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