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    XFX 8600GT 256mb ddr3 @640/1500/850
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  1. Hi everyone,i havent posted here for ages,but i need some advice. I had a core 2 quad q8300 which i sold due to its poor oc ability,and got a cheap e5400 as a replacement. Stock speed is 2.7ghz,and ill be aiming for 3.5 to 4ghz for everyday use. What sort of temps shall i be looking to keep it in check? Also it has 2 stuck sensors @37c,i know its a common thing for intel 45nm parts,but just thought id mention it cheers.
  2. Well i went ahead and just bought the first one.Even if i dont like it,ill just wrap it up and give it to my son for an xmas present
  3. Yes its cheap,but i was just wondering about the processor.Im new to these tablet things,so im a bit clueless atm.Just want something that performs decent but is cheap.Take a look at these for me guys! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7-android-2-2-512MB-RAM-4GB-ROM-VIA-8650-epad-tablet-pc-/130587703558?pt=UK_iPad_Tablets_eReaders&hash=item1e67a23906 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4GB-7-Cortex-A9-Amlogic-512MB-Tablet-Android-2-2-MID-PC-WIFI-HDMI-1080P-White-/230689615118?pt=UK_iPad_Tablets_eReaders&hash=item35b62c2d0e Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi everyone,ive finally decided to get rid of my 775 system,cos its getting too old now. Ive been looking at the Core i3 2100,and a gigabyte p67 mobo,along with 4gb corsair xms3. Im a bit confused with the core i3's though,as correct me if im wrong but some are multi locked and dont oc very well at all.Id ideally like to hit 4ghz,but 3.8 would be ok. Any pointers?
  5. A 5870 is faster than a 6870.Not by much,but faster nonetheless. The only thing the 6870 has is faster tesselation,but really who cares about that.Theres only a handful of games that use it anyway. Id suggest waiting for the HD7870 or maybe even the HD8870 cos that 5870 will pack a punch for years to come imo. IMHO only the release of the next-gen consoles will warrant another GPU upgrade.
  6. Hey put that into a clearer paragraph so i can copy/paste it and shut him up!
  7. So 'G' ddr5 is theoretically or actually faster than normal ddr5. Hmmm...... There was another guy who said he bought a gt240 with ddr5 because he assumed 'g' ddr5 was slower.I then said this: (copy/paste btw) " I must say you clearly dont know what your talking about. How can the same card/s perform better just because one has the 'g' missing from the memory description? Unless one is factory overclocked or has a higher memory or core frequency out of the box. ?" Im actually puzzled myself here.I thought they only put the G there just cos it was on a gfx card.
  8. Hello everyone, So anyway im having a bit of a debate on another forum about gfx card memory. I said ddr5 running @4ghz is no different from gddr5 running @4ghz. He then hit me with an ambush of data which im going to copy/paste for you to dissect,here goes: "Companies put the 'G' there because GDDR is different from DDR. Companies who don't put the G there are retarded. GDDR is built for much higher bandwidth than DDR every will be, whilst using less power which in turn creates less heat. DDR only has a 128 bit bus in dual channel mode (64bit x 2), or 192 bit for triple channel (64 x 3) whilst GDDR uses 4 - 8 channels creating a bus width of upto 512 bit (64 x 8). The higher bus width for GDDR allows it to transfer larger amounts of data in one clock cycle than DDR, and it'll be a very very long time before DDR needs a 512 bit bus. There are a lot more differences but I can't be bothered expaining to someone who thinks the G is there because it looks 'cool'." Now im not saying hes wrong but i stand by my statement until corrected by someone on here,cos i know you guys know what your on about. Discuss!
  9. I thought all 5770's were 1GB models? If so,you may have faulty vram chips.
  10. Thats actually very tempting.But i see its 'only' got 16mb cache. How does the cache affect the drive? Is it used as some sort of prefetch? And is bigger cache= more performance?
  11. I think the black is the safer bet,ill go for that.Cheers for the replies.
  12. Yeah Ebuyer is funny with their prices sometimes. Your better off selecting the category your after,then hitting low-to-high youll find some real bargains inamongst the cheap stuff. Im leaning towards the caviar black,i want as much performance as i can get for my money.
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