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  1. lol. i meant do i have to do some sort of clipping techniqe to pull it off? i still haven't been able to disconnect the hsf off the hs on my last computer, i have no idea how i do that.
  2. so, how do i reverse the fan? (you think the guy at the store would have enough brains to install it on the right direction hua?) oh and i live in israel so i cant get that fan.
  3. ok, so i got 3 fans in (two on top, one on the heatsink, away from the hs into the HD). 2 fans out (one on the back, one on the side). i also got one on the front into the computer. so its kinda against each other. should i turn around the heatsink fan? and put another one on the other side? edit: yes my computer is really quiet, but, what fan do i need to buy? i dont care about quiet (as long as its not a factory noise). i really want to lower my temp (btw i tihnk i did something wrong my temp went up by 5c after i opened my case and toke the pic). oh man, my image didnt upload, ill upload it using imageshack. there.
  4. so i guess ill but another SilenX Ixtrema Pro 120mm x 25mm 14dBA Fan, (there goes another 30 bucks *cry*). anyway, i the store put the fan in the directon of the front of the case, and not to the back. it gets the air away from the heatsink but into the hard drive (front of the case). ill post photos.
  5. ok, so i only have one fan there. i might buy another one to set it up like that, i really dont like my temp' 40,35,35,40 idle. what fan should i buy now? i have SilenX Ixtrema Pro 120mm x 25mm 14dBA Fan. and how do i set it to push the air out instead of in?
  6. hi, forgive me for my ignorance but what is a push-pull config?
  7. lol. i have the exact same cooling as you do, but different mobo and cpu (abit p35 pro xe and q6700), and i also got the exact same temp, with no ac my cpu is at 30-35 and on load its about 60. im also afraid to lap my cpu and hs, cuz im afraid ill screw it up, is there any chance i might lower the temp without lapping? i want to overclock my machine but afraid my temp will be more than 60c
  8. ok, a few days ago it read just fine, but for some reason he begun to read it wrong. anyway ive got two questions: 1. i did a stress test and the core's temp reached 60c (without overclock), is it risky to overclock it? 2. if i overclock (just raise the fsb, without rising the voltage) will the temp rise? or if i wont change the voltage it will stay the same?
  9. hi, can anyone explain to me how my system temp is 8c, and my AUX temp is -65c? it wasnt like that before.
  10. lol, well now its cooled, but once i turn off the ac, i be it will jump to 50-55c.
  11. ok, so if its not clocked then its 40-45 and sometimes reaching 50. but if i overclock it, how much will it reach?, is it worth overclocking? and the load the was on the picture, was just avast scanning for viruses and itunes, if i play games like crysis im guessing the load will be 100% and 75% like you saw.
  12. i wrote what fan im using, and if its running at 100% then there is something wrong, because my ac is on at 19 degrees, the fans is 100% and i have mega heat sink and still my computer is hot, it doesn't suppose to be like this, this computer was planned for oc, its suppose to be cooled when its on stock, but its so hot that im afraid to do oc
  13. hey, my cpu temp jumps from 45-50c resting to 60 stress. its a q6700 (stock not oc) with Thermalright Ultra -120 eXtreme+ ARCTIC COOLING MX2 (i think thats the heat sink, i might have misspelled it), and a SilenX Ixtrema Pro 120mm x 25mm 11dBA Fan , but i cant control the fans to decrees heat. im at the point that they work silently even when the cpu is tressed, i tried to use uguru but when the temp reaches 50c (the temp i told him to switch to turbo fan) it didn't switch, and i tried to use speedfan to 100% but it still doesn't effect. there is no reason why my cpu will reach that temp in rest, not with the mega cooling i bought (+5 chassis fans + coolermaster 690 chassis). help, how can i lower the temp? and how i can control my fan's speed?
  14. hi i just bought my new computer and i want to overclock it, and since its my first overclock i need help. question: my cpu temp is 45-50c is it ok (temp by the abit p35 pro xe's program called uguru)? my computer specs: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66GHz 1066MHz LGA775 BOX http://www.foxpc.co.il/product.aspx?productid=308 Abit IP35-PRO XE 1600FSB P35 Chipset LGA775 Intel CPU http://www.foxpc.co.il/product.aspx?productid=1126 G.Skill DDR2 4096MB 1000MHZ 2GX2 Dual Channel Kit CL5 http://www.foxpc.co.il/product.aspx?productid=956 Scythe 120mm S-FLEX SFF21D 800rpm http://www.foxpc.co.il/product.aspx?productid=739 SilenX Ixtrema Pro 120mm x 25mm 11dBA Fan - cpu fan http://www.foxpc.co.il/product.aspx?productid=1050 Thermalright Ultra -120 eXtreme+ ARCTIC COOLING MX2 Free http://www.foxpc.co.il/product.aspx?productid=220 Cooler Master RC-690 No Power Supply ATX Mid Tower Case http://www.foxpc.co.il/product.aspx?productid=920 SeaSonic S12-650 650W A.PFC PSU http://www.foxpc.co.il/product.aspx?productid=1079 plus graphic card, Gigabyte Geforce 8800gts 320mb (old core, im planning to replace it with 9800x2) so how much do i need to increase fsb and voltages?, is it better to use the uguru to overclock it? what timing to put at the memory? thnx for the help.
  15. well the problem is that i live in israel, and i have no idea where to get those fans.
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