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  1. ok i'm diggin that mountain mods case that thing is huge and it looks great too
  2. has this been record for for new gpu releases in the past 12 months. it seems like the 8800's were around forever then it was like every 2 months something new came out just since april last year there has been the 9600, 9800, 9800GX2, gtx260, gtx280, gtx260 core 216,and now the gtx285 and 295. thats 8 gpus in less than a year. gotta be some kinda record
  3. man i know what ya mean that was what i was thinking when i bought my striker II formula though i knew it wouldn't be long for the extreme to come out but i couldn't wait that long i just had to get this build started btw how'd you pull off: "JUST GOT AN EVGA GTX 280 SSC FOR 200 SHIPPED!"?
  4. yeah that could be a nice one but i'm thinking a whole lot bigger
  5. the thermaltake armor that i have now is big but just doesnt seem like it has quite enough room for me inside anymore, since i added my liquid cooling system it just seems kinda cramped. i saw the review for the spedo and liked it but its only just a little bit bigger. i understand that what i have already is kinda huge and probably wont see much larger than that but just looking for what you guys have suggest as far as the way they are laid out inside and expandability. i am open to all thoughts and sugestions thanks guys
  6. i always wondered how that worked i looked for it many times but didnt even know
  7. sometimes even sooner than that. i did not intend upset anyone i just meant to say how sometimes it can get quite costly when you have specific needs for your system and want to keep some uniformity i also agree that Petra's kits would make excellent building blocks if they were ever in stock. which really doesn't make sense given that you can still individually purchase most all the parts that are in there kits on their website
  8. absolutely ........ when i bought my board it was the very bleeding edge the striker II extreme hadn't even been released and the x58 was still just a sparkle in intel's eye
  9. that was awesome i enjoyed it tremendously in fact it makes me kinda hungry for some chili
  10. sorry verran but i respectfully disagree because depending on your setup air may not provide sufficient cooling, and then there is the quiet aspect those stock heat sink on the high end vid cards can get quite loud, and when you put the video card on water your temps get cut in half and temperature increase under load are much more subtle. now for the cost. $1,000 can happen rather easily. for example you can start off with a kit from petras for as little or as much as $150 - $360 but are you really going to get what you want and need ? Or you can build it all yourself since petras rarely seems to have their kits in stock and look forward to spending anywhere from $150 to $900 depending completely upon your needs and those figures are not counting tubing and clamps and coolant/anti-fungal additives. those figures are also directly from petras store if you shop around you more may spend more or less. my system for example is in the neighborhood of $700-$800 with the highest quality parts i could get such as the D5 pump, swiftek 320 rad, d-tek fuzion v2, ek blocks for the NB, SB, v-reg mosfets, and full cover ek blocks for my three gtx 260's. and yes it was nessacerry for me to put water on the chipset since i have yet to find an air cooler for the southbridge since there are two chips on my boards at the southbridge and the stock solution wasn't able to cope with a heavily overclocked system and with three way sli space is at a minimum. now i didn't spend that much all at once. i have bought the blocks i needed here and there when i could afford to do so. so sometimes you do have to spend a lot to get what you really want and need.
  11. cool i didn't think there would be any issues as brass is used a lot in drinking water applications just really hate the fact that i spent a small fortune on all ek waterblocks thinking there wouldn't be any problem with the installation only to find that the fitting no matter which top i used would touch one card or another to create a risk of frying one of the cards arrrg..............
  12. i was just wondering if there might be any corrosion issue with brass in a liquid cooling loop. As i may have to use a pipe nipple to on the southbridge waterblock of my striker II formula with three way sli'd video cards things get pretty tight down there.
  13. not too sure about the mx, i have an Armor Series VA8000BWS http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...E16811133154and to run anything more than 3/8 id tubing it was necessary to drill out a couple of holes for the 1/2 id tubing
  14. thanks for all the input guys i was just looking at the ek full cover block and wondered if for the price difference the nickel plated blocks would be worth it given that i need three of them the difference is quite a bit of money. but now i see it probably won't be all that benificial for me since everything in my loop is copper wich doesn't really corrode it does oxidize but for that to occur you need air and lots of time. so no nickel plating i'll just go with naked copper
  15. so really no significant performance gains or decreases from the plating? because i know with engine components chrome plating makes things pretty but also causes heat not to dissipate. so what my biggest concern would be a decrease in the transfer of heat?
  16. What kind of advantages would nickel plating have for a waterblock over "naked copper"?
  17. prior to adding the new cards the northbridge was always around 65c to 70c
  18. i have an asus striker II formula mobo with nvidia 780i sli chipset i just added two more vid cards for 3-way sli and now the northbridge is is overheating while gaming on it causing the an emergency shutdown of the computer. in the bios i can adjust the overheat warning to 80c 90c 100c or off. i'm just wondering what the max safe temp would be. currently i have the warning set for 90c. i would put my water blocks on buti have to get blocks for vid cards first because the southbridge is blocked by the first card.
  19. I dislike T-lines only because they are a pain to bleed air from the system with. It took me all day to purge the air from my cooling loop with a T-line when i first set it up. The air bubbles just went straight past the TEE. Then when i added water blocks to my 8800's i also added a reservoir and the air was gone in minutes. Sure it takes up all of one whole 5.25" drive bay but i still have 5 more available ...... anyhow if you have space available by all means use a reservoir its worth it. On the other hand if space is at a premium the use a T-line.
  20. i'm curious about registry repair programs and was just wondering what you guys all think about registry mechanic would you recomend it or something else ?
  21. I installed crysis warhead and am still having the same problem with accessing the in game menus such as weapons modification and such so just as a curiosity i installed it on my old system as well. which is a P4/geforce 7600 gt everything was fine no 30 second lag before the menus opened nothing slow at all. so I'm left wondering is it something in the system registry that is screwed up or what? I downloaded a registry repair program ran it and it found over 350 registry errors and repaired them but still have the problem persisting.I'm starting to think i may have to do a fresh install of windows. so anymore suggestions are welcome as a fresh install of windows means i have to back up all my files to discs which is a major pain and don't look forward to doing so. as i have over 200 GB of mp3's and video's
  22. I don't know about the 9800GX2 but i upgraded from 2 8800 gts cards in sli to a single GTX 260 and optimum specs in crysis went from med to high but i don't think that sli makes any difference in quality level, its more on the abilities of the gpu. sli only truly benefits the frame rates not the actual graphics quality
  23. changing the cpu speed had no effect on it any other suggestions
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