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  1. Try a couple of things. Mine would download a old driver every time I would do auto updates until I turned it off. Unplug your power to your cable box for at least 10 seconds and reconnect and wait for about 5 minutes for the computer to recognize the cable box.
  2. Thanks! I am around 31 at idle on the hottest core and gets close to 50c at the hottest gaming so I might give it a try and see how she looks.
  3. How are your temps looking? I am setting right at 3.00 with my rig just wanted to see what 3.2 would look like.
  4. What I have read is that it is reading my fan profiles that I have set that comes up at start up. It is a know problem with battlefield 2142 but haven't heard anything about it in Battlefield 2 yet. When punk buster runs its scans the registry and thinks it is a cheat. This is what I have found off of 3D guru.com Problem background: Playing Battlefield 2142 v1.25 multiplayer may cause your system to freeze then crash (under Windows XP) or cause display driver restart (under Windows Vista) if RivaTuner or any other hardware tuning related tool is residing in memory. Problem reason: The problem is not specific to RivaTuner and it is caused by the recent update of Battlefield 2142 PunkBuster anti-cheat system, which is trying to perform aggressive memory scanning and may cause graphics hardware to stall due to unauthorized access to hardware I/O port mapped memory range. The situation may take place on both ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards when any tool providing direct access to hardware is residing in memory. The following tools are currently known to be affected by PunkBuster’s memory scanning besides RivaTuner: ATITool PowerStrip HIS iTurbo ATI Tray Tools Problem solution: If you’re experiencing similar problems and your hardware is freezing and crashing in Battlefield 2142 multiplayer, first try to unload ANY tools working with hardware directly, because all of them have equal chances to suffer from PunkBuster’s memory scanning, then see if it fixes your problem. If it doesn’t help, you may stop reading this text. If it helps, you may try to follow PunkBuster’s own recommendation from their online FAQ to alter PunkBuster’s memory scanning mode:
  5. Is anyone using EVGA Precision tool to Overclock their video card? I am have some issues with Rivatuner and Battlefield 2. Seems that Punkbuster thinks it is a gaming cheat. Once I loaded Battlefield 2 it didn't want to start on re-boot also. http://www.evga.com/articles/405.asp Thanks!!!
  6. I know but for me it worked I may try the USB next time I need too. I had a bad experiance with a floppy drive once and killed my board. I will get more info on it so to be ready next time.
  7. You should have good luck I am basically a noob and got it up and running with no problem. Thanks to guys with allot of patience I have learned how to overclock it. I updated the bios with the @bios feature the other day and worked great.
  8. Can someone please tell me what the code is to get the FPS on Battlefield 2 so I can put it into the console. Thanks!!!
  9. It was a very tight fit for my GA X48 DQ6 when I installed my AC pro7. I had to take about an 1/8" of the corner of the fan mount so to clear the North bridge heat sink. Not a big deal though. I have it running East West so the fan blows right out the back fan on my Antech 900 My temps OC to 3.00 are from 28c idle to 48c with load.
  10. What should I have for voltage on my processor I can't recall becase I am at work but I think I was in the 1.2 volt range is this ok or to high?
  11. Tried to wing it with no luck will read the sticky thread and see if will help me.
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