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    Phenom x4 9850 @2.8GHz BE
    Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe WiFi
    4x 1GB Corsair Dominator DDR2 @ 1066MHz
    Powercolor HD3870 [email protected] [email protected]
    HDD-2x250gig RAID 0 / 2x500gig storage
    Tagan TG600 U-33/600w
    Noctua NH-U12P
    Windows 7 x64
    Apevia X-plorer case
    22"LCD+Hooked up to the HD 42"LCD (for when she's out!)

  1. Thanks for the reply, just done some diggin and it is DDR3 Think I will stick with it, gets good reviews, plus I game on my Desktop or PS3 Still open to suggestions to be honest it is a bit overkill for what i need from it, but when i want something I WANT IT INSTANTLY!B:)
  2. Hey, Yesterday I bought this http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/series/category/notebooks/dv6tqe_series/3/computer_store for £800 could someone please check out the specs and tell me if its worth it, and if not an alternative? something simmilar in price..... and mine says its a dv6 whats the difference with a dv6 and a dv6t?! Please help, I will change it today if need be, btw it IS fast! but no Bluray and not sure if this (dv6) has ddr3 HELP! Thans
  3. Hi all, I am thinking of replacing my aging 3870 with either a 470 or a 5870 (possibly one step down from both) but do you think its wise? will my Phenom 9850 @2.8 and my 790fx MB carry such a big card? With such a new card it should be good for a couple of years, eventually upgrading my processor & board, What do you guys think??? Thanks, Warby Didn't know where to put this..... is it a processor & motherboard question or a video card question
  4. Hi all, I' looking to buy a wheel with pedals and gearstick (preferably) want to spend about
  5. Great stuff! just tried it and it works on both displays just a day or two to get used to dragging it up and down rather than left or right. Krazyxazn you are a legend, cheers EDIT: Anyone else who didn't know this and is going to use it, make sure you put your main display above the other (on the screen resolution page)- so you can snap your window to the top/ the extension would be through the bottom of your main display then. Warby
  6. Hi all, Is there any way to use the Windows 7 snap feature when you are using two displays in extended mode? you know what I mean... the right hand window snaps but the left window is off the main display I think not but worth asking, maybe someone knows a work around. Thanks, Warby
  7. See no more posts!
  8. EDIT: Why are my boobs not bouncing? hang in there (the file size hasn't been reduced has it?) EDIT#2 Tried a different set, no bounce.... I will not be beaten (well that depends on what your beating me with!) EDIT#3 Still no bounce EDIT#4 Yeah! back to the origanals, my god there are loads- I was like a kid in a candy store!
  9. Are we a happy bunny now? It is mesmerizing init! How may of you had a spectrum? any model, I had a....... was it a 16+ and a 48k ! that's of the top of my head I may be wrong with the models, The 16+ was the thin one with rubber keys and the 48k was the regular keyboard with the attached tape recorder.... Oooooh technology, love it! 2 tape recorders back to back- the original pirates! Warby
  10. Did no one else own a Sega Mega drive? I played that for years (Wasn't that sonics debut?)
  11. Just out of interest, which one would you rather look at? this avatar or the boobs one- did anyone see both? I will change back tomorrow and let me know (here, just quote this). Your wish is my command! Warby
  12. Did you not see my 'boobs avatar? the one before this, I was told by many people it was mesmerizing, they had trouble getting past it to actually read the damn post B:) Andrew, I did mention that in the original post, but I use 'cool previews' very handy app for FF, I use it every day
  13. It's a shame Spectrums wern't on there, althogh there were supposed to be PCs as such, and unless- 10 Print "Warby" If you were feeling really flashy you could always add a ; after the " 20 goto 10 got you off, all they were used for was playing games, Manic miner, jetset Willy and Chucky egg to name but a few, they were the days!
  14. Hi folks, Came across this interesting collection, just wondering how many you remember or still have, I remember most but only had/have about 10 Nice to reminisce! Warby P.S Origanal page lets you mouse over for details and dates EDIT: You have to click the icture, unless your using an add on such as 'Cool prieviews' http://consollection.de/
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